Crossroads: Project and Portfolio

Project holders everywhere to look for investors, busy delivery business plan, presentation busy road story, contact the brightest investors busy marching, but extensive cultivation, crop failure is the norm; and investors, we are also busy looking project, or even a day would see more of flying, but could not find seductive items. Both of which, like most of the opera 'Divergence' classic clip: Liu Lihua Tang Hui midnight with any fighting in the dark, but you could not beat me, I beat you.

Recently, exchanges and investment circles, there is a general view: the market is no shortage of investment, but a lot of capital investment projects can not be found. Why is this 'Divergence phenomenon'? Lifang Yi believes that the project is the holder of the project, to find money in the process, the story became accident.

Lifang Yi believes that business sector has a lot of foam, such as industry bubble, bubble project, entrepreneurial hero bubble, and so on. So, some people are excited foam, is inspirational, drinking Jack, carrying a 'double hit' banner, shouldering the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation to realize a dream, to innovate the business model, to package the project, to tell stories.

Why capital side could not find a satisfying project it? Lifang Yi believes that to build a lot of business models away from the root into the 'innovative trap.'

First, the 'burn' type of innovation. Stories and storytelling, the purpose is to find the money, then burn burning capital is money. Made the project more successful; the project can not do it, it has long been a success. However, the property is a capital profit, and has to make its tone and risk control system, will not be easily moved or bait. Of course, the moral hazard is not controllable ultimate risk, it can not be generalized.

Second, the 'practical new-style' innovation. Seem to have a lot of new ideas, contains the significance of economic, social, cultural and other aspects, we can pretend to be inside are installed in, but the essence is 'old wine in new bottles' as the patent of the 'utility model' patents, not said.

Third, 'talking to itself style' innovation. Project holder is the creator of the project, based on their love and dedication, which has considerable confidence, and will justify the theoretical response to the doubts. We must want to pay tribute to some of the projects holders, even if he is convinced of his own project, at least their own projects in good faith and make a huge sacrifice.

Fourth, the 'pain point' innovation. From 'selling point' to the concept of 'pain point' concept, in fact, from the 'consumer attention' to 'pay attention to the consumer' is a slogan of action to change the perspective of mass can be seen as a 'supply-side' of. Many business model, on the 'pain points' of innovation, theoretically feasible, such as segmentation capabilities, well, ah, more than a subdivision, subdivision did not mean, how do together? Innovative 'pain point', looks at, not necessarily done, and do not know where to run, like the famous phrase: I know I waste half of advertising, but do not know which half. Whether the project side or the capital side, the judge in this regard, the most uncertain.

Well, or give a 'chestnut' it.

Have seen an item that is a substitute for the industry, the product can reduce costs by more than half, more convenient operation. Holder as a technical project and company founder, Xinxinbaopeng. Lifang Yi raised two questions. First, industry trends, the industry in a downward phase, without expert interpretation, ordinary person as I can see it; second, as new entrants to the industry and replacement, which can reduce costs, but now they are using the product on how to deal with that after 'to stock' may choose to have this new alternative, but why this is a relatively long period of recycling products, 'pain point' chronic invisible, not when the pain.

Needless to say, you know. Here a few people, then each side -

Up • Vinci: the human brain through the eyes, ears and other senses to collect information, and by the common sense to focus on. In other words, common sense is a kind of control over other perceived perception. But business people do not believe that ESP exists.

• Henry Mintzberg: There is a community-managed puzzling phenomenon, the higher management staff salaries, a huge influence, but the apparent lack of common sense.

Lifang Yi: That is the universal law of common sense, contrary to common sense that is against the law. Heavy knowledge while ignoring common sense, into the 'innovation trap', resulting in the current social and individual universal anxiety.

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