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As a senior marketing manager, I walk a number of years, see used to the Chinese, foreign, joint ventures, state-owned, shares, private enterprises and other leaders at all levels, has always wanted to 'leaders' Recently, the chairman, general manager, director and so on, and told me how to be considered a leader, how to become a good leader and other similar topics, to tell the truth of this topic a little big, non-three words can understand, here limited to time , The length of the author can only briefly talk about the hope that those who determined to become outstanding leaders of friends who help.

Here, I can responsibly say that those leaders who have brought me this topic with friends, and those who think 'how to be a leader of excellence,' congratulations you have been walking in the light of becoming a leader of excellence On the avenue! Because 'everything is premeditated, not pre-waste', since you already have ideas, and always ready to become a leader of excellence, combined with this article, a good understanding of this article talking about ten words, constantly correct themselves, improve themselves, To improve yourself and become a leader of excellence will be just around the corner.

How to be an outstanding leader? We look at the subordinate heart of the true evaluation of the leader, the following words with a statement:

Respect this respect, respect is to say that the leadership of the moral aspects, is the character, how to behave, this and the leader of wealth, business reputation, the scale of the enterprise has nothing to do, is not rich and powerful You can win the respect of subordinates, but self-cultivation, and truly enhance the moral cultivation, only the noble leader to win subordinates respect. We often say that 'a small victory with wisdom, victory over Germany', this sentence is also stressed the importance of leadership moral cultivation, only a good moral cultivation, is the leader to win subordinates respect the premise.

This service is the admiration, obedience, that is mainly the leader of the knowledge, ability and other aspects, such as the leadership of professional authority, ability, justice, right and wrong, punish evil and promote good, learn rich five cars, And so on, and then, such as leaders can always lead subordinates to overcome the difficulties encountered in the development of enterprises to win the enterprise once again victory, always leading enterprises in the forefront of the industry, such leaders in their hearts that is convincing, five-body cast, so leader Cohesive people, summon the people, subordinates can be admired from the heart, obedience, willing to die to listen to the leader of the command, willing to do a strong business development, selfless dedication.

Love this love word, refers to the love, love, thanksgiving, that is mainly the leader of the manners, manners, personality hobbies, dress appearance, etc., to subordinates to bring the inner judge, it can be said that the leader Personal charm, such as the leader of the speech and behave right, there are three correct view, love to help subordinates, modest and prudent temperament meticulous, elegant and decent dress, have a good character (not bland), clean and neat, approachable, Full of positive energy, etc., which can highlight the unique charm of the leader, making subordinates to their arrogant love. Especially those who are subordinates under the heart, really hard for subordinates to work, do practical things, solve practical problems, to help subordinates to grow the leader, the most subordinate 'love'.

Afraid of the fear of the word, refers to the fear, worry, that is mainly the leader of the power, authority and so on, more is to reflect the leadership of the subordinate to kill the power to kill, such as leaders of subordinates criticism, punishment, Salary, dismissal, etc., are easy to form a fear of subordinates, in fact, as long as the leaders do not right people, distinguish right from wrong, uphold justice, according to the law (system) work, subordinates will not fear the leader, but only fear the enterprise system Ordinances and regulations). The reason why the fear of leaders, mostly because the leaders did not adhere to justice, do not preside over justice, dictatorship overbearing, grumpy, selfish narrow, right and wrong, unjustified blame, random punishment and so on. In particular, the subordinate is not the leader of the private property, nor is the leader of the family, they have the dignity of the human dignity, but also need to respect at least, as a leader do not easily criticize subordinates do not work that line, otherwise subordinates are not only fear , And will be very convinced, and even confront the heart, subordinates will think 'Since the leader is omnipotent, and consequently can do, why use subordinates, let him do a good job,' so the leader through empathy To be careful, to compassionate subordinates, subordinates to use its director, to avoid its short, teach it can not, and not by virtue of life and death to seize the power, you can do whatever you want. Fear, leading to subordinates to the leaders of the centrifugal, and even to avoid the leader, said a small impact between the upper and lower levels of harmony between the big impact on the stability and development of enterprises.

This evil word, referring to the hate, disgust, just with the 'love' the opposite, you can say that the leaders of various performance, such as thinking, speech, behavior, character, image, dress and other subordinates in the hearts of negative impression, Once the subordinates hate, do not like the leader, then the leader in the subordinate mind will be a straight line down, so the leader of the subordinate affinity, influence, leadership will be greatly reduced.

Hate the 'hate' word, refers to the resentment, hatred, if the subordinate 'hate' the leader of this degree, the problem has been very serious, when it comes to 'fear' and 'evil', although subordinates have the leader Heart to resent, but the heart can still afford, then subordinates will be as far away as possible to avoid the leader, not with the leaders of the positive contact to the 'hate' this level probably will be an accident, then subordinates will make a confrontation words and deeds. The saying goes, 'there is no hate for no reason in the world,' the reason why subordinates 'hate' leader, because the leader intentionally or unintentionally, behavior measures, etc., hurt the feelings of subordinates, hinder the legitimate rights and interests of subordinates, so those Excellence in the leader is always cautious, think twice

At this point, we see understand it? From the above six words, you can basically define what is the leader of excellence, if the subordinates to the leader 'respect', 'service', 'love', then the leader is a well-deserved leader of excellence! On the contrary, if the subordinate to the leader 'fear', 'evil', 'hate', then the leader is very dangerous, so I have always advocated the leader should be good at self-examination, to learn to look in the mirror, found inadequate , Improve themselves, change their minds to improve themselves, in order to gradually become a remarkable leader.

Probably a leader of normal thinking, want to be an outstanding leader, then how can we become an outstanding leader? The following four words to elaborate.

Repair refers to the practice, work, is to ask the leader to be modest and prudent, courage, neither overbearing nor humble, not impatient, and constantly improve their moral cultivation, continue to learn, do the right thing, in short, is excellent Leaders have to learn to do things and things, first of all, how to behave, and secondly how to do things. On the man, each have high opinion, no longer repeat here, but stressed that, as long as the leader of good conduct, three view correct, naturally will be a man. As for doing things, the leaders need to distinguish between leadership and management boundaries, to be far-sighted, command the overall situation, command if set, know what to do, what things should not do, the do must do, do not do not touch, Never offside things. Of course, this 'repair', also contains another layer of meaning, that is, do more good things, good things, Jide good, crossing people have to become outstanding leaders must have a sincere heart of the public.

Listen to listen to listen, listen, listen to a humble mind, but also a learning, responsible and respectful attitude, such as listening to lectures, lectures, reports, teachings, meetings, etc., which is the achievement of excellence Leader is a very Good way of learning; another example is to listen to subordinates advice, opinions, feedback, embodies the leaders care for subordinates, respect subordinates, to solve the problem of attitude, which is the master of excellence in the basic skills. A good leader to be good at listening, but also learn to 'listen', as the saying goes, 'listen to the next, listen to the dark,' and only listen to can find out the truth, distinguish right from wrong, make a choice to solve the problem. In order to become a leader of excellence to learn to hear the 'string outside the sound', often because of the identity of the leader, the status of the particularity of a lot of people talk with the leaders will take into account the leader's face, status, majesty, 'See through the broken break,' which requires the leader to listen to when the hint, to hear, but also to understand.

Think about thinking, analysis, in order to achieve excellence leaders must have a good mind, good IQ, to have a strong ability to think about thinking, but also to develop hard-working, good habits of mind, everything to think twice , After the move, said before you want to do, to think before, only to think, hard to be less mistakes. Leaders of words and deeds related to the overall situation, the impact of a huge, must not be taken lightly, so as an excellent leader must think, diligent, think, dare to think that more thought is to think thoroughly, all-round, multi-level analysis of the problem; Diligence is to be a regular analysis, many times some problems short-term no solution, you need to often think, think carefully, then suddenly see the light, the problem will be solved; would like to have to analyze the way, know where to force Think, to solve the problem; dare to break the routine thinking, with innovative thinking to solve practical problems.

Talking about the speech, talk, here need to solve what to say, how to say the problem. Say what the leader to fear their identity, status, attention to their own influence, said before the first brain, first in the heart of the draft, the matter must be based, know what to say, which should not say , Can not lip service, nonsense, without verification do not speak, can not be hearsay confused, do not believe rumors are not rumors. How to say is to find the best way to express, this person because of things vary, but pay attention to that when the severity of primary and secondary, clear point of view, focused, clear, well-informed, refined and refined, both words such as gold, and Shouting, let the listener hear clearly understand.

See here, there may be leaders who will question the author, this article did not talk about to become outstanding leaders in the industry status, business reputation, business income, business scale, leadership strategy, management, and so the evaluation criteria, I want That you really OUT, and those conventional so-called judging standards are appearance, this article said to become excellent leaders of the internal strength of practice, internal strength is fundamental, the other is the clouds, as long as the internal strength is good, naturally attracted worldwide attention Achievement, of course, will be the leader of excellence ah!

In short, do not want to be leaders of excellence leaders are not good leaders, and determined to be leaders of excellence leaders, I suggest you to carefully read this article!

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