Probiotics + prebiotics what Mody = 100 billion market

Market Status and Trend of Yogurt

Yogurt due to rich and varied taste, high nutritional value, easy to digest and absorb the characteristics of popular and loved by consumers. Because it contains strong vitality of lactic acid bacteria, can play to enhance digestive function, promote appetite, strengthen the intestinal peristalsis and the role of the body's metabolism, to enhance human health is very favorable. Yogurt has become one of the most popular dairy products in the Chinese market. In the past two years, its production and sales volume has risen linearly, and the growth rate is above 30%. Comparison of foreign per capita consumption of yogurt, China's yogurt products still have a lot of room for development.

With the consumer health, safety, fashion demand is growing, yogurt varieties also showed diversified development trend. From the initial flavor yogurt, to the seasoning yogurt, fruit yogurt, taste to achieve a variety; from the basic yogurt, to probiotics yogurt, low lactose yogurt, health function to achieve a diversification; 'delicious + health' will become the future yogurt The main elements.

Health ingredients of the application, can greatly enrich the health of yogurt function. At present, the most popular market is probiotic yogurt, all kinds of probiotics so that consumers dazzled. However, probiotics in the human body, due to the role of gastric acid make probiotics greatly damaged, and thus the health effects of probiotics has not been effectively played. How to ensure the vitality and quantity of probiotics in yogurt is much attention.

Development of probiotic yogurt

According to Shandong Longli Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Research Institute engineer Liu Xianfu Introduction: Yisheng yuan is able to selectively promote the host's intestine in the original one or several beneficial bacteria growth and reproduction of the material, through the beneficial bacteria Of the increase in reproduction, inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, so as to achieve the adjustment of intestinal flora, and promote the health of a class of substances. Commercially available prebiotics are functional oligosaccharides and polysaccharides, namely, oligosaccharides, oligofructose, galactooligosaccharides, polydextrose and the like. These prebiotic functions are consistent, but because of the structure, composition, characteristics of slightly different, in practical applications need to select the best for the characteristics of prebiotics.

For yogurt, prebiotics are very suitable for adding. The yogurt's taste, texture, processing technology have no effect. In addition, the stability of prebiotics is good, can guarantee the healthy role in yogurt play.

1, functional sugar Prebiotics low sweet characteristics: can be applied to the preparation of natural yogurt products.

2, prebiotics stability: in pH3 or 4 under the conditions of storage at room temperature for 3 months, xylo-oligosaccharides, galactooligosaccharides and so will not be degraded, oligofructose only a very small amount of decomposition.

3, prebiotics - yogurt probiotics in the 'good assistant'

Prebiotics can effectively improve the survival rate of lactic acid bacteria in yogurt; prebiotics can make yogurt products to add additional probiotics such as bifidobacteria and other health effects to give full play; prebiotic can promote the body's own bacteria and the number of vitality to enhance , To improve the balance of intestinal flora.

In fact, at home and abroad have prebiotics yogurt products listed, such as the energy of ACTIVE coagulation yogurt added prebiotics FOS, Japanese Meiji yogurt also added prebiotics, etc., add about 1 ~ 3%.

Soy milk market in the spring

Since the 'Sanlu milk powder' incident will be the domestic milk powder and dairy sales quickly into the winter at the same time, but for the milk powder to win back to its warm spring. Consumers in the public demand and the enthusiasm of experts and scholars call, the consumer value of the high nutritional value of soybean milk powder growing. At present, sales of soy milk powder at least 30% higher than in previous years, many adults, the elderly are willing to choose such products as nutritional supplements.

Soy milk powder market is becoming increasingly hot, increasingly fierce competition. According to China's joint market research network to provide the data, the country involved in soy milk production enterprises about 160 or so, the formation of production capacity of about 600,000 tons of market size. In previous years, the market more common domestic soybean brand is Vivian, followed by Ashley, as well as foreign brands Yang Xie Cheng, Victoria milk and so on. And now the milk powder scenery a new look, Erie, Feihe, Bei Mei, Wandashan and other well-known brands of milk powder enterprises are also competing debut, to seize the business super shop.

From nutrition to health

Experts pointed out: soy milk powder itself has a high nutritional value of soybean milk powder, the market has been doing bland. And now the opportunity comes, soy milk powder industry will also begin to accelerate development. Whether it is the needs of consumers, or the development of the industry necessary, the rapid development of new varieties of soybean milk is imperative. Taking into account the increasing incidence of modern civilization and the increasing awareness of consumer health awareness, 'functional food popularization, mass food functional' has become the latest trend of food development. Red pot Wanglaoji, Mengniu sour yogurt, bright Han Fang herbal yogurt, Yili excellent goods and so on, all of them are not the success of the popular food of the road. Therefore, for soybean milk powder, from the nutritional type to functional type will also be a very good direction of development.

Soybean milk in soybeans is rich in oligosaccharides, dietary fiber, lecithin and other nutrients, is a natural health food. But due to the consumption of soy milk powder limit, the body of which the efficacy of ingredients intake is extremely limited. If one of the nutrients can be strengthened, the health effect is more prominent. For example, to enhance the function of carbohydrates, you can add functional oligosaccharides, functional sugar alcohols, dietary fiber substances (all belong to the prebiotics), they can not only strengthen its own contains soy oligosaccharides regulate intestinal function, But also bring more health concepts. For different consumer groups, can be added through the addition of prebiotic development of constipation, detoxification, promote mineral absorption, low sugar, low energy, such as soy milk powder health new products. In the processing technology, the functional oligosaccharides, functional sugar alcohols, water-soluble dietary fiber addition does not affect the original process, all or part of the alternative to sucrose, give full play to the role of sweeteners, but also for consumers Bring more health feelings.

Functional sugar will become a new bright spot for soy milk

Functional sugars mainly include functional oligosaccharides, functional sugar alcohols and functional polysaccharides. Common functional sugar on the market are: xylo-oligosaccharides, oligofructose, xylitol, erythritol, water-soluble dietary fiber and so on. Functional sugar has the processing characteristics and physiological functions of the many advantages, add to soy milk powder will bring greater value-added products.

1, functional sugar as a substitute for sugar

Functional sugar is a class of unique physiological function of the filling sweetener, its flavor natural, low sweetness, and processing characteristics of good. Add to soy milk powder can help improve the product's taste and quality, so that the product with a rounded soft taste. In addition to the characteristics of sugar with low sugar, but also will have low energy, low GI value and other characteristics, will be more suitable for modern consumer groups taste and health needs.

2, high stability

Functional sugar stability and sucrose similar, or even higher. So in the application process, will not be degraded, it will not happen browning, the quality of soybean milk will not cause adverse effects.

3, the role of health

Functional sugar in addition to a prebiotic function (proliferation of intestinal beneficial bacteria), there are many health effects, such as non-dental caries, laxative, regulate blood sugar and blood lipids, improve immunity, prevent obesity and so on. Currently on the market is more common is the concept of prebiotics, we believe that in the future for different consumer groups to develop new soybean milk powder, will create more health concept points, so that the rich variety of bean milk powder and functional diversification. (Thanks to Shandong Longli Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Long Li Biological Research Institute, the National Sugar Engineering Center to give support)