What is the basis of the new marketing system?

For pharmaceutical companies, the product is the basis for survival and development, but many pharmaceutical companies are no product strategy, some pharmaceutical companies may be some drugs according to the disease for a simple classification, but this classification is not much market competition value , Pharmaceutical companies themselves do not have a real plan for these products.

The main problems of the current pharmaceutical products are: product line confusion.

We know that after many years of confusion after the approval of new drugs, many pharmaceutical companies have a large number of zombie number, these zombie numbers are basically frozen pharmaceutical companies, because a business can not hundreds of thousands of drug number to go Production and operation. As for the products in the sales are single combat, there is no cooperation with the product group support, if the single product sales weakness, it is difficult to have a good type of product follow-up. Pharmaceutical companies to introduce new products to solve the problem of single product sales fatigue, but because there is no systematic product strategy support, new product growth is often short-lived.

As the product line is chaotic, the life cycle of new products is also very short, then, pharmaceutical companies are often through the increase in investment to support the sale of new products. Such as Jiangzhong Pharmaceutical later in the stomach under the influence of the brand, do Hericium Cookies, advertising into the early gains, but the ads stopped after the performance was significantly down.

The consequences of product line confusion are:

1, pharmaceutical companies own products kill each other

As the product line is not planned, with the new products into the market, the old varieties of continuous sales, the result is a serious overlap in the treatment area, the patient group is also a serious overlap, and ultimately lead to pharmaceutical companies own products in the market kill each other.

In the market research found that in a pharmacy found a pharmaceutical company's competitive two products on the shelf side by side display, the author asked the clerk of this two pharmaceutical companies to promote the product to the patients, the staff are also Mongolian. Later, the author to the pharmaceutical companies suggested that the use of different pharmacies control mode, to avoid the situation of self-mutilation.

2, marketing costs grow rapidly

Because there is no product strategy, there is competition within the product line, often pharmaceutical companies will increase the way through the investment to maintain the sale of old varieties, to enlarge the sale of new varieties, new and old varieties do not have a lot of good points for the pharmaceutical companies Has become a burden on marketing costs competition.

3, consumers, doctors, clerks cognitive confusion

Due to product line confusion, the pharmaceutical industry is difficult to build an effective distinction between products, especially those who have a lot of competitive pharmaceutical companies, it is more difficult to build an effective distinction. This allows consumers to hesitate to buy products, the doctor prescription will be a problem, the clerk is confused.

There are two pharmaceutical companies, there are six kinds of Liu Wei Di Huang Wan and Zhibai Dihuangwan two varieties, said the two sales are very good, but the pharmaceutical companies found that over the years these two varieties are always in the annual sales of about 30 million, it is difficult to grow.

We look at the two products of the attending effect: Liu Wei Di Huang Wan: Chinese medicine name. For the benefit agent, with the effect of nourishing yin and kidney. For kidney yin loss, dizziness, tinnitus, Yaoxisuanruan, bone steamed hot flashes, night sweat spermatorrhea, Diabetes. Zhibai Dihuang Wan: Ziyin heat. For Yin Huo-wang, hot flashes night sweats, dry mouth sore throat, tinnitus nocturnal emission, urine short red.

On these two varieties, the author asked some of the old Chinese medicine, symptoms in the treatment of any differences, asked the old Chinese basic feel that the two varieties are the same, which will do.

4, resource allocation waste

As the product line confusion, pharmaceutical companies are not very clear which products are the future development of key varieties, which products are likely to be eliminated varieties, so the average allocation of operating resources, resulting in large-scale sales of large varieties can not be large, Small varieties can not be enlarged, which is a lot of small and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies over the years did not develop the root causes.

5, marketing can not do all

Some boss confused, that is the marketing problem, it is not for the marketing manager, but many years later, the domestic pharmaceutical enterprises of the foreign pharmaceutical companies marketing manager for a long time, small businesses or small businesses, always do not develop. In fact, these product line problems, marketing level is difficult to solve.

A Chinese medicine-based pharmaceutical companies, for many years, business performance has always been hovering around 70 million, the boss that the marketing model, so almost every two years for a marketing director, hire costs from more than ten thousand annual salary rose to Nearly a million, but never break 80 million.

The boss has a characteristic, to a marketing director, put himself proud of the product manual to the marketing director to see, tell the new marketing director of their own business from how good, but that is not up, asked the marketing director with the new The way the new marketing model, build a new team, build new channels to quickly expand sales.

Last year, the pharmaceutical companies finally adopted a control mode, so sales from the previous year's more than 7000 million, down to more than 5000 million, profits from more than 10 million per year down to more than 600 million.

Research on the varieties of traditional Chinese medicine enterprises, the fundamental problem is the product problem, personal point of view is: more, small, chaotic

There are more than 400, in the sale of 23; small, is basically in the sales of 23 varieties, not a more than 10 million; chaos, which is the field of disease have, gynecological More, but the sales are small, and, even within the competitive product there are many. Such a Chinese medicine enterprises, it is estimated that who will do marketing director head.

In the past ten years, many pharmaceutical companies from the inventory of the product number in the screening of a number of competitive value of a single product, through various channels of publicity, establish a brand, forming a large-scale sales. Such as Jiangzhong pharmacy of stomach digestion tablets, amendments to the medicine of the Sri Lanka.

In the retail market, the era of single product is the traditional medium to allow a large number of prescription drugs and non-prescription drugs to achieve advertising. Now prescription drugs can not advertise, OTC products in the advertising input-output ratio is also a serious decline, such as Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, basically stopped after the bulk of advertising, business performance straight down

At present, China's pharmaceutical market, is at a big turning point, the state of the drug to conduct a consistent assessment, the result is a lot of pharmaceutical companies the number of chemical products drastically reduced, a lot of money to do BE pharmaceutical companies may eventually withdraw from the field of chemical drugs.

Some pharmaceutical companies may eventually leave only one or two chemical products, research and development ability at the same time well-funded pharmaceutical companies may have more chemical products. This is the country on the field of chemical medicine a more thorough cleaning, cleaning the results of the number of pharmaceutical companies in China to reduce the number of chemical products, And this time, some pharmaceutical companies are still hesitant in the end which products to participate in the consistency of evaluation, which products completely give up.

Shi Li Chen services to do a few strategic planning of the pharmaceutical business, it is very clear to know their future product group structure, but also very clear to know which products need to participate in the consistency evaluation, which products completely abandoned in the future. These companies have a clear strategy of the product, the future will certainly be related to the field of disease to build their own more powerful competitive advantage.

The future of pharmaceutical companies, treatment-based drugs may be less, but many pharmaceutical companies have a large number of Chinese medicine varieties, with the national classic prescription prescription can be exempt from registration declaration, many pharmaceutical companies will participate in the competition in traditional Chinese medicine, and The state of traditional Chinese medicine product positioning has gradually from the therapeutic to collaborative treatment changes. At this time, the pharmaceutical companies will consider how to go with a number of pharmaceutical companies at the same level of competition, highlighting a single product is easy to be imitated and beyond, but the product group is difficult to be beyond, or even imitate the difficulty is great.

Author: Shi Lichen, third-party medical service system Maisikanglai (public No. maxcolla) founder. This article excerpts from the new book 'new marketing medicine', this book is about to publish, please pay attention. Reprinted must indicate the author and the source.