Digital fusion marketing fairy tale: 2028 AI marketing director or on-line?

The trend of the world, sub-long will be together, for a long time will be points. From the big TV media era of the king of the world, to the network from the era of media transmission of the grassroots big against the attack. The audience has been rising, the market supply and demand has been reversed, the seller's market has been potential micro, the buyer market to become mainstream. China's marketing has experienced a long period of time to deal with fragmented marketing, ushered in a large era of integration marketing.

Close to the moment, cross-border integration of cross-border trend is more and more obvious. In the daily consumption areas, with the car holdings more and more, driving the trend of shopping and leisure more and more obvious, the parking lot is already a big target to choose a consumer destination. The big supermarket, the center MALL not only integrated the parking space, more integration of consumer shopping, leisure and entertainment, social communication, brand promotion and other complete consumption platform resources, to maximize the daily consumer and cash flow. In the media industry, financial media to Yang as a means to the traditional media and new media advantages to the limit, so that a single media competitiveness into multimedia common competitiveness. And even the media, industry associations and exhibitions and other units also began cross-border integration, through the operation of the depth of the promotion project, the establishment of a full range of brand display promotion platform to absorb the brand's investment. In the film and television industry, the film's IP integration marketing thunder is Sheng. In order to 'World of Warcraft' game in the deep impression into the film by the people concerned about the impression, Wanda media online and offline linkage marketing attempt. On-line selection of players active high forum launched 'Azeroth Weekly', the player's game passion into the desire to watch; online selection of high traffic at the 'magic heaven' activities to guide players out 'dating ', Driving passers-by onlookers. 'World of Warcraft' box office breakthrough 1 billion yuan only took 114 hours, became a rare phenomenon in 2016 class film. In the earlier Internet, Baidu also only search, Tencent also only QQ, Alibaba only do e-commerce. Now the Internet, is already BAT three giant manipulation of the rivers and lakes, is that you have me, I have your ecosphere fusion war. The Big Three is the top of the domestic Internet companies exist, they through their own platform integration of the port of the commercial ecological chain, not only accumulated great wealth, but also formed a huge marketing potential, which is the integration of energy is the number of Internet companies and even many exist A hundred years of solid enterprises look up to the mountains, even the most profitable television stations, including CCTV also dwarfs. In the home improvement building materials industry, with the integration of large home and development. Building materials brand, home brand, the traditional large-scale home improvement brand and home improvement building materials brand brands have cross-border overall home areas, online, line out of resources, focus on investment, integration of home decoration system, build bag check, Cost-effective integrated platform. Hoping to share in the overall consumer market share, won the side of the market share.

The development of the Internet, led to the PC side and the mobile side of the data outbreak. With the development of the industry, industry and brand more and more mature, in the details of the operation more and more experienced, can control the data flow is getting bigger and bigger after the cloud concept, large data, information flow, All the media and other terms have sprung up, some of the digital thinking of the Internet marketing team has begun to look to the depth of integration of the format. Through the integration, the collection of resources, the concept of data, 'virtual' and offline products, services and activities of the 'real' integration, the formation of a set of organic integration of the ecological system, open up the industrial chain, consumption chain and even growth chain , The resource advantage to maximize the play. So the integration can produce enrichment effect, in a tense business environment to attract more consumer resources, so that the original business in the integration after the big business.

Today, on the one hand based on large data on the commercial operation of cross-border integration has been revealed lofty; the other hand, artificial intelligence continues to develop. AlphaGO successive KO a chess master, with the depth of the artificial intelligence of the function, the absolute superiority in computing surprisingly. Artificial intelligence learning ability and computing power of its use is not limited to Go, perhaps in the field of digital marketing, with the amount of data integration efforts are growing, with this learning and computing power of artificial intelligence than the human brain more Advantage. So, in the near future, there is an AI marketing director is not surprising - one day in 2028, a company director of marketing office. AI marketing director through the entire marketing network terminal and even the entire social business environment network market analysis module, a comprehensive understanding of the market and customer trends; and then through the storage of the latest marketing strategy of the motherboard chip computing, high value, more service-oriented The sales strategy. Then the AI marketing director will be through the product innovation module calculation, the product line adjustment plan and new product promotion plan; and through the market and training module operation to get product release, product marketing and product registration and product promotion and a series of operating plans The At the same time, AI marketing director of the organization's management module will be through the data link, and the marketing implementation team depth interaction, quickly in the entire enterprise to develop a new marketing capabilities, and online supervision of the marketing plan for each action node precision implementation The AI marketing director than ever more closely with other functional departments colleagues, through a complete marketing plan to consumers to show, explain and exchange value proposition. And even lead the enterprise-wide marketing changes to respond to changing consumer buying patterns, drive sales growth, increase profitability and establish corporate corporate image, develop partners, and ultimately promote the rapid development of the brand.