The marketing model determines the sales performance

And career and related to the industry in recent years a lot of contacts, played a lot of business dealings. From the traditional manufacturing enterprises to the current hot Internet companies, many of the problems faced by a lot. I talk about marketing and marketing from the point of view where the root of the problem, I think doing marketing is the eternal topic of all enterprises. A month before the author should be about a business in Guangdong to participate in marketing meetings, the production of products belonging to the functional food ingredients. Feedback from the market information I judge the current industry competition is very tragic, homogeneous products on the market there are many marketing difficulties facing a lot really.

Innovation is always the driving force of development

Mentioned that we are no stranger to innovation, over the years the relevant forums on different industries that more. So what is innovation, how to innovate how innovation? Perhaps this is not much to consider. Marketing circle there is a very tense words: staring at the market to see, around the market turn, with the market change. 'For product innovation all market-oriented, no matter how much cattle you must now and the market closely together must be self-food. With the rise of the new generation, they are the mainstay of today's social consumer groups.Our product research and development and innovation must study this group can not be ignored, the product will eventually become a commodity. The above mentioned is the functionality of industrial products Food ingredients, although he is facing the group is the production business.We start from the market, from the customer to find the customer point to get the conclusion is to serve the market from the product innovation to the model innovation all the principles of innovation are for customers, customers Can be understood as the user and the consumer.As the human network columnist Muzi chop in the 'Huawei revelation: to live, we must deal with the top ten relationships' elaborated: 'Enterprise innovation, including two aspects: technology Innovation and management innovation. Huawei's practice tells us that technological innovation is the real driving force for the development of enterprises, and management innovation is more through the subject of the way, the introduction, curing, digestion, optimization, and then form their own management system for business development support, only Technological progress in order to allow enterprises to go further, in order to form the core competitiveness of enterprises. In other words, scientific and technological innovation is fundamental, management innovation can not innovate for innovation, management innovation can never be divorced from business needs. '

The business model determines the marketing results

Do not ask for a job or product, there are only two ways: either you try it yourself; or you ask The success of the industry people. Remember not to mention the failure of the people do not dry! Success must have a way, losers must have reason! Your fate, life in your own hands, choose with the best people you must Will be more excellent 'This is a very inspirational words to participate in various marketing meetings there are many, often business people complain about how the market is not how customers picky and so on. Sometimes people in the rush of time when the impulse, not rational analysis of the problem away deliberately escape. In particular, to consult a negative energy person. Had been overwhelmed by you, was not a force to the words made more embarrassed to the extreme. Marketing people to remember, to be better than their own people to ask the knowledgeable intellectuals to learn. In today's society, the competition is not the competition of products and services, but the competition of business model. Business model is the enterprise development system and foundation, is the enterprise's top design system, is to solve the enterprise profit model of the fundamental. Only to solve the business model of the enterprise, management, operations, strategy consulting can play an unexpected effect. Many companies have a problem, 'In fact, the fundamental problem is the business model of the problem, there are numerous business problems, the primary solution is the business model!' Business model innovation, in essence, is the demand for innovation and value creation. What kind of business model for their own, I think there is no deep theory. Not only one-sided outrage is not only impulsive by the so-called experts confused, all the core from the market, all the focus from customer needs. Marketing people should be good at summing up the analysis, good at integrating all the resources can be integrated. First imitate the successful people how to do, to sum up the digestion and absorption of the final formation of their own unique business model.

Read the customer

The above mentioned is the sales of functional food ingredients, in recent years, enterprises and international companies continue to develop rapidly. In product sales tactics also progress rapidly. As a supplier of manufacturers, very much like foreign tools. According to the survey that many companies within the industry almost monotonous imitation of multinational companies, such as technical support. The usual way is the traditional Cheng Yi Jin three board ax, always think of their own with the right technical staff with the marketing staff in one fell swoop will be able to win the order. In fact, with the development of the times has lagged behind, we always have to understand a reason not to give customers to preach. In the professional degree of customers than we are more professional. Here the author's advice is to study the real needs of customers is what is responsible for the core of new product development is which? The first is the technology research and development or is responsible for new product development research market planning? Or a new product development department. In short, some corporate departments have different names but have the same responsibilities. Read the customer needs, at the beginning to know that customers interested in the development of a new product. Do know ourselves and know yourself, as from the source can control the flow of water to the river size. Do not fight the unprepared battle, such as student education department is the education bureau you have to find the water conservancy bureau it makes sense.

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