Pharmaceutical marketing costs generally rise, you still support it?

These days because of the Department of Ren Ren Kidney things more than a reporter interviewed me and asked me about this matter.


Huiren Pharmaceutical in the recent disclosure of the product cost per piece is only 0.18 yuan, according to the reporter accounting, only Jinan market sales price of 1/14.

Huiren Shenbao has become the leading product of Huiren Pharmaceutical, sales from more than 9600 million in 2013, increased to 1.28 billion yuan in 2015, the first half of last year sales of 672 million yuan, accounting for the company's total operating income The proportion has reached 73.80%.

From the cost price point of view, Huiren Shenbao in 2015 at the beginning of each piece of the cost price of 0.17 yuan, the first half of last year rose to 0.18 yuan, while in Jinan street pharmacies, 9 14 plate (a total of 126) Ren kidney treasure box price of 322 yuan, you can play 9.5 fold, so that the price per piece is about 13.49 times the cost price.


Huiren medicine accounting staff, but for the door was crowded, is the donkey kicked.

0.18 yuan per piece of the cost, including the tax costs it? Has all the manual cost been included? Does it include corporate financial allocations? Does it include distributable operating expenses? Has the production line depreciated?

Estimated not, it is estimated that only a simple accounting of raw materials and production costs, rushed into the report, and this 'rush' or there has been a bug for several years, because the reporter found a few years ago is 0.17 yuan.

Even if the above costs are added to the inside, and do not write this ah? Even the basic market management knowledge are not there?

Moreover, the marketing costs so much, labor costs can be assessed ah?

Huiren event is in fact related to the product structure of Huiren Pharmaceutical, Huiren Shenbao a dominant, occupy the vast majority of marketing performance, so it is difficult from the multi-product perspective cost sharing.

Pharmaceutical marketing costs generally rise, you still support it?

Pharmaceutical marketing costs generally rose, is the trend.

In fact, look at the problem can not just look at a pharmaceutical company, and now a lot of pharmaceutical companies are generally rising in marketing costs, many people will ask, are implemented two votes system, the channel structure is simple, marketing costs should be down.

This is a wrong idea.

In the future, pharmaceutical marketing costs are big trends, for the following reasons:

High open

The original multi-vote system, a lot of business links can solve the problem of opening up, and even some business can be implemented half-height open, but the fact that after the two votes, the basic are high open high back, so the marketing costs naturally rise.

2. Virtual business continued charges

The middle of the channel structure is deleted, in fact, many are not in the two votes of the commercial enterprises or virtual business, the collection of fees or to be received, after all, signed a cooperation agreement, short-term cancellation of cooperation agreement for pharmaceutical companies more difficult. Because most of the pharmaceutical companies can not find the downstream of the two-vote business or pure sales of business, so have to rely on the previous agreement to sign the business agreement of the commercial resources and systems to sell, although they are virtual, not two votes System, but the downstream distribution of resources, the terminal resources may be in their hands, pharmaceutical companies need to give these virtual business a variety of costs, so Gao Kai, a large part of the high return to the virtual business.

3. Labor costs rise

This is not elaborate, China's labor costs in all sectors are generally rising.

4. bear the second bargain rebate

The state issued a document a few days ago, requiring the formation of medical institutions around the body.

In fact, there are two kinds of medical union, one is specifically for the drugs, equipment, supplies, etc. used to establish the medical union; one is real by the upstream and downstream medical institutions to establish a long-standing medical union.

Whether the medical union or the top three hospitals and other large medical groups or hospitals, the second bargaining result is not to reduce the drug price is to talk about the Rangli space, the general space between 25% -40%, this space is unconditional by the Pharmaceutical companies returned to the hospital or medical union, even if there is an invoice, this space for pharmaceutical companies, is also very high, directly occupy most of the marketing costs.

And there may not be an invoice! no receipt! The no receipt! The The Important thing to say three times.

5. Consumer education is the key to the future volume

Hospital drugs accounted for the proportion of prescription outflow, zero difference, etc., will lead to consumer purchase level of the right to choose more and more for the consumer education has been a lot of pharmaceutical companies value.

However, consumer education requires a lot of marketing costs.

6. Compliance marketing pressure, resulting in soaring costs

The state to combat commercial bribery, medical representatives to prohibit the sale of behavior, etc., everywhere in the grasp of illegal medical representatives.

Compliance marketing has become the only choice for pharmaceutical companies.

So, put a lot of money to build a market academic organization, but the market academic system is not short-term can be established, requires a lot of financial support.

Moreover, the professional market academic system will not immediately effective, boost performance, take a long time to accumulate and precipitation.

After the completion of the market academic organization, certainly a lot of market academic activities, which also requires a huge marketing costs.

7. Local catalogs, tenders and other ongoing, but also a lot of costs

This is what we all know, not elaborate.

In short, for pharmaceutical companies, whether you are listed companies, or large state-owned enterprises, or small and medium pharmaceutical companies, marketing costs, is a general trend.

Perhaps, some pharmaceutical companies have been unable to hold, but no way, the industry and journalists do not have to make a fuss.

Looking for a more effective way to reduce marketing costs, may be in a very long period of time, is the high-level headache drug problems.

Author: Shi Lichen, third-party medical service system Maisikanglai ( founder, reproduced must indicate the author and source.


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