Factory exhibition group buy mode split the customer

Once the consumer is the first choice of 'big and large home stores' Why is the passenger now smaller and smaller? Is it really a big economic environment caused by it? Is it really a need to reduce it? However, the industry statistics on the home retail industry show that the total retail sales of the industry is still growing. Many home retail industry practitioners can not help but ask: Since the industry's sales data is still growing, then why is now the supermarkets less expensive passenger? Even if the activities, passenger flow is also worse than before it?

Where did the consumer go?

Consumers go to the home factory to buy! Home factory exhibition group buy mode split part of the target consumers. This part of the consumer by the local home retailers to the distribution of their home factory to the exhibition group to buy. This part of the consumer simply do not go to the supermarket!

Possibly, there are many people who question the feasibility of the factory exhibition mode. But I tell you today, when you are still struggling in the store when the factory to buy the model, your competitors are secretly laughing it! He will never let you never know what is the factory exhibition mode!

Until this year, there may be a very home terminal store owner know nothing about this model. Still in the lonely use of 'sit back and wait' mode of business stores. As everyone knows, you are already a member of this round of dealer shuffle war was washed away. In this, I will briefly introduce, what is the factory exhibition group buy mode? Factory exhibition mode to solve what industry pain points. Why more and more home factories and distributors to join the factory to buy the pattern of the team.

How to do factory exhibition group buy mode? What conditions do you need?

1, the furniture factory to have a larger exhibition hall (usually more than 2000 square meters), to cover the factory almost all of the main product line;

2, furniture factory exhibition area around 300-500 km radius of more than 5 stores;

3, factory showroom products buy price and joined the store product price does not conflict (factory exhibition product price <franchise product price);

4, the furniture factory planning department has planned a number of franchise customers potential customers at the same time to the factory exhibition hall to buy the operational capacity of the program;

5, the furniture factory to open a grand factory exhibition will be the start of the General Assembly, told all the participating stores will buy the purchase process and operational details;

6, the factory to set up factories exhibition hall group propaganda supervision group (event operation program trainer, franchise shop supervision and supervision commissioner, factory exhibition group promotion activities and the target customer's precise lock invitation of the Executive Commissioner) to participate in the factory exhibition activities Monopoly Shop on-site office supervision;

7, the regional stores invited to the factory customers to buy orders signed by the stores around all.

We take a look at the factory showroom to buy models to solve what conflicts and problems

1, to solve a single store area is small, a single product, consumers can choose less products, the problem of high customer turnover rate;

2, to solve a single store does not have the ability to plan activities to promote the operational capacity of the problem;

3, to solve the promotion of the target customers locked to go to the factory exhibition group to buy products do not bidders (even the customer did not even go to the store where the store);

4, to solve the customer on the brand (see the size of the factory will have a trust), product quality (many factories will arrange for consumers to visit the factory production line and with a professional narrator), environmental protection, price (very few people will suspect factory exhibition hall The price will be random virtual standard) of the trust problem, improve the turnover rate and customer unit price;

5, to solve the store in the staff organizations, activities, product prices, sales bargaining, product interpretation and other birth defects;

6, joined the store sales model has undergone a fundamental change in the original sales in the store store transactions, and now turned into a factory in the factory transactions, stores into a customer experience store and set off the center;

7, stores do not have to open a large shop, to avoid the dealer's cost of decoration investment, but also reduce the pressure on the store rent, the profitability of its business will be greatly enhanced.

Factory exhibition group purchase model, perhaps at present, to solve the store shop model store business bleak the best way

2017 years, joined the factory exhibition group of home business models are more and more, such as: the new source of ceramics, A home, federal, Gu home, Sri Lanka Xin, all friends home, double tiger home, southern home, palm pearl, Sunshine Linsen, Imperial standard, Lai's furniture, blue bird furniture, peace furniture ... ...

Now there are many dealers have seen the benefits of this model, have to switch the brand, the factory can do 'factory exhibition buy mode' as its cooperation is an important condition to consider.

Why now the owner of the store's passenger traffic is getting smaller and smaller, when you read this article later, may be able to read some of the reasons. Of course, the store passenger flow to reduce the reason not only this one. For more reason analysis, please pay attention to the next article, 'Why' big home stores, 'the passenger traffic is getting smaller and smaller: line' new model 'shunt customers.

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