New Retail Times Store Collection Tips

Every year to the middle of the year, home sales of building materials stores will enter into a relatively weak stage, the two days of students in the micro-credit group asked 'store business so deserted, how to do?' Store business deserted because of the sale of Node problems, there is a change in customer buying behavior and business sales, if you still sit in the store waiting for business to complain that the store customers less and less, then the future will be even more miserable, because your opponent has In action.

Ma in October 2016 when the release of a new retail smoke bombs, and in the old Lee seems O2O from line to line under the integration of its core or for the consumer's human insight, online with the line than the largest What is the advantage? If you say that the price that you have been outdated, the biggest advantage of the line is 24 hours anytime, anywhere in the customer's side, the customer would like to shop (point to open the phone screen) would like to order any place at any time , Please line shop can do it? Alibaba and Jingdong are actively integrating the streets of the various husband and wife shop, in the face of the 7-11, the family Fmaily and other chain convenience store impact, once thought that their own life is not guaranteed community grocery store Become Ma Yun and Liu Qiang East scramble for the meat and potatoes, really can not help but have a feeling '30 years east, 30 years Hexi.' Community convenience store integration is to let the line store has become the same 24 hours with the line anytime, anywhere to meet customer needs, therefore, the traditional store to nine to five door to do business 'happy' days have come to an end.

Retail stores are slowly transitioning to the customer experience center, and the transaction may be reached in the store may not be in the store. Customers can come to your store, rely on luck is not much chance, and only actively go out to find customers to create opportunities, the couple is difficult to cook without rice, and then cattle fork shop no customers are passive water No wood. Where does the retail store find a customer? I still remember that three years ago, we gave a school in Shanghai to do marketing marketing courses made when the market research, Raffles City Pacific coffee, a manager told us that they will organize the staff to the subway mouth to send a single page, But also to go with the cinema, clothing store, customers with these stores to spend a small ticket to the Pacific coffee shop consumption can enjoy a certain discount, that time they have been doing cross-border marketing promotion.

1, heterogeneous alliance

What is called a trade union? Selling tiles, selling cabinets, selling lamps together to do promotional activities, together to send people to the plot in the floor, this is not called the industry alliance? In the old Lee seems to be regarded as the Union, of course, can not be called the real industry alliance, why? Because you want to ah, customers in the purchase of these products is a decoration with such a rigid demand, front and rear end with a single choice. If a diamond ring to put their own coupons into the five-star hotel, car 4S shop, beauty salon club, I think this is the real heterogeneous alliance, their integration of resources is no longer based on customer spending scenarios, But based on the customer's identity and possible consumption scenarios in the Union to promote, this is really bigger and stronger ideas.

Throughout the home building materials industry have disturbed the Union activities, it is clear that the end has been to the end of the period of money, each time there are many dealer boss asked me, 'Li, Union activities, how to do to make new ideas to make the effect. The development of any thing has a life cycle of the S curve, that is, if you catch this bonus that you close your eyes count if you miss this bonus that you can only stare, do not think there is Which business model can be a fresh eat all day, not to mention a means of promotion. So, is there any affiliate activity done well? Yes, I am more recognized by the two alliance organizations, one is Wuxi 20 +1 alliance, and now a lot of alliance activities are in the reproduction of this model in Wuxi, there is a Union of Wenzhou Union, the famous Union has been from the activities Union has come to the stage of strategic alliances, I think there are few areas that can do the scale of Wenzhou famous goods, because this model requires not only the courage and vision more needs pattern, if the various regional alliances are like the famous This scale, then the danger will be the Red Star Macalline, actually home of these home building materials supermarkets.

I want to express the meaning of the Union is not can not play, the key is that you have to play some new ideas. Another point is that we must have cross-border marketing ideas, the alliance from the home building materials circle cross-border to the meal coupons, car circles, entertainment and so on, the circle of the opportunity to naturally more.

2, community promotion

Precision marketing set of the second method is to promote the district, for the home building materials industry where customers where we should appear in the community marketing is the last two years, many companies are talking about one thing, not only home Building materials industry to do, even selling milk powder is also doing community marketing, community marketing is the key to success is that we have no real estate to make accurate analysis, so as to develop a more practical landing strategy to promote. Lei Jun said a word 'Do not use tactical diligence to cover the strategic lazy', many dealers boss forced the staff to sweep the floor, the results of the clerk went to the district simply can not see the owners, finally see the owners will not Chat by the owners scolded out, engage in the clerk more and more confidence is not angry, we all have to promote the community to a great pessimistic attitude.

I have had a team with more than five years of experience in the sweeping, in the long-term work of the floor, I summed up the eight district promotion model, sweeping the floor is only one of them, as well as residential building, packaging promotion , Joint promotion and other seven models, for a real estate we can take a model to promote (usually the effect will not be very good), you can also choose the eight models in the 1-2 kinds of combinations to promote. In the new market environment, we can also use the old customers and micro-credit groups and other means to increase the intensity of community promotion. Some people say that the community to promote more and more difficult, because the property is now more and more strict control of the Lao Li said that serious consent, but you have to say that there is no chance to promote the district, you use the most traditional way to sweep No, but you do a good job with the property to carry out soft marketing or can, Fengsheng Garden, a dealer owner in the district in the trash advertising packaging, after his packaging can not only promote their own brand, and The image of the district flew tall and tall up, you said the property manager like this way of cooperation? So, now really have to fight the professional era, the dealer boss needs from the most traditional sales thinking transformation to marketing thinking.

3, the old customer marketing

Old customers more and more important, especially for some high-end customized products, the old customer's reputation can bring us a steady stream of business. In communication with many of the dealer boss, some dealer boss said they will give the old customer sales point, which I hold a reservation attitude, if you give the old customer sales point, one you lower the old customers Give you a single emotional, because the old customers to give you a single is entirely from the heart of thanks and trust; Second, you are also easy to expose their sales reserve price so that old customers heart dissatisfaction. Therefore, for the marketing of old customers we can not use money to maintain, but should be used to maintain the feelings.

Festivals to send a message to the customer he will not be touched? Then I come to ask you, when the holidays, selling insurance selling cars selling financial products sales staff send text messages to you, you moved it? If you have not touched, will your customers be moved? Therefore, this time what is particularly important to send this message, Lao Li's proposal is the customer order the product every day to send a message to the customer, which is called 'wedding anniversary', but not the anniversary of the day, to the Customer winding text messages, customers will be very touched, this is the life of a small surprise. Do not take the unusual way, the general feeling, others do you do not feel the customer did not do you do, the customer will be really moved.

On the old customer marketing, Lao Li has three main ideas, one is to timely to the old customers to do after-sales service, Europe to send cabinets Kim Nong service, not only to do after the sale but also to the customer to do a free after-sales maintenance work The Second, we must always keep in touch with the old customers, send a text message to make a phone call or even invite old customers to the store to participate in some activities, such as Fang Tai electrical promotion of the smell of incense activities, inviting old customers with children to shop to do snacks. Three is to give the old customers to send some unique gifts, if we all send rice and oil customers did not feel, and some dealers boss to catch up with the New Year when the customer to send a wild fish, this approach is more heart.

4, WeChat marketing

Although I wrote here is the WeChat marketing, but in the store collection means not only refers to WeChat marketing, but also microblogging, QQ and other means of collecting passengers. WeChat and microblogging What is the difference? Most of the boss told me that the effect of WeChat marketing is better, because they do not have microblogging, no microblogging people say WeChat marketing is good, like people who have not eaten abalone said pork cooked a good reason. WeChat and microblogging is the biggest difference between the WeChat is strong relationship weak marketing, and microblogging is weak relationship strong marketing. What does that mean? WeChat is a closed platform, friends can see each other between the praise, and microblogging is a development platform, your friends are not friends, I found your microblogging content kind of material is my favorite dishes, I can come to pay attention to you. You will see those stars will generally publish their own microblogging, so many fans to pay attention, but it will not let fans concerned about their WeChat, one is because the WeChat friends circle is a private space, another WeChat friends also have restrictions on the ceiling , Filled with want to add people can not add up.

WeChat marketing play points in four levels, WeChat friends circle is now most of our stores are playing in the circle of friends or a friend to push promotional information is more annoying thing is most of the stores are In the dry, encountered such a situation I generally will send people who send information black. Now play more of the micro-credit group, but we built a lot of circle after the group found that inactive how to do? So we have value to the group of people, red envelopes is the most shallow value, to the micro-group of people to share the dry goods to help her is the deep value of the Internet + era 'channel fragmentation, personalized content' , This content is the most difficult to do. Micro-group of the third play is the public letter of WeChat, talking about this topic is still more embarrassing, because the WeChat public number of fans is a substantial decline in the article's click rate is getting lower and lower, of course, have done a good WeChat Public numbers, such as 'Mi Meng', people that is a professional team in the operation, we dealers want to play the new media really want to work under the new job. Finally, a WeChat is a micro-shop, for the home building materials industry in the days of cats, Jingdong have the official website, so the micro-shop this model has not yet been widely promoted.

5, telephone marketing

Many sales staff told me that the effect of telephone marketing is not good, the pressure is too big, the customer is more offensive. But if we come to compare, telemarketing and community promotion which one is better? I bet that many salespeople would rather prefer telemarketing rather than community promotion because even if one hundred customers rejected you on the phone, but you did not meet with the customer, the refusal was at least not directly to the customer When the refusal to suffer so painful. Telephone marketing first need our sales staff to be righteous, telephone marketing is to fight the number of calls, the number of calls you the more the probability of the greater the transaction, this time the average probability is meaningless, insist on nothing more than Important, you think about if the customer on the phone agreed to your request for a transaction, this thing is not very horrible, so our telephone marketing purposes is very important, our purpose is to invite customers to shop rather than to customers Marketing, even if it is to sell an activity card is not OK.

Is there any skill to call? The answer is of course yes. I have received a telephone from an English language training organization, one of the sales staff to give us a year more than 18,000 dollars to learn the card, I refused (this should be what they expected) after Proposed to let me participate in their free salon experience activities, it is clear that the agency's sales staff through a professional telephone marketing training, the use of the 'influence' in a book refusal - concession strategy, but this move for me A sales training teacher is clearly not feasible. Of course, the sales staff did not give up, she continued to ask me on the phone to do what work, why not need to use English? I was anxious by her then casually answered a 'I did not work.' The sales staff is clearly not ready, she was at a loss to hang up the phone. In fact, for my no work to reject the objection, she has N can respond to the method, such as no work can just use this time to learn English ah, or know that I am a sales training teacher can encourage me to learn English in English How can you talk to others? Because of the lack of preparation, so there is no self-confidence led to panic to hang up the phone. Telemarketing requires salespeople to have enough confidence, even if it is wrong, because the customer can not immediately rush to hit you meal it.

6, hidden channels

Mentioned the promotion of hidden channels, which is a more sensitive topic, but also all walks of life we all prefer a sales method. In some relatively low degree of concern in the industry, customers are more willing to believe that the experts say rather than the sales staff of the proposal, for example, the patient is more willing to believe that doctors, decoration owners believe the designer, parents believe the teacher's advice - When these 'experts' is what we call stealth channels. Hidden channel can help us recommend the product, I think this is entirely possible, the key is to look at your product is not worth recommending, if your product quality excellent brand awareness is high, can help customers solve the problem, then the experts Of course, willing to help you recommend that he recommended the reasons not only the interests of the demand, more is able to improve their professional image.

Sales staff in dealing with the 'expert' when the scale of the grasp is very important. 'To profit, profit to make the bulk; to the right to pay, right to dump to; but to heart, side of its long', the sales staff to give the experts to bring value. Hao Haixiao is Jinyi ceramic tiles Beijing area of a shopping guide, but her main job is responsible for the major Beijing decoration company designers cooperation, then she is how to do it? She relied on their own professional knowledge in the designer circle to establish a good reputation, she gave the designer to do training, talk about the style of their own products designed unique elements. Want to win someone else's recognition of you, more important or rely on professional to win.

New retail era, our sales model in the change, sitting in the store and other business will die, only to actively go out will have the opportunity to create customers into the door. Sales staff sales must be changed, from the original customer door welcome - open eight steps, transition to the precise marketing set of customer skills stage, there is no customer without customers, no customers how to sell?