Home store homogenization diverted customers

Why 'big home stores' passenger traffic is getting smaller and smaller? Industry practitioners have a basic understanding, that is now the home stores too much, consumers have more choices. Household stores in the rare passenger, a single store sales decline, because 'homogenization' vicious competition results. But for consumers is a good thing. For the home products of the seller, is a tragic thing.

Why do we say 'homogenization' competition diverted a large household stores? We first to analyze the homogenization of the home industry.

1, class Red Star, actually, the moon and other home chain stores a large number of emerging. Homogeneous competition diverted customers.

First to see the Red Star Macalline, as of December 31, 2016, the Red Star Macallon a total of 200 shopping malls, covering 28 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of the 142 cities, shopping malls total operating area of 12,692,393 square meters. In 2016, the Red Star Meikailong officially announced the implementation of the '1001 strategy' on the thirtieth anniversary, the use of technical means for enterprise intelligence, in the physical shopping malls to expand to 1000 on the basis of creating an Internet platform, relying on online and offline integration To conquer the Internet +2.0 model, the joint pan-home industry together to create a business life community.

And then look at the house, actually home is home building materials industry leader in the industry, has 28 provinces (cities) opened 177 home building materials retail stores, the total business area of over 10 million square meters, set home building materials Retail stores, 'home of the respect' imported furniture Museum, self-employed 'top design center', 'music house decoration', focus on the old decoration and decoration of the 'Yuan Chau decoration', focus on home improvement package 'fast house Decoration 'and' Lai House 'building materials home supermarket as one, to provide customers with' one stop 'home life consumption services.

From the two giants can be seen, the national chain of home retail giant is still running in the rapid expansion of enclosure. In the class Red Star actually under the influence of the store model. Some regional chain of home chain stores are also expanding the layout. They store the model to follow the example of the red star, actually, on the stars and other industry giants. In the Red Star's national chain giant did not stay in a city before they have been the first to open a 'class Red Star shop' in the local market to form a certain geographical advantage. In order to cope with future competition with these giants. These regional chain giant left the 'giants of the road', expect these giants in the local city no way to go.

These regional chain stores are available in almost every province. Such as Henan Ou Kai Long, Shandong Ginza home, Hebei Dongming home and so on.

Even more interesting is that the expansion of these national chain stores is often a giant just settled in a city, after a giant in 1-2 years will be settled. This competition with the strategy is almost common to the industry. Like there are places where Kentucky Fried Chicken, usually there will be a McDonald's.

2, consumers in the eyes of the home is the same store, homogenization led to the natural flow of customers.

Home industry professionals, may be more understanding of the Red Star, actually, on the stars and some local chain stores are different, but in the consumer's perception, they are the same.

Consumer awareness one: large and one, one-stop shopping home stores

'One-stop' shopping store is a lot of home stores to build the basic idea of the store. A large amount of home stores to attract more consumers in order to attract more consumers into the store, is the store to win the market competition magic weapon. This model is very similar to the 'Wal-Mart', 'Carrefour' chain supermarket model.

National chain of home stores are leading consumers such a kind of awareness. So now one-stop shopping of the home market is a large number of emerging. However, in the consumer's knowledge. they are the same:

Size of the same size: under normal circumstances, the monomer area of more than 30,000 square feet, consumers think it is a large home stores)

Store the same hardware: store decoration, corridors, air conditioning, elevators and so on in the consumer seems to be the same, although each store is not the same, but in the consumer's cognition is similar.

Store layout, brand and category planning the same: If you visit these several large stores, you will find the layout of these stores, brand and category planning is much the same. Usually have underground parking, negative layer, two, or even three is the building materials brand, three or more furniture brand. In the building materials floor will be broken down into tiles, bathroom ... ... furniture class breakdown for the software, plate, solid wood, children, Europe and the United States, mahogany and so on. When consumers see more of the local stores are such a large and the same store, although there are five such stores, but in their hearts but only a 'home store.' Not to mention some brands and products are basically the same. Since it is the same, consumers will not go to all the home stores, will only go to one or two of them. Home brand dealers with the same brand multi-store business is the store brand and category planning the same microcosm.

Store operation and management of the same model: store investment, store cash register system, store price model, the store's service commitments, store marketing promotion, store rent, store management regulations and so on are similar.

Consumers know two: I only according to my needs and my convenience to choose

Consumers only need to shop in the nearest home shopping on it. With the increase in the number of such home stores, consumers may be willing to just from their nearest, the most convenient that the home stores. In the eyes of consumers, star, star, actually, class Red Star store is the same, indeed the brand and the store of these stores and even the same. Even these brands in the relative position of these large stores are the same. Consumers will not go shopping. Consumers will no longer focus on a home store consumption. Consumer diversion is the inevitable result.

3, consumer awareness is changing. Is considering to flee these no big and big one-stop large home stores.

One-stop purchase of consumer awareness has made these stores are extremely beautiful scenery. But now, the rise of community convenience stores, consumers no longer like to go to large and 'Wal-Mart', 'Carrefour' the. Similarly, consumer awareness of this change in the supermarket is also happening in the home industry. Consumers are more inclined to go to some single category of professional store shopping. Such as buying mahogany to Redwood floor, buy European and American furniture to the professional European and American furniture boutique museum. Buy software to the franchise software experience museum.

In other words, one-stop shopping home stores are no longer the preferred consumer. When the home market competition has not come out by the large and the scale of the advantages of competition in the development model, consumers have begun to flee large and one-stop large home stores. Large and one-stop shopping model has been unable to focus on the eyes of consumers.