Routine, in the end is what?

Business women do not know perished hate, full screen enveloped Baoqiang. An actor divorce triggered national concern, the media under the control of the capital can be described as launching a campaign overwhelming coverage, various details series mining pervasive, overshadowed the Olympic Sound and warm! Prehistoric force straightforward and upright, 8.15 and condensate choke silent ... frequent headlines. This is what he is all routine capital!

So, what is a routine in the end?

First, there is a routine practice in numerous combinations to extract the details of the program. Modern border management as long as the details in place, cleverly decided you can greatly influence others, such as:

1, please attend the meeting in person before the start of session information, make meetings more efficient.

2, let the opponent come to your site negotiations, allowing you to increase the odds.

3, when the dispensing end of the net purchase a voucher, to attract customers back to the store.

4, said when the proposal first service project, said after the price, make customers feel that you value proposal.

5 to 600 dollars wine menu in the front row, will make $ 350 wine seem more reasonable prices.

6, on the middle shelf, not the most popular products, but most businesses want to sell.

7, remember their name, you receive the call, 'Dear treasure strong' instead of 'Dear Customer' reminder message, you are more motivated to give their membership card renewals.

All these, people easily grasp called 'routine', you proficient called 'details.'

Second, the thief easily broken hill, breaking the hearts of thieves is difficult. Routine increasingly let us know the real you: people use rational, as the Bucks with sharp corners, lion hunting was just a critical time with a little. Most of our actions and decisions, are in a very short period of time, intuitive, emotional, inertia and drive the herd.

We are in the worst-ever information overload, a variety of stimuli most saturated period. No one has the patience sufficient thought. One side is the vast amounts of information, while the instant decision, you can influence others are switched between. Therefore, the information appears in the background and psychological scenario became core elements of influence. The most powerful persuasion, is to correlate information from deep inside each other motives. Such as:

1, small floating target people feel more easy to achieve.

2, to remind each other of responsibility for their own future, will persuade more effective.

3, the first to speak about the price, set 'anchor' numbers, we'll make them follow you.

4, when trying to convince the other party agreed to a large request, the request to split it into smaller and easier to pass.

5, includes a number of actions target behavior, the other side of independent sequencing, motivation will increase.

6, compared to get, people are more afraid of losing.

This world, you are not a person in combat. No matter what kind of ability you have, you need to affect his team down lateral impact other team up affect their boss, external influence customers and suppliers, partners and parents back home affect children.

This is a full 'routine' era. Routines have impact, but the routine is not 'cure' some 'charade' can not bite off more than get together and use. Routine intraoperative details, in seeking Houde Road is only caused by virtual pole, keep quiet Benedict, sophisticated himself, altruistic people is the Royal Road surgery broad road ......

It is: Tolerance

A life to be lenient, know how to let go from strong to win.

Be tolerant to diversity tolerance is a large, steeply Chihiro no desire just.

Hourglass fingers because Jinzuan tree forest is not proud.

When school Qin Yi Hill, wide mellow affect handed down.