Consistency evaluation, the best time to build a product strategy

Now the state to promote generic drug consistency evaluation process began to enter the substantive stage. On May 26, 2016, the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) issued the Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Evaluating the Consistency of the Quality and Efficacy of General Materia Medica, which was approved by the Company before October 1, 2007 and included in the 'National Basic Drug catalog 'of generic drugs must be completed by the end of 2018 consistency assessment. 'Opinions' provides that: since the first varieties through the consistency of evaluation, three years later no longer accept other drug manufacturers the same species of consistency evaluation applications.

I recently participated in a number of pharmaceutical companies strategic seminars or product seminars, found that many of the original strategic system of pharmaceutical companies have almost been broken. Because most of the pharmaceutical business development strategy is to rely on the original product description of the strategic objectives.

For example, A pharmaceutical companies in 2014 to develop the strategic goal is to play the main product sales target: a certain injection in 2019 sales reached 200 million yuan, a certain oral film sales in 2019 to 80 million and so on.

But now, the pharmaceutical company of a certain injection because of policy issues or other issues have been discontinued sales, and some oral tablets due to their own research and development capabilities, has been determined to give up participation in generic drug evaluation, that is, no development The future. Now A drug companies do nothing, the boss all day to seek medical advice, to find ways to solve business development and strategy.

When the pharmaceutical company began to develop a strategy, it made a fundamental mistake: no product strategy. If there is a clear product strategy, it will accurately determine the premise of the policy, in advance to predict the future of its main product marketing policy risks, so as to clear the product strategy in advance to find a solution to the way.

The advancement of generic drug consistency evaluation is the best time for drug companies to develop product strategy.

We know that due to the state of the generic drug evaluation of the time limit, BE experimental base is lacking, the lack of clinical institutions and other factors, coupled with the country on the consistency of the evaluation of generic drugs rigorous, it is estimated that many October 2007 1 Recently approved the listing and included in the 'National Essential Drugs directory' of the generic drug generic, but the proportion of consistency will be very high.

In other words, to January 1, 2019, the market now sell a large number of generic drugs will withdraw from the market. The market structure of the product structure will be broken, some rely on low-cost competition, there are hundreds or even more pharmaceutical companies to produce generic drugs will become a good variety. Because the state provides that the first through the generic drug review of drugs, three years no longer accept other applications.

This is actually a good opportunity to re-build the structure of pharmaceutical products. Product matrix is the fundamental structure of drug manufacturers to build products.

Pharmaceutical companies need according to their own product resources, research and development capabilities, research and development resources, competitive situation and other factors to build a future competition for the product group, and the formation of product matrix, from the product matrix to select the future competitive advantage varieties to participate in generic drugs Sexual evaluation, at the same time according to the product matrix, seize the time to find the missing products in the matrix, through the way of mergers and acquisitions or cooperation, so that the generality of generic drug evaluation of small and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies or large pharmaceutical companies to abandon the consistency evaluation Of the varieties into the product matrix, and participate in consistency evaluation. In this way, after 2019, it will form a very competitive product structure.

Therefore, the pattern of high, far vision of the pharmaceutical companies, as soon as possible to build product matrix. In this way, it is very clear to know which of their own products to participate in the consistency of assessment, which products need to be acquired through mergers and acquisitions and participation in consistency assessment, which varieties through their own research and development methods to obtain.

Through the effective product matrix as the basis, coupled with the effective development path, the basic can build a strong pharmaceutical product strategy, so that the future development will have great potential.

If the end, pharmaceutical companies still did not build a product strategy, it lost the basis for future development, it has been lost in the development path.

Author: Shi Lichen, third-party medical service system Maisikanglai (public No. maxcolla) founder. This article excerpts from the new book 'new medicine marketing', this book is about to publish, please pay attention. Reprinted must indicate the author and the source.