Studies with Wahaha terminal management (on)

A healthy growth of the market, in addition to the formation of team building and network channel development and construction, is the terminal development and management. Managing China terminal sales management, 12 Scriptures 'longitudinal penetration, intensive, winning end,' still echoing in our minds. Especially oversupply in recent years, ever-changing sales terminals already become a battleground, a variety of promotional activities moves flooded, the 'last meter' paid off the battlefield very lively, even swords hand to hand. Terminal development and construction of this link is very important, is the formation of the end product sales, is the product reaches the consumer port, such as supermarkets, convenience stores, cafes, restaurants, smoking hotel, Jingdong consumers through this port to buy his beloved wishful product. Terminal is very competitive and it is a very important part of the decisive, all kinds of brand name products will come face to face here, how to grasp the rhythm of the terminal, to attract the eyes of consumers and influence consumers' purchase psychology is the key operation of the terminal, it is like a tree, only the roots developed, will flourish.

Honestly, Wahaha previous practice in this part is not very good, but to follow the market changes after repeated trial and error, Wahaha formed its own unique management approach, manufacturers and other practices are not the same, but the effect is very it is good.

Spread terminal management

Wahaha management terminal spreads, based on trust and mutual benefit and win-win basis, the implementation of the guidance. In order to ensure a stable price system, the implementation of Wahaha spread system management system at all levels, to develop a clear and Chu Huojia each product in the retail price of a wholesaler, and our second installment, the second groups, three batches of suppliers and supermarket stores, at all levels must strictly enforce the price surplus, a group's profits is less than one-piece second installment, the second installment of a single piece of the profit is less than three batches of providers. For example, when two sets of Luoyang innovation and development network, capable vehicle for wholesalers to goods, Wahaha company provides a wholesaler in 2009 along with 0.5 yuan each shipment delivered directly to the wholesalers warehouses, wholesalers in accordance with the provisions of each Wahaha shunga 2 yuan service terminal retail stores, retail outlets according to a unified retail price of 2.5 yuan a bottle to consumers. That is a wholesaler by the amount of walking and sales incentives offered by the firm profits, and the key is the tip nearest wholesaler terminal management, but go the volume is small, so they will spread relatively high, so the amount of a large increase profits by taking a small amount of a slightly higher mainly by the difference to increase profits, while the retail price of each store must be unified to ensure that the positive terminal retail stores and terminal sales price stability.

How to suppress behavior Cuanhuo

Wahaha in order to ensure the interests of dealers and maintaining stability in the region of the price system, the requirements of each link must strictly enforce the provisions of the company, the most effective way is to crack down on cross-regional sales. In order to quickly investigate red Cuanhuo, Wahaha company to do the following work closely:

1. Set the anti Cuanhuo Inspector section. The company is provided with inspectors, specializing in verification and related R & D center punch is not conducive to sales and marketing behavior; the provinces are also provided with an internal inspectors can quickly verify investigate cross-regional sales practices, such as in North Market Inspectorate was established relatively early on , became the Wahaha company model.

2. Product identity information management. Wahaha production of each product in the production of the hit production date, time, and number of times a team, in accordance with the planned order, sent to the customer in each region, each product packaging are marked with the corresponding customer No, at the factory by the staff of the product identity information is entered into the Wahaha sales management system, as each person's identity card, the input system to know who you are. In addition, a wholesaler at the time of the second installment to their areas of jurisdiction or wholesaler shipping, but also required by the company in product-related position and code printed on dark mark, first to protect themselves, and second, to prevent the second installment Cross regional sales.

3. receiving reports quick verification. Whether it is business, a wholesaler or second groups of providers, if they find suspicious sources in their own area, just number or production date on the packaging should fill out the report form, and the Times to head inspector or an inspector in charge of the province , inspectors will lock system according to the product information supply, and quick access to suspicious sources to verify the evidence, and notify the relevant competent supply business to confirm. The basic process is the discovery of the verification report - - - reporting process.

Display Management Skills

To-end competition is the product reaches the consumer must pass through the door, display event management is all deities must use cheats. But the vivid display terminal management, not only to look good, not only for sellers, but not for display and exhibitions. There is a saying that '80 percent of advertising is wasted, but I do not know where the waste.' All merchants are believed in the 'momentum from the passenger terminal or intercept effective in attracting' so many conventional approaches, such as display, Duitou, special, buy gifts, sweepstakes, points, free tasting, sample distribution, bundling, POP advertising, DM advertising, Duitou hangings, product manuals, Purchasing Guide Available, limited buying, clowns, joint promotional ......

It has come to the point of wits. 'Terminal sales promotion difficult' problem increasingly prominent in the lively and busy behind, always hidden suspects 'excessive', 'waste'. Many promotional scene is booming, the actual effect is often not optimistic, vote often much less yielding, or even only inputs are not output. So, terminal sales but also how to engage, how to break through the trap from the terminal? (To be continued)


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