Lenovo mobile phone how to stand up (market articles)

Lenovo, is the pride of the nation, over the years, has been in the notebook computer industry in the market leading position. From Liu Chuanzhi to Yang Yuanqing, they lead Lenovo to step by step to grow and develop, they made the proud performance, the world should be seen for all to see.

Chen Yuzhou as a never left the market to observe the brand problem solving experts, marketing strategy planning scholars, not so much concerned about the association, not as good as Lenovo's favorite? Especially in the Yang Yuanqing helpless after the association, even more concerned about Lenovo, therefore, there are related articles on the discussion of Lenovo. For the existence and development of Lenovo drum and call, for Yang Yuanqing in the magnificent market competition in the rudder of the United States to develop the correct direction of sincere admiration and praise.

Therefore, the reason for the heart, Chen Yuzhou so the notebook is used to 'Lenovo', from the 'Lenovo Zhaoyang K26, K27' to now still use the 'Lenovo K2450', have never been repaired. Needless to say, Lenovo's notebook computer in the market's reputation and its quality, absolutely has a pivotal, difficult to position it.

However, Lenovo's mobile phone, or called 'mobile business', has been 'tepid' for many years, that is, in 2010, after the smart phone began to enter the market, and now still no improvement. The reason, there are three major issues we need to clarify in order to be able to develop the future of Lenovo mobile phone and grow to find a solution.

First, Lenovo mobile phone market development pattern

First, the intensification of market competition.

In 2010, the smart phone began to work in the Chinese market, at that time, in addition to 'Samsung', 'Motorola' and other international brands occupy the high-end market, the domestic market mobile phone also surging. More later 'millet' to high configuration, low price strategy to 'spoiler', making the market a red sea. This stage if you want to win the market alone, that is, international brands have not yet have this ability. However, there is this opportunity, domestic mobile phone brand in the 'Huawei' is from this stage, and gradually to lay its market base.

Second, the lack of brand management.

Lenovo mobile phone is burdened with Lenovo notebook brand produced, in the notebook computer product brand management, Lenovo has done in place. But in the Lenovo mobile phone, the brand management, it is very weak, there is no systematic product development, nor the system of brand management. So, in the management of the brand simply can not find the brand of mobile phone products should follow the values, nor the precise positioning of mobile phone brands.

Third, product development lag.

Product quality is the basis for brand value to highlight the smart phone just entered the market, no one dare to say that it has the product to the extreme. However, the product is done, it is the market demand. At that time the association also launched the 'heavy' type 'Lenovo Music Phone 3GW100', its all-metal stainless steel back cover work fine people put it down, although the border is not perfect, but flawed, became the market was a considerable competition Force of the product. However, to the 'Lenovo Music Phone S2', but went downhill. There is no extension of this product design brand gene go down, so far, the mobile phone brand lost the 'base plus' brand effect. To the late, there are some bright spots of mobile phone products, can not harvest the lost brand 'country'.

So, to today, the market has formed a certain pattern of the case, the Lenovo mobile phone there is no chance to move again into the 'Red Sea' mobile phone market, and from a share of it? The answer is yes, the market under what circumstances have the opportunity, the key is how your strategy to develop and implement. Therefore, we can from the following points to analyze, in order to fully demonstrate the Lenovo smart phone sailing again determined to attack and attack strategy. To Lenovo in the mobile business to fight a battle, this battle, in Chen Yuzhou view, a year is enough!

Second, Lenovo smart phone competitive advantage

In 2011, the smart phone began to universal in the Chinese market, the domestic Internet mobile phone brand with a high cost to absorb a large part of the user, but after recent years of development, more and more brands to participate in online channels The price of which, so that the original profit is not high Internet brand product profits is a bottoming out. As a result, some brand mobile phones began to expand foreign markets, especially the Indian market, and gradually become the smart phone market in the 'second in China.' In this process, Huawei, millet come to the fore, OPPO, vivo these have been quietly plowing the channel under the brand began to surfaced. The major smart phone brand began a new round of quality products strategy.

Since 2016, domestic mobile phones are corresponding price increases, product appearance (Yan value) has become the pursuit of many smart phone manufacturers. Lenovo in this one, and there is no substantial outstanding performance. In Chen Yuzhou view, Lenovo is equipped with this ability, but in the product line planning appeared 'irrational', 'positioning unknown' phenomenon, which led to product research and development lagging behind the market half a beat.

Through the past seven years the development of the market changes, can be expected from the second half of this year, the next five years, smart phones in the mainstream market, mobile phone screen will remain at 5 inches to 6 inches; mobile phone modeling, basic Or continue to use metal one body and the front ultra-narrow frame, curved screen, full screen and other three designs; and in the phone's body, ultra-thin is still the same topic. Need to be reminded that when our smart phone to complete the front screen design, should focus on the back of the phone design, including the camera head, dual cameras, fill light, brand LOGO, fingerprint identification ... ... and so on, are Reasonable planning and arrangement must be made. So that the whole phone looks, visual and touch the three-dimensional perception are handy, is the market for its image quality requirements.

Lenovo smart phone, at the present its own three brands, can be competent for the development of market changes in the requirements, whether it is mobile phone software or hardware, Lenovo a little effort to bring out the precipitation for many years, you can match the world and the crowd. This resource advantage is very prominent, not what companies can have, the key question is that there must be a direct to Lenovo Chairman Yang Yuanqing direct report of the 'marshal' to lead the entire Lenovo mobile business. So, in order to Lenovo's Lenovo, Moto, ZUK three brands unified induction, according to the positioning between different, make the appropriate adjustment and combing, so that the positioning of three series of products fully clear. As for Le Meng, VIBE like confuse the title, directly cut off.

Some time ago, see online biography, developed by the magic factory, after the association into the Lenovo ZUK phone will be discontinued, I do not know is not true, if it is true, it will be a most failed strategy. The reason is very simple, ZUK phone, if it is translated as: free off. It should be in a product segment market invincible in the world, why should give up the brand? This is not the most failed strategy?

Through the above analysis, we have reason to believe that the Lenovo smartphone operating team if the upper and lower together, in the face of China, and even the world such a market, playing a turn over to the strength of Lenovo, absolutely can overnight.

Third, the chief brand official market lead

Smart phones in the Chinese market for seven years, the consumer mobile phone replacement is also accompanied by the new features of smart phones, high configuration in the constant replacement and shortening. In the past three years for a mobile phone era, has become a year for a change. So, the mobile phone market is a big consumer goods market. In the Chinese market, though, there are many dual-card dual standby mobile phone, but with the same brand, the same model smart phone hands and passengers, a lot of people.

This 'dual passenger' in the mobile phone market, not a minority, but the majority. This is what we often say: a large screen mobile phone used to the Internet, playing games; a small screen phone used to answer the phone, made WeChat. According to the Chinese market, 800 million users, at least no less than 300 million users to use dual-cell phone, ask, this huge consumption, how many manufacturers to meet? And Lenovo's three major brands of mobile phones, casually come up with a brand of a mobile phone, you can meet the 'double guest' one of them. To this end, in order to Lenovo mobile phone turnaround, you can create a 'chief brand officer', the introduction of a comprehensive brand management mechanism to carry out the product development, production and sales. With each voice for each brand to spread out, so that every time the spread, are added for the sale of the brand.

To change, the first is the mindset of the change, in order to let Lenovo mobile phone brand rise, first on their own ruthless, Lenovo previously advocated the 'production of products' to 'production brand.' This change is not difficult, the difficulty is the need for a mobile business leader 'marshal' to helpless Lenovo mobile phone brand management.

Lenovo in recent years to adjust the organizational structure or business restructuring, Lenovo is clearly not so good inside the talent, it should be said that 'people' only paste some. Lenovo to establish the 'chief brand officer' for the brand management, management structure of the organizational mechanism, under the Lenovo mobile phone three brands Lenovo, Moto, ZUK brand management, and then down configuration: brand director, brand manager, brand assistant, brand Commissioner and so on the brand management model, the formation of bottom-up reporting process, Cengcengbaguan, truly become a highly efficient overall. As for the 'chief brand officer', the report directly to the chairman Yang Yuanqing. The Lenovo mobile phone brand management business model set, you can refer to established in the Sui Dynasty, perfect in the Tang Dynasty, 'three provinces and six systems' to set up. And the leader of the mobile business people 'marshal' candidates can be outside the real brand experts to serve. Or, directly from the Lenovo's mobile business to pick out the backbone of the 20-30 team, the 'closed' six-day training, cultivate a group of specialized professionals to understand the brand, but also not a bad idea.

So, then a big deal!