Retail training, micro-class learning to improve the efficiency of the best choice, no one

Training Department of the small partners recently very upset, far in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and Qinghai franchise, in the dealer conference, openly said that since joining, did not get the support of the headquarters, did not get any guidance training.

Sales director fire big, ask why the training department Guo Jingli not good customer service. The training department is also responsible for fire, so remote places, to train a trainer to train them five Dianlou staff, back and forth to a week, the cost of tens of thousands, especially not worthwhile, the training budget is limited.

Training Department Guojing Li prepared for the APP, to solve the 1000 employees, 2000 stores across the country, 10,000 staff of the learning problem. But considering how to let them download APP, frequent open APP, is a problem. Once a residential property stall said, download the property of APP, send a box of mineral water. The results he downloaded the APP on the spot, holding the water home, and then uninstall the APP. Think about your phone, how many have never downloaded after the APP open it

In this mobile era, put up a PC side of the learning system, does not seem to fly, in the store is not convenient staff.

Later they found Pei Youhui's micro-class system, you can access their company's public number menu, you can also use Pei Youhui's micro-class, you can upload their own micro-class. So that franchise owners and clerks, concerned about the company's public number, the itself is very easy, many people have been concerned about, received from the public number of the company made a lot of information.

Training Manager Guojing Li first became the public number of the administrator, and then sweep access to the Pei Youhui the micro-class system. And then from the Friends of the Friends of the public number, the introduction of 30 micro classes, to their public number. And then these micro-class, forwarded to the sales staff stores, so that they learn to experience the benefits of this model.

Back to Guojing Li to find a small sales partner, the company's products every one of the selling point, recorded into a small class, such as a diapers with breathable, dry, large amount of water, close to the skin, environmental protection and other five small selling points, To record into five small classes.

10 days later, the public number in the 200 video or audio with a small class, let the sales staff, to the franchise to learn. Future field franchise, there is no reason to say that the company did not train it? Product knowledge of the course, all in your public number it

Of course, you can also record the sales skills of the course, the dealer to share the experience, made of micro-class. Set the security authority, only the relevant personnel, to hear.

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