How to get together in management

Business and business concerns and management methods are not the same, and some companies do good at doing fine and well-known enterprises are good at innovation and good at diversified development. The concept of different management style is also different, such as people's emotions and people between the different character of the attitude and treatment of the results are not the same. In fact, in the real management of managers will encounter a variety of problems. Some experts say that the fundamental problem is that enterprises, this point I do not agree. Chinese ancient saying: 'stabbing outside must first security' simply from the semantic analysis, 'stabbing outside must first' within the base point is to emphasize the first security, the security will be placed in the first place to Anne inside the necessary conditions ; At the same time, also did not deny the necessity of hoarding, the stolen out of the basic objectives of the policy. Due to professional reasons I often come into contact with some of the senior management of business advice, all kinds of problems we are concerned about the majority of the market and the customer's topic. But little or basically did not involve the existence of their own team management aspects of the topic, everywhere that the management is in the sincere said for customer service. We can reflect on their own, the customer is not satisfied with the root of where we are.

Management Tips 1: good service internal staff (wealth)

In fact, each of us the biggest mistake, that is, the worst temper and the worst side gave the closest person, but the patience and tolerance to the stranger. We are often inadvertently committed the same mistake, but they have no idea when the problem developed to a certain extent, aware of the seriousness of the problem. In the business sector common problems 'countless bosses want to take shortcuts, are eager to quickly find a good talent to hold up the business, but ignored those who died around to follow their own people. In fact, you can really be your team, Although they are a lot of people are not as good as you, but as long as you can give them a good direction and cultivate him. Boss's biggest task should be better than your people around, and help them become the people you want, and finally to let Good people for your use .If you are not as good as your people are not good, then how can you use better than your good people? 'Many domestic executives often make the same mistakes, such as high-level leadership often travel Or go out to study. Related staff or core staff basically missed the opportunity to learn, in fact, to some extent is already painted for the label on the standard. Do you say that companies can develop quickly? The most puzzling is that not only some of the executives have never shared the experience of learning to their subordinates, they are their own to arrange their own work. Do the work is a matter of course, the key task of the bottom of the frog has never come into contact with the story of the outside world out of nothing with the story. Navigation no matter how good, to the direction, can not replace the car; teacher no matter how good, teaching is the method, can not replace you; opportunity no matter how good you do not use, is wasted (not to mention no chance). People must rely on their own, their own life must own experience! Did not wait for the glory, only to fight the wonderful! The era of fighting alone is gone, managers with their own power to turn the tide is simply nonsense. China's famous training experts Su Zhaowei teacher in the 'president of business thinking' that: 'a business success, 30% by strategy, 30% by team, 40% by the execution of the implementation of the implementation of: 1, to' ; 2, with the 'right of the strategy'; 3, 'to complete the operation', that is, the body should be in place in today's era, alone is a break into the world, there must be a group of common goals, vision , Coupled with a strong desire and execution of the people, the collection of all the power to create wealth.

Management secrets 2: integration of resources (poly people)

We know that a classic case of management sow climbing tree, the case is described as follows: 'let the sow to climb the tree with this possibility, such as the sow training to carefully care to guide the future will be able to climb trees. Of the key enterprises need to pay a lot of cost and cost, 'pig' born to the task is to grow up fat, and then provide food for mankind, rather than learning to climb the tree, by contrast, not as good as training a natural Climbing the tree monkey Aberdeen, put a suitable person into the right place for the enterprise is the biggest gain! 'The key to the problem is that the right people to do the right thing only in order to improve efficiency, management is Art is different from technology. Some companies are always good at imitating the practice of other successful companies what to listen to do right, the key is the key business and enterprise products and different products how to copy copy. Like you let a lively marketing staff to do the financial, so that a technology to do marketing, theoretically feasible but the actual work is often unsatisfactory. A lively person will not be rigorous meticulous, a person who is doing the technology is often Ding Mao is the principle of Mao is too hard to understand the needs of customers naturally difficult to change. Han Gaozu Liu Bang will use the most people he said: 'husband strategizing, winning thousands of miles away, I am not as ovary; town country, ask the people, to the rate feed, endless grain Road, I do not like Xiao He; , The war will win, attack will take, I am not as good as Han Xin. Three are Jiejie, I can use it, so I take the world who also. 'Enterprises are so in addition to the right people to do the right thing, the core is to different Professional talented people together with a reasonable division of labor, such as the Han emperor Liu Bang as good at integrating resources to play a good combination of boxing.