Sales director you have to listen to training small LORI

Training Department of small LORI, at lunch time, met the sales department of the great god manager Guo total, there is such a dialogue.

Little Lolita asked: Guo total, you see your phone every day constantly, WeChat constantly, the mail constantly, you are busy in the horse? It's easy to be old.

Guo said: little sister, this you do not understand, we have 30 below the branch, 600 sales team, their products on the policy, on the customer, every day there are many problems, I want to help them solve the problem Yeah.

Little LORI said: You are a big leader, is to solve the problem, this is true. But I just listen to you, eat time to pick up the three phone, the company's new policy in 2017, talked about 3 times, that more strenuous ah

Guo always nodded, thoughtfully said: yes, repeat the work.

Little LORI said: You use the phone recording on the APP, recording a micro class, the title is called '2017 new policy to explain.' I put your class on the micro-class system provided by Pei Youhui. In the future who asked you this thing, you let them into the public number of lectures, there are problems to find you. And I can set up, only the sales department to listen to lectures, never leak.

Guo said: great, sister, you helped me busy! After dinner, I recorded, too save time.

Little LORI said: blunt, regional managers can also organize sales representatives, will soon listen to your class. In fact, our finance department, production department, the Department of Administration, the Ministry of Human Resources have a lot of you in the afternoon I have to talk to them.

Guo said: This is under your training department, close to the business, and in 2017 I choose you as a good employee!

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