How industrial enterprises play the role of marketing department

Based on the current number of industrial products in the country there are common problems, here I briefly explain their own little understanding. I said the common question, here refers to the marketing department is what exactly is what? What is his relationship with the sales department? It can be said that a lot of industrial enterprises in China really understand the market is what the majority of what is not clear, which led to the market is not real embarrassing realm. Looking at the majority of enterprises to the Ministry of the market as the second sales department or the second technology department, on behalf of the name of the market is really doing the job is the marketing of the internal affairs or technical department of the daily affairs of the work. For the understanding of the market I think many people are ambiguous, let alone the marketing department to play its role.

Marketing is the staff

Marketing is to provide advice, advice and so on. The aim is to help the line staff work effectively in order to achieve organizational goals. In the 'Tian Ji horse' story, Sun Bin for the field of advice and wins Qi Wei Wang, Sun Bin is the exercise of the staff authority. The concept of staff authority has been a long time. In the history of China and the early years there has been a plan for the rulers of the think tank. In China's two thousand years of history, there have been many diners, counselors, military advisers, Jian Chen's records.

Said some of the popular marketing department is the advice, to the company advise the military division. In the company under the framework of the company's strategic assistance to carry out the work, that is to say that marketing is to solve the problem of the current business, the market is to solve the business tomorrow where the problem. His role can be said to be extremely important, such as a war can win the military if the marketing analogy to the commander of the command department is the commander of the political commissar. They complement each other, from the relationship between the market is the think tank. Think tanks are not behind closed doors, its function is timely control of market-related information. Always charge in the market line like a war correspondent, perennial in the smoke filled the battlefield. 'War correspondents also include journalists, painters, photographers, photographers, who are based on personal experience and knowledge of the battlefield field news or witnessed the news is reported that this is a group of people who often pass with death, but also A group of outsiders unrelated to war, they are adventurous, impulsive, enthusiastic, full of responsibility, their work is to strive to be unpredictable shooting, bombs, missiles or mines before life, with words, voices or images to record the war, To the world really convey the brutal war. ' The market is the art of technology rather than technology, they should have the same field of war correspondent eagle eyes, eyes six strokes of the ears of the insight and advanced awareness

In the company's new product development, his role is a strategist, in the product sales process, his role is military adviser. They know that something is wrong, its core value is the integration of resources planning planning and marketing advice, he is singing and dancing artists, rather than technical experts. In the enterprise marketing in the actual development of the other side of my professional standards than our professional, in fact, companies involved in a project to develop new products they are not impulsive, as early as a few years ago or at least a year before the new product development knowledge Have to remember in mind. We as a partner to give people the slightest maze, and sometimes will be counterproductive than in front of Guan Gong playing sword. As the marketing department we have to do is understand each other where pain points where they need to solve the problem is what. People in the thirst when the first thought is water rather than rice, the customer choose we have to give him a reason. For example, you provide the raw materials can reduce its cost and can be seen immediately, or that you can give him a unique effect of R & D. In short, the staff is out of ideas to find ways to not only solve their own business development problems can help solve the problems faced by customers.

Marketing Department is the Information Intelligence Department

The flow of people, logistics, capital flow and information flow has always been the attention and concern of many enterprises, the flow of people, logistics, information flow is 'mutual existence, interaction, inseparable' is independent of each other, but also a complex, Logistics, business flow, capital flow and information flow organic combination, will produce greater energy and create greater economic benefits. From the macro perspective, the information age, information resources has become an intangible resource of the national economy or intangible social wealth, is 'post-industrial society' is very important to transform resources, is also an important strategic resources. Information intelligence agency is a company set up by the department responsible for collecting other peer or related business institutions, the enterprise to provide the necessary information and information. This requires the marketing department staff must be perennial in-depth line, such as marketing staff to open up business areas, industry exhibitions, industry forums and so on. Just go out, go up, go in to broaden horizons, so as to timely and effective understanding of the market information from the front line and information. For the company's strategic planning business marketing to provide a strong 'evidence', rather than the well-being days behind closed doors painstaking research technology scholars. A lot of enterprises put the cart before the market, doing the market has become a technical department and marketing logistics department. In the staffing positions set up, many companies focus on technology and ignore the research market marketing management talent.

Marketing Department is the media public relations department

Through the media coverage of the article is conducive to business development, product promotion, brand influence, and strengthen the enterprise-related information, such as corporate culture, management model, product / channel characteristics, managers point of view, technical papers, marketing activities. As the market from the macro point of view is concerned about the business tomorrow, from the micro is the enterprise's current marketing. In front of the author has explained the marketing department is the General Staff and Information and Information Department of the point of view, here again that the market is the role of media public relations department. In business activities, we will encounter all kinds of people, these people interest and love different ways of thinking is more diverse. For example, some people are attentive to the details and data, some people are learning to focus on sensational and cultural elements. Each enterprise selection of people's standards are not the same, and some companies focus on young and have academic qualifications, and some companies focus on the age of higher qualifications of practical talents. For, industrial products manufacturing enterprises to strengthen their overall marketing department. Always pay attention to and pay attention to all the people on the market and their business and customer-related people and things, we must be determined and intent to find the market needs to understand what customers think. Now the textbooks do not teach you how to cater to the market to meet customers, in many marketing materials that have said marketing skills also said that consumer psychology, but involving how to do the study of the details of the details of the study almost no. The principle of the market economy is the market that the customer is the judge. In the current fierce competition in the market, peer-to-peer exceptionally sensitive. In the era of product homogeneity, price transparency, how do we layout, how to blaze a trail in the Red Sea, in the market continued to triumph. Looking for the market to find the mayor, this sounds a bit awkward meaning far-reaching connotation. Engaged in marketing is usually considered the expansion of the market, our industrial marketing is to find key people. Key person may be an executive of the enterprise, it may be the corporate procurement director and R & D director. In addition to understanding the basic needs of customers, but also to know their own know that know yourself. This is basically the industry's unspoken rules or general routine, we know that peers also understand. How to identify the difference, I think the market staff thinking about the subject. A business success must have many elements, but the success of enterprises and the local government are inseparable, there is no government support bigger and stronger is a fantasy. So the key to finding the problem is essential, each enterprise belongs to the local government has the help and leadership. Whether the local enterprises or foreign enterprises, all enterprises must communicate with the local government. In the marketing of key people we found, in addition to the traditional corporate executives R & D procurement personnel, in charge of the industry deputy magistrate, deputy mayor is clearly the key to our business development. For example, if a large jelly business (or other food business), we know each other intentionally or talk about plans to develop functional drinks. Peer a eyeful of this business, and even that is already pre-empted. For us this customer has great potential, we also want to have this enterprise supplier qualification. In the case of conventional operations, if we make an exclusive interview with a special channel (such as an official friend of the media) to find the vice mayor in charge of this business. If you can let the vice mayor in our beautiful words, I think this customer will undoubtedly become our bag of things. In addition, the marketing department and the industry associations and do a good job of docking. Industry associations refer to social intermediary organizations between government, enterprises, between commodity producers and operators, and serve, consult, communicate, supervise, impartiality, self-discipline and coordination. Industry associations to master a lot of business resources and the relationship between the subtle enterprises, if we can join the membership through the Association is equivalent to open up the Governor of the two pulse sales naturally mention.