Sales do not Zhao see the war, the market do not Guan Yu kill the enemy

Soldiers, the country's major events, the land of life and death, the way of life,

Zhao Zhao wrong Zhao Wang Zhao wrong!

Why sales do not Zhao Jiao debate, Zhao young young meritorious, familiar with the art of war, and even the battle is also the death of the art of war, is about to die before the way to find a way to find the way, although the death of the miserable, but this letter Of the military home, but killed Zhao 400,000 army, so that since the 16-year-old Zhao no man, thanks to white from his wife is Zhao, only put the 200 Boy Scouts returned to Zhao, so that Zhao in a few years After the accumulation of strength in addition to the support of several other countries after the temporary support of the pressure of Qin.

Zhao's argument in Zhao no one can enemy, even his father also said he, but his father never praised him, and does not allow its battlefield to participate in the war, why? Know the child as child, his father know that only know the paper, the book can not experience the cruelty of the battlefield and the ever-changing, did not experience the test of life and death war, I do not know the battlefield to be careful and careful! No sure to win, not frivolous.

In fact, Zhao as a military theorist, if not on the battlefield, but as a staff player, it is also good, because after all, familiar with the art of war, summed up a lot of successful campaign program, to develop ideas, planning the overall situation.

Marketing as the core of the enterprise department will stand outside the station to see the station, put forward the strategy of combat, combat direction, combat methods will be based on the market by the sales market to develop and implement the actual market. It can be seen, if Zhao as a staff-like post, let him do the assistant, the war will play a better role.

Guan Yu Cheng Liu Beicheng Shu Guo!

Why sales to find off the master, Guan Yu warm wine chopped Huaxiong, this allusions since Needless to say, from the word can understand, sales is to Guan Yu type of talent, which means which fight, and play to win, fast, efficient High, in the specified time to complete the operational indicators, over five will be cut six.

Sales as the company's siege troops, need to reach the target of a strong sense of talent, there is a shame, to take the initiative, no matter where they are, when at any time think of the boss, always thinking and the boss of the advance and retreat. Followed by no matter what the environment in the hearts of a goal, there are results.

There are guidelines for action.

The results are data.

So the war can be the type of sales of the basic qualities of talent, rather than talk about conditions, peculiar view. Sales will be what sentence, I went out to see, later came back with the order.

Zhao as a Bing Bing talent, suitable for the role of staff, but not to do decision-makers

Guan Yu as a sales-oriented talent, suitable for general role, but not the operator