Do not decorate the ghosts, new retail is so simple

Ma Yun mention 'new retail' have been more than six months, you have not understand understand what?

what? Explain the version too much, confused. That now we come to a fried chicken simple.


A long time ago, the goods we bought were so.

Goods produced from the factory, the manufacturers sold the goods to dealers, dealers sold to wholesalers, wholesalers sold to retailers, retailers and then sold to us.

We all have money to make such a happy day lasted for many years, until there is a supermarket called retailers appear.

Damai Chang said that the previous play too LOW, and that is the traditional path, brother let you see what is called modern access.

Modern way to play is that I do not spend money to buy your goods, and your goods in my sale, so I sold and then tell you, account period of one month or even two or three months.

Reliance on the lot, passenger Wang, hypermarkets of this play really hot up, and a variety of products have to go to the supermarkets crowded Supermarkets and said, and now into my shop too much of the product, you have to sell me here must pay, called the store fee. Product too much, you do not necessarily be able to sell, want to sell how to do? Pay the money! I give you a pile of head, posters and so on.

So, hypermarkets and some chain convenience store system so gorgeous turned, not only by selling the difference between the money, the key is the charges.

Many retailers a look, this method is good, drought and waterlogging, slowly learned.

The so-called modern path can be called 'new retail 1.0'.


These years, electricity business developed, but also directly learn the practice of the new retail 1.0, relying on the management fees and advertising fees to make money.

Taobao called electricity business platform, the actual it is not a retailer, the equivalent of online real estate developers and advertisers.

Retail work to do the upper reaches, usually the manufacturer, called 'no intermediary to make the difference.' Anti-professional, forcing the manufacturer, both do brand business, but also do logistics business, but also do retailers.

Looks very good, actually very upset.

1, the manufacturer does retail is not professional, inefficient

2, the platform side shop big bully, all kinds of fees at all levels, suppliers overwhelmed

Results 1, consumers buy high-quality products, and even fake cottage flooding

The results of 2, the supplier unprofitable, 7 losses 2 level 1 earned, worse than the stock market

Although the current business platform to earn pots pour, but the chickens are killed, and this egg will not eat.

So, on a business is not actually a retailer made a 'new retail', be 'new retail 2.0' it.

Pure electric business will die, the future line is the line of integration, is the whole channel integration, merchandise, membership and service through.

And then the Ali Institute also out of a new retail report specifically explained.

What does that mean? The original is my platform, the seller of the above transactions, I sit to rent. Now sellers old loss of money, can not sell, the buyer's satisfaction is not high How to do it? I put the platform bigger, the line of the terminal is also installed in the product experience and after-sales service is also installed in the high-value customers through the membership system also installed.

So there is no infinite imagination space, and we continue to play here happy bar.


From the 'modern terminal' to 'new retail', the retail main body to the platform of development, leading to the development of retail main upstream, anti-professional. In addition to the concept of fancy, the retail concept is regressive, the risk of retail formats is also huge.

For consumers, 'all the time always' 'feel the service being provided' 'beyond expectations' is unrealistic expectations, to buy high-quality low-priced products is the greatest desire, at least to be able to buy genuine products The

If there is a new retail, must be pushed from the consumer level, can buy and sell, do marketing to understand the operation will communicate with consumers in the new retail formats, and now only sit on the rental platform for devastating blow The

Shanghai Yihe marketing agency chief adviser, marketing and brand experts, professional from the media, 'the old Miao tear marketing' author.