Line under the new model shunt customers

We first look at, building materials, furniture, one-stop large-scale shopping home stores why once became the first choice for consumers shopping, by consumers of all ages:

1, large-scale sales of large stores, the whole product, you can buy one-stop Qi.

Because of its ability to provide a wide range of products, a good shopping environment to obtain the favor of most consumers, consumers do not have to go around, time and effort to choose decoration materials. Consumers as long as these into the home stores, you can buy their own home decoration of the various decoration materials.

2, product quality is guaranteed.

In the consumer's knowledge, can be settled in these large stores in the product, the quality is trustworthy. The management of the supermarkets and the strict selection of the brand has become a guarantee of endorsement of product quality. Consumers of these stores in the product quality will be more assured.

3, consumers on the home stores have 'regular' store awareness, trustworthy.

Good store hardware facilities (shopping environment) and unified cash register management, in the minds of most consumers will form a 'regular' store awareness. With the traditional building materials market dirty, chaotic, poor form a strong contrast.

4, after-sale more secure.

Consumers generally understand that in such a regular home stores to buy things, if there is after-sales problems, should be guaranteed. Even the business of selling things 'no matter', you can also find the mall. And in the traditional building materials market shopping, it is difficult to have this protection.

Big home of the store by the 'big and full' scale advantage to win the consumer model as we once liked to go to the supermarket, and do not like the street 'informal store' to buy things is the same reason. Everyone has to play home shopping shop, because there is no other choice. If so, what will happen?

Into these big home stores are the actual consumer shopping - owners. However, with the integration of the model enjoys popular support. The overall decoration of the contractor package material has become more and more people choose. That is to say to buy the decoration materials consumers have not to these supermarkets, and the purchase of decoration materials into a decoration company or the actual construction of the contractor. These decoration companies and contractors will be the main store stores retail prices to buy decoration materials? of course not! So where did they go?

Since it is the package of packaging materials, decoration companies and contractors must be the lowest price to buy the decoration materials, a single decoration company and contractor is difficult to negotiate with the various decoration materials vendors, even bargaining is also not To the lowest discount. A lot of decoration companies because they can not reduce the cost of renovation, decoration materials in the article (shoddy), and this is the owners are worried. There is a conflict, there is a chance, a new line under the packaging model, to meet the trend of the whole, but also solve the home improvement industry industry ills. Won the trust of consumers, so that consumer spending clearly, clearly, both to reduce the cost of decoration, decoration quality has been guaranteed.

Internet home improvement nearly two years of unusually hot, several online platforms have launched a 'grab the workers home improvement mode.' However, the maturity of the industry is far from enough. Most consumers will still choose the line of home improvement mode. Guangdong Yueda good long job club is a very good solution to the foreman in the order, buy raw materials bargaining, recovering the full amount of renovation and other difficult problems. But also very good to avoid the owners worried about the decoration company unreal quotes, construction workers are not professional, the quality of the material used is not up to the renovation process to increase the decoration budget and other issues. Good work club model is more important to solve the quality of the decoration materials and low prices. Specifically how to do it?

Guangdong more of the core members of the foreman club have done decoration, in the decoration industry for many years, the industry's deep understanding of the industry. The more good work long club integrates the local good foreman resources, the local scattered foreman (contractor) into the club's name. To their system of professional renovation training, in the name of the club to help them order. And these workers signed a perennial service agreement, the foreman to become a member of the club, the annual payment to the club a certain fee.

In order to solve the problem of the stolen combatants difficult to work, the club every month joint workmanship jointly planning activities, focus on orders.

In order to ensure the quality of decoration, reduce the cost of renovation, thereby increasing market competitiveness. The club will integrate the local well-known decoration materials suppliers, for these materials suppliers to provide free materials placed in the venue (exhibition hall), material suppliers do not have to spend any cost of sales, but must ensure that the quality of products and the lowest in the local product prices. If the price is high, is to 3 times compensation to the consumer. The order received by the club is given priority to the material of the contracted material supplier. As for each single use of which one of the decoration materials, by the decoration of the owners of the club in the nearly 10,000 square meters of the free choice of the exhibition hall. Renovated owners have full autonomy to choose. The foreman uses the decoration materials chosen by the owner to decorate. In the timber on the foreman has the right to recommend, there is no decision. Owners to buy decoration materials is to pay the money to the club, not the foreman. Foreman earn is the decoration of the 'wages' rather than decoration materials money. The club earned the membership fee of the material supplier, rather than selling the material 'rebate'.

For the owners, the free choice of the club by the local minimum guaranteed price of all kinds of decoration materials, but also the use of the club's supervisory role, to ensure the progress and quality of decoration. If the decoration problems, no owners of the acceptance confirmed that the foreman can not get the money. The club has assumed the role of a guarantee.

In this mode, the majority of the owners also why go to the local home stores it? (Even a lot of well-known home stores is the big brand of the club's material suppliers), consumers sign in the club, but also eliminates the need to bargain with the store stores bargain trouble. The club is doing 'cut Hu' work, cut who's Hu, cut off the big home Hu!

In addition the club extensive in-depth community and local district of the property cooperation in the district set up a model of the club, more convenient for the owners to provide a variety of convenient services. It can be said that the owners do not have a district can complete the renovation of the work required. Why do owners have to go home to sell it?

I believe similar to the 'more good work long club model' new model will be more and more new, this can be put themselves in for the sake of consumers, the service can do the door to the consumer, allowing consumers to save time and effort , Worry, save money, but also to ensure that the quality of the decoration model more and more popular with consumers.

This new line of finishing mode to meet the current consumer demand, won the trust of some consumers. This model is bound to divert part of the large stores in the passenger flow.