How to open a supermarket store?

In general, the shop before, in particular, plans to open a relatively large scale, to use some of the advanced management concepts, methods and tools of the shop, is the need to do a complete and comprehensive planning and preparation, the forehead a hot chest Out of the store because of the details of the details of the preparation is not comprehensive, after the rush to open a lot of business and management of the details of the operation, and to bring negative impact on the operation, serious will endanger the survival of the store, Closed the door.

In order to be able to implement good management in the later period, it is necessary to take into account the manpower, commodity, assets and financial aspects of the system and process construction, otherwise, in order to achieve healthy control is impossible.

We from the human, commodity, assets, financial four parts to talk about how to do a good job in the preparation of a store. Here is only a brief introduction, the specific part of each have a special article elaborated.

Asset side:

Detailed business district survey: the effective range of population structure, traffic conditions, spending power, spending habits, these are the basis for determining the structure of goods and business strategy, the purpose is to be based on the characteristics of the business district to adapt to customers to buy goods and use Everyone likes to sell.

Equipment asset procurement plan: commodity display, processing and operation are required to use a certain device to achieve, which involves the relevant equipment problems, without the corresponding equipment in place, it is impossible to open the shop. But the procurement of equipment according to the store decoration to arrange the progress of the situation, and involved in the links include: tender, look like, negotiations, contracts, purchase, etc., each link must card specific time, this is a rigorous The

Store drawings design and decoration plan: the store should be the pattern of distribution and display plans, involving water, electricity, air conditioning, fire and other links. It is necessary to meet the state regulations and conducive to business, so to do a detailed plan.

Information system introduction: For the use of standardized management of the store, the computer information system is a must, all the data management should rely on the system to operate (manual management of the shop is not included). How does the computer purchase? What system software? How to dock with the process? Later personnel training, which are to be considered in advance

Qualification documents for approval: stores are subject to supervision and management of various national institutions, and sales of special goods is to be qualified. For example: cigarettes, salt, health care drugs, etc., to have government approval, the store's business license, tax license and other types of licenses are also reported in advance for approval.


Manpower structure and job settings: store business to rely on people, from the management point of view, there must be a personnel structure, the need for those positions, what level of duties, each position how many people, what kind of people?

Job Description: What is the right to do each job, what rights and responsibilities, to set up in advance, so that people know how to do their own things, how to do. If you do not have this, the parties are confused mind, confused work, confused to the boss, the results of the boss is also confused.

Personnel pay and benefits system: the staff to work for a certain return from the different positions should be given what kind of compensation, benefits? This is every employee are concerned about, let employees feel at ease work, these are to be done in advance

Recruitment plan: people come from there, how to find in, when to find, where to find, who to find. Strictly speaking, no one, everything is empty, with the staff should be personally involved in the boss, to find the right people can be conducive to the operation of the store.

Personnel training program: not so much ready to find the right people waiting to use, more need to come in after training, from the rules and regulations, professional skills, operating standards and so on all aspects of the need for training and education, do not complain Employees will not do things, to check whether there is good to teach.

Commodity surface:

Detailed display planning: the store area is a certain distribution principle, what goods to be placed in what place, how to play a related role, how to facilitate the customer to buy, this is a law, can not be chaos. This plan should be done by the procurement, but also to do a good job in advance, the store when the equipment can be based on.

Commodity organization structure: the store is the core of the store sales, stores to sell what goods? How to configure the most able to meet the guests to buy, how to configure the best sales, the best profits, how to configure the implementation of scientific management? Do not follow these points to do the actual configuration of goods, it is easy to make a piece of goods without a main line of scattered sand.

Supplier development negotiation plan: the goods are provided by the supplier, in the existing situation, the store is difficult to do all the cash to buy their own goods back to sell, more suppliers are supplied, how to set the structure according to the goods Choose the supplier, according to what kind of progress and strategy to negotiate with the target supplier, this is to do a good job planning, or difficult to lay a solid foundation for smooth opening, while not establishing a good relationship between the late business details No way to control, it is easy to go wrong, affecting the normal business.

New shelves and purchase plan: from the store to open the door to open business is a time interval, in this process, we must first make a display plan, and according to the progress of the project and equipment to do the purchase plan, and coordination with suppliers to arrange the purchase Action, in order to ensure orderly purchase, smooth opening is possible, or if the goods into the incomplete or coaxing together inefficient order disorder.

Start a marketing plan and negotiations: a good start is half the success, how to do a shot and a red is the desire of all the owner of the store, to attract visitors to create a good effect, the opening is essential, even Wal-Mart are the shop Promotion as a business outbreak point, say people are love lively, it turns out: a lively, sensational opening promotion is indeed a great significance to the business, so, according to a variety of information and resources to do a strong opening The promotion plan is indeed very important.

Financial side:

Shop is not a small investment projects, usually a thousand square meters of stores, investment should be a few million, how to use these money? How can we control the coherence of inputs and outputs, and that requires a lot of money.

Store rents: the usual store property will not be the owner of their own, more is rented down, the store rent is essential expenses, and is not a small expenditure, at least to do a year rent, In order to ensure the stability of business, not with the owners because of rent disputes, and affect the normal business.

Personnel costs: the shop has not yet opened up, people will have to you, perform their duties, personnel costs are fixed expenses, the staff's salary and benefits to be stable, not arrears and discounts, or will damage the confidence of employees, thus affecting the work The enthusiasm of the store and the sense of security and work.

Management fee preparation: office fees, public relations fees, utilities and so on, in the daily work and business-related links will also occur costs, but also to do the plan.

Equipment procurement costs: the store is the need to renovate and operate the equipment, the investment of these hardware is essential to purchase these are the need to cash input, and the amount is not small, need to shop at the same time, timely payment, to ensure procurement To the quality of equipment to maintain the normal operation of the operation.

Commodity procurement costs: Although most of the goods are supplied by various suppliers and have accounts, but the smoke, salt and some tight supplies or the need for cash procurement, but also need to prepare sufficient funds to buy, usually this part of the business The amount is still relatively large, so be sure to advance enough money for the use of goods.

Business budget: the store to open up, according to the investment and payback period set to prepare business objectives and budgets, how much year to do the turnover, how much gross profit, net profit how much? So as to be able to know how many goals in order to decide how to do it, no goal of business is blind, that there are so many blind cat hit the mouse a good thing, or the heart is clear and good.

The above is just to the shop to prepare the work to do a rough description, in fact, each sub-project which can be refined to a very deep, and there will be a corresponding form, process and control tools, and a detailed shop time Schedule. Shop is a cumbersome and scientific things, need to be carefully prepared from all aspects, the purpose of the shop is to make money, many people only see the opening of the store when the fun and prosperity, but it is not clear to pay so much time , Energy, cost and intentions, in fact, these are good shop, do business fundamentals.