Have the scene button, the brand has a way out!

Analysis of Typical Consumption Psychology Cases

When doing market testing, we asked some consumers who had just put a few cans and more treasure into the shopping cart. We found that the reasons for their purchase, not because the product has good-looking packaging, not because the brand has a well-known, and almost no mention of how good the product taste.

So, what directly contributed to the buying behavior? Because they are in the brains before the purchase of the following calculations: the recent hot weather, drink some more treasure down the fire; tonight we have to eat hot pot, buy something ready; or too: recently eat spicy eat more Get angry and buy a few cans to drink ...

This is the logic of consumer psychology! The product itself does not bring any benefit to the consumer unless he activates the consumer-specific scene association and solves the consumer-specific problem. So at this time, the product and consumers to establish a strong interest relationship.

On the consumer before the purchase of the calculation (scene simulation), we call it 'scene button'!

What is a 'scene button'?

Brand based on the unique positioning and advocacy in the marketing through the dissemination of 'specific consumption scenarios' to establish a 'scene' and 'brand' between the one-to-one association, this can activate the consumption of the scene, we call it 'Scene button'.

Fragrant fluttering milk tea 'small hungry little trapped' series of advertising, for consumers to set a few 'scene button', for example: the afternoon when the work of no spirit, tired and sleepy, in this scene easily remembered the 'small Hungry trapped, drunk fluttering '; and then, such as non-rice when the point, a little hungry, not suitable for large-scale food, how to do? This scene remembered the 'little hungry trapped, drunk fluttering'.

When the consumer in a particular scene, can easily think of a particular brand, which is activated brand 'scene button'! The brand must be associated with a clear scene to be able to give consumers a clear consumer orders; the more clear the scene, the instruction is more clear and effective!

The setting method of the scene button

Scene button is based on brand positioning, and through the scene set, the brand positioning effective landing. The scene button can be set by one or more of the following combinations.

One, character button set: Who? with who?

In the marketing scene to strengthen the character characteristics, such as the common characteristics of a group of people, or with whom people and so on. When a similar scene button appears or is expected to appear, the brand will naturally become the first choice.

Such as the red star Erguotou 'brother' series of advertising, open layers of veil, in fact, the brand really trying to give consumers the scene of the implant button is: 'and brothers, iron buddy, comrades' meet when you have to drink wine.

Second, the time button settings: What time? What time? What time?

'Time' is also an important scene button, Nutrition Express 'breakfast drink a bottle, the spirit of a morning' to help it achieve the rapid expansion of the market, it is because the successful opening of the 'time' this scene button. When consumers in the breakfast time and no clear solution, it is easy to think of the marketing fast line of the brand; the same, when consumers see the brand at other times, because the deep-rooted scene button association, It is also easy to make a prejudgment of the possible future of the next morning and make a buying behavior for the reserve (instant noodles are also justified).

Time button settings and must be a specific point in time, it can be some specific 'moments', such as dating moments, smiling moments, cold moments, moments of marriage, and even boring moments (slippery appeals) The Of course, in making such a button set, you should ensure that the scene is more clear, easy to perceive, easy to crawl, otherwise it will lead to cognitive blur, can not really promote sales.

Third, the occasion button settings: where? What kind of place / place?

Unilever's Ling Shi effect of the brand, in the promotion is to create a night scene this scene button, pass Ling Shi is to help men 'in the night' to show the charm of an important tool.

Place / occasion is the consumer easier to perceive and capture the scene button, but also by many brands welcome. Such as JDB's 'table, eat hot pot', Coca-Cola's 'hot, heat' and other occasions button.

Fourth, the problem button settings: What kind of new problems you encountered?

'Can' solve the problem, 'better' to solve the problem, for the brand is useless. Only to solve the 'new problem', 'not the same problem' in order to open up a new market, to win the largest share of the cake.

'Problem button' setting is essential, he can inspire consumers to think, and even take the initiative to seek answers. It was a new force in the beverage industry that caught the problem of 'getting greasy' in the past, 'caught in the past,' but did not get a good expression, or did not get a clear solution. ' The early Jadao is also caught the people (especially the northerners) is not very concerned about (not activated) 'get angry' problem, completed the task can not be completed.

Five, method button settings: how to use?

This is a frequently overlooked scene button. The use of a product if it can be simplified, interesting design as a 'button', may also bring a new sales situation.

The slogan is not only a unique selling point for a variety of flesh blends, but also his 'shaking' of the 'button' also activates the consumer's fun and becomes a classic for brand communication Case.

Repeat, repeat, and repeat

The setting of the scene button should follow the principle of uniqueness, consistency, and continuity to ensure that the brand's unique scene button can be deeply imprinted in the consumer mind. As a result, once in the target scene, consumers will be able to capture the first time, identify the scene, and establish a scene association, activate the scene button!

The more repetitive, the more clear the scene button, clear, the consumer's thinking and choice of space is more limited.

Brand positioning and the relationship between the scene button

Positioning, to ensure that the brand to the right identity to participate in the competition in the market; scene button, it is the best way to brand positioning.

Positioning, the establishment of the brand skeleton; scene button, the rich flesh and blood of the brand, so that the brand is full of vitality and loved by consumers.

Positioning, the development of the brand strategy direction and action outline; scene button, it is positioning decomposition, landing, as consumers are easy to accept the scene memory symbols.

(Text / Lin Youqing: brand scholars, planning people, positioning experts linyouqing@vip.sina.com)