New marketing of medicine: DTC / DTP mode

China's pharmaceutical companies do not attach importance to the DTC / DTP model, especially those in the hospital-based marketing channels of pharmaceutical companies, in the face of drug share, auxiliary drug directory and other policy constraints, in addition to entering the retail market is basically not very good The development of ideas.

In fact, DTC / DTP mode can give the original hospital-based pharmaceutical companies a good marketing opportunity.

DTC / DTP (Direct-to-Customer / Direct-to-Patient) mode is directly facing the patient or consumer marketing model.

Under normal circumstances, there are two major consumer groups, one doctor, the second is the consumer.

Most of the drugs in China are prescribed by doctors to prescribe, and it is estimated that the data is about 70%, and the remaining drugs are purchased by pharmacists in pharmacies, clinics and so on, accounting for about 30%.

In the case of chronic diseases, the doctor may prescribe a prescription, the patient will continue to take drugs after the hospital will no longer go to the hospital to prescribe a doctor, but to their own to the pharmacy, outpatient and other purchases, such as Bolivian, is done after a lot of blood vessels stent long Taking the drug, most of these prescription drugs are sold out through the pharmacy.

DTC / DTP mode is an extension of the doctor after the prescription of marketing, when the patient clearly know that they should take long-term drugs which they will decide to buy the location, without the advice of the doctor.

But even the need for long-term use of chronic diseases, patients also need to know more:

(1) how to combine other drugs to take better results;

(2) how long-term drug toxicity should be better treated? Such as a certain high blood pressure medication after thirst, then this situation is not a better solution;

(3) there is no better treatment techniques and treatment institutions, so that their disease can get better faster;

(4) there is no relevant agencies can provide drug delivery, medication guidance and other value-added services?

These requirements, based on the DTC / DTP model to build a patient base.

So the pharmaceutical companies or pharmaceutical business began to build and patients and their families linked to the system, and build DTC / DTP mode pharmacy (this pharmacy is a lot of traditional pharmacy to increase the content of the service), through the DTC / DTP pharmacy, To build more systematic medication guidance services, drug delivery services, treatment of information services and to remind the purchase of services.

Medication guidance services

DTC / DTP mode allows patients to participate directly in the management of their own disease, allowing patients to maintain long-term retention of one or several drug brands long loyalty.

For example, which pharmaceutical companies began to use large-scale DTC / DTP mode, with a number of means: sites, forums, APP, public numbers, micro-groups and quick hands to the relevant chronic disease patients gathered, long asked them to provide DTC / DTP service, This pharmaceutical company can be long-term adhere to the patient groups, enlarge the brand influence, while selling their own drugs, and can sell more patients need other products.

At the same time, because DTC / DTP mode is directly facing the consumer, consumers can word of mouth, group interaction, etc. to quickly expand the patient groups, so that pharmaceutical companies can better carry out the rehabilitation of consumers related diseases, education, Thus forming a new and more purchasing power.

DTC / DTP mode can expand the sales channels of pharmaceutical companies. Such as niche drugs, such as digoxin, gifted music, etc., pharmaceutical companies can avoid the hospital unwilling to purchase, do not want to prescribe, but directly to consumers, to provide consumers with more channels of drug purchase, and ultimately zoom Sales.

Such as the new generic drugs, and now a lot of pharmaceutical companies developed new drugs, due to the tender cycle and other policy constraints, can not quickly enter the market, through their own DTC / DTP model, you can let patients in advance or purchase to the price is more affordable The same effect of the drug, save the cost for patients, but also for the pharmaceutical companies to enter the market faster new generic drugs to provide an opportunity.

New marketing of medicine

Expand: DFC mode

DFC (direct-from-consumer) marketing model is the patient through the relevant system, such as the network, micro-credit group, QQ group, mail, etc. to their own disease, medication, lifestyle, etc. to the relevant system, the system will patients The delivery of the content to the doctor, the doctor will assess the patient's medication and disease, etc., give better prescription recommendations and disease rehabilitation recommendations, so that patients can get better treatment and better medication experience.

The doctor, from the DFC model can be obtained from the patient's medication data, disease treatment data, which can be the other patients with the disease to provide more effective treatment. While pharmaceutical companies can get better research and development data from patient data and can sell more drugs from a doctor's treatment program.

Therefore, DFC mode, whether patients, doctors or pharmaceutical companies, are win-win results.

DFC model is the nature of the pharmaceutical business customer relationship management, for pharmaceutical companies, you can get from the DFC system, consumer data, you can let the doctor change the original medication habits,

According to online data, in the United States, nearly 70% of patients are willing to provide their own treatment and economic status and other information to the prescribe doctors; 3/4 of patients said they benefit from the DFC marketing activities. 85% of the doctors read the DFC report, of which 84% of the doctors will report into the patient's medical files, 40% of the doctors on the reported content and patients were discussed.

According to the United States IMS HEALTH statistics, DFC marketing to the new drug doctor prescription than the original increase of 24% -110%. At present, DFC marketing activities are focused on new drugs for the treatment of patients with high degree of disease relief and quality of life diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis (RA), multiple sclerosis (MS), impotence and analgesic drugs.

Through the DFC marketing model, pharmaceutical companies can enrich their own lack of information in the academic marketing dilemma, through more effective academic marketing to expand the doctors to open the pharmaceutical business groups of drugs.

Of course, DFC marketing model requires pharmaceutical companies to build DFC system, the system to dock a good patient and doctor groups, early may need to configure their own pharmaceutical companies themselves, with the expansion of the patient group later, you can dock a number of specialists, due to a large number of patients Participation, the doctor is willing to enter the DFC system, because it can help them improve the level of diagnosis and treatment, while access to more patients source.

The DFC model is generally a practical addition to the DTC / DTP model.

Author: Shi Lichen, third-party medical service system Maisikanglai (public No. maxcolla) founder. This article excerpts from the new book 'new marketing medicine', this book is about to publish, please pay attention. Reprinted must indicate the author and the source.