Performance check in what circumstances can play a role

What is the practical effect of performance appraisal? Is it useful for all employees?

The author's point of view is very simple, employees who have some ability, will not take the performance appraisal seriously!

Of course, all the management measures are only tools, itself is not good or bad, just look at what kind of conditions, what kind of staff can play a role. First to see if these are the premise:

1, the working environment closed, the external contrast factors less;

2, the work of the staff and the results can be quantified (such as the production workshop workers);

3, the company within the good atmosphere, transparent and fair, the boss can do the same;

4, the staff can be a very strong substitutability, the company management at any time substitutions.

If so, then this performance assessment can still play a role. If not, the performance assessment may be the form of it, or even become the whole person or forced the resignation of the staff of the tool.

From the individual point of view of employees, if the staff is expected to work for the breadwinner, and no ability to quit, then do not worry about this performance assessment is unreasonable, it will endure, but where some ability, with the ability to leave at any time Who will put this stuff in the eyes.

Besides, the current group of employees in the 90 after more and more, these children do not eat any small bitter, do not know what survival pressure, home conditions are also decent, even if not work will not starve, on The class will not be here for a lifetime. Performance evaluation of this stuff, that is not the right to deduct money Well, their actual binding is probably limited.

Of course, 90 after the staff is not completely excluded management, if there are some prerequisites, we are also willing to go well in the company, such as:

1, working environment

Office grade, on-site environment, cleaning level (do not expect 90 to take turns clean day).

2, the care of the staff life level

Employees to work to the company, first of all life, and then is the work, such as the cleanliness of the bathroom, roll paper supply, refrigerator, direct drinking water, pantry, work meal arrangements, whether there is a private lockers.

3, the human environment

Whether there is a tantrum of the boss, the angel of the boss relatives or cronies, keen on gossip cool words and other low-level colleagues.

4, work standards

Whether the job description is sound, the implementation of the work instructions are sound, all kinds of problems in the plan and the treatment program is sound, emergency and difficult problems coping mechanism, accident tracking the responsibility of the standard is clear and so on.

5, whether the work is interesting

Whether the work itself is interesting, whether fun, easy to get started, whether there is a sense of accomplishment and sense of honor.

6, the development of space

Water to the low flow, people go to the height, it is normal, do not say 'good dry, will not let you suffer later' such vague lies, or to make things clear, the future direction of development is the job promotion , Income increases, have an independent responsibility for a project, access to the company's shares and other specific direction of development, if the internal promotion, this promotion conditions and whether the channel is transparent. If the external development, that the individual industry to enhance the value of what initiatives, the company platform on the role of what is the external external.

I believe that the above basic work to do a good job, and then discuss how this performance assessment, will come more realistic.