Manager's Thinking: What is the need for management?

'Guide' talk about management, I can put forward perhaps just a few points, to trigger everyone's thinking! Because the management has a certain degree of relevance and differences, different companies in the management mechanism will be associated with the corporate culture. The management method is just a manageable intangible tool.

Talk about management, we have been studying the nature of management!

Chen Chunhua, when it comes to the nature of management, has pointed out that management is essentially a service and a service to business. And most of the managers in China are based on experience to accumulate the management of knowledge, there will be differences in experience and understanding of the difference. In the past, many enterprises can quickly develop the root cause is not the management but the market. Their management is used to indicate the importance of this person, and even more frightening is that managers often make a variety of decisions and is away from the business line. Business involves the market, customers, industry, environment, investment issues, and management involves the system, personnel, incentives. Can be said that the management of the former management, the need for the two match.

Recently in a business organization to discuss the development of the time, we found that any management can not rely solely on positive encouragement, must rely on the corresponding system as a support, so that the corresponding implementation! Or prone to everyone concerned about the enterprise, but everyone did not contribute to the situation, and ultimately due to management problems and the implementation of the problem directly.

We can also think about it! Understanding the essence of management is the foundation, and in turn I will think according to the essence: what is a necessary management, which should be through the understanding of the nature of management managers should further understand the level of understanding!

At the level of mathematics, we understand what is a sufficient condition and what is a necessary condition!

▍ enterprises lack of corporate culture, employees will be tired

Corporate culture should be a spiritual value of the integration! Spiritual culture is driven by the most valuable behavior. Management is a little important premise is the integration of fusion of non-liquor, but the integration of ideas! This reflects a corporate culture, and the role of corporate culture is an important manifestation of the company can be: young, dynamic! Separate work, we will be very tired, a group of people will be very motivated, it is also a derivative power! This kind of derivative power from the need for spiritual and cultural drive!

When talking to friends of an enterprise, talk about the recent business situation of their business is very good, want to send some money directly to employees and invite employees to celebrate dinner, as some reward to the staff, the way to engage in corporate culture. Talk about the construction of corporate culture atmosphere, the individual recommendations are business owners, senior management in this area is best not to direct contact with employees, wine and meat management culture lack of a certain degree of management norms, the need to develop a core team of people, Cultural atmosphere is good. Employees need the culture of the edification, one is the office culture, the second is to learn the culture (training), the third is the spirit of satisfaction needs (including relaxation pressure, positive incentives, entertainment needs) and so on. The company's management should not be linked with the preferences, otherwise it will lead to more management issues.

The clarity of the management system.

Bad system will increase staff errors and efficiency, as well as the impact of staff enthusiasm, management to colleagues!

Before the development of the need to think about how to implement the essence. And many systems exist in the problem is one-sided, rigid, and even useless. The system must be consistent with the implementation of the psychological calculus, can predict the possibility of implementation, rather than relying on regulation. A system is not actually implemented, we often blame the implementation of the problem, but managers should not only consider the implementation of the problem, but should be thinking about the system itself. The system itself is ruthless, and when the system by adding humane, this time the system will be more active, in fact, this activity we can be called management activity, all hard management often exists in the lack of corporate culture of the company. Managers should consider whether the management of our system is perfect, the staff is management, incentives are not in place, or it will be prone to management problems, ranging from complaints, and more employees lack of enthusiasm. The lack of enthusiasm for the staff is actually a terrible thing, which is concerned about the enterprise is a 'warm boiled frog' thing, which is the manager should be vigilant.

System should be a corporate code of conduct, and this system is a business standard behavior, norms, just a business standard. In contrast to the development of enterprises, such a system began to lag behind, we can easily find that any good business has its own characteristics. If the corporate culture is a corporate soul, this system is the backbone of the enterprise. In addition to the development of enterprises to drive the spirit, the hard skeleton is also essential, this is the enterprise to take a long-term physical support.

A reasonable incentive, you can bring out the positive attitude of employees.

Any business would like to attract outstanding staff, and the more outstanding staff fancy is not just a matter of money, but to the value of the problem. This is to meet the people's deep desire for growth and achievement.

And this is also helpful to fully, effectively and sustainably motivate employees to pursue the best performance.

Appropriate hard index + high degree of motivation is an effective method in performance management, and its combination can be medium / high / low hard index + high degree of motivation, depending on the development of the team as an organic combination of this, Managers can think!

The development of enterprises will gradually improve to become a complete system, and most of the enterprises are in the imperfect phase. Management emphasis on management, rather than management, is to focus on prevention, to avoid the emergence of employee problems, good at neutral enterprises and some undesirable factors, bring out the positive attitude of employees.