Three perspective after 2016 will store the Inevitability

A national policy

1, the State Council issued a new strategic force of domestic demand

Premier Li Keqiang stressed many times, 2016 is structural adjustment, to the inventory, expanding domestic demand year. Advance security system, turn domestic demand, external demand, consumption has become the development of core investment turn, determined to build an innovation-driven and increase consumer pulling power of the new growth model. Two-child policy, a modest tax cuts, new rural strategy is the idea of expanding domestic demand, such a policy in 2016 will be better and more favorable consumer integration.

2. Government to promote start-ups, supporting the rise of the store

2015 China registered a daily average of new enterprises reached 11,600, an average of eight companies born every minute, which is perhaps the largest in human history entrepreneurial Boomers. One big part of the selection of the store started operating. 2016 wave of entrepreneurship will continue, because this is the trend.

Today, shop and government approval process simplification, there are fans and influence of store brands is easier to obtain capital from various quarters support to help expand. Many retail executives and managers in this round of venture wave selection shop business, even just graduated young people took to the community can raise public investment in open cafes. Commercial real estate start-ups is quietly changing the rules of the game and competition, subversion even more opportunities.

3, the government has realized that electricity providers are combating the rise of economic entities

Dual 11 huge economic losses, resulting in vicious competition to non-profit era Chinese retail, industrial production workshop extrusion advantage, electricity supplier in the destruction of the consumer, the destruction of additional spending shopping brings its own electricity supplier destroy traditional area ...

This is the electricity supplier's wrong with you, is not necessarily true, this is a global trend of development, but China subvert the more violent, more ruthless in some shopping. But it is undeniable that the electricity supplier does have impact on the real economy, it is felt by everyone. Online fakes proportion is much larger than expected, the recent point of view today to do a stage show in which the content shocking. Since the Government has gradually put another way deep subversion of financial innovation and mobile Internet payment systems into a strict regulatory control, the electricity supplier is also doomed escape, and that change is in the moment, the store to eventually return.

4, the government has to limit the purchasing, also promised to reduce import taxes 2016

Premier Li Keqiang recently, referring to the rise of the real economy, it is referred to the purchasing, weak purchasing slightly in recent years the rapid growth and the real economy contrast, Chinese purchasing has been the scale of hundreds of billions each year can not be overlooked. So it is obvious change is the purchasing policy is gradually stepping up legal sanctions purchasing businesses malicious tax evasion event more and more, next year will be even tougher segments.

At the same time, the import policy liberalization Keqiang Prime Minister admitted the next five years, China will import $ 10 trillion. Buyer think tank predicted that domestic demand in order to truly rise, import policies in 2016 will be further liberalized.

Second, the structure of consumer demand

1,90,00 post-consumer era opened, store the new opportunities coming

Chinese younger generation of weak money concept, ahead of consumer preferences, the ability to accept new things, better adapted to the mobile Internet consumption patterns, but can not be ignored is its personalized, experience a sense of novelty is also very large. Clothing, the pursuit of brand personality, the height of the Internet; food, focusing on the characteristics and experiences tend to fast fashion consumption; both lines, appearance and quality, brand-conscious; swim, yearning for freedom, spending power is limited, but love to travel; entertainment, super entertainment ability, willing to accept new forms of entertainment. Today, after 90, 00 after the consumer's preferences and habits are very different, the store with its lifestyle-oriented adjustment, the store is not the best time to counterattack rise do?

2, distribution of consumption model allows the store greatly increase

Internet takeaway mode is helping businesses will store the original radiation unlimited range of possibilities to expand the business volume increase, even a single store several times to grow. Whether it is the roadside shops, shopping malls or big, all on the same starting line, traffic is the reputation value. Today, some businesses even 70% of the profits from the mobile takeout orders. Today tram ride takeaway brother are covered in major cities, to do good to have on the yuan monthly income, you can imagine, businesses profit?

3, consumer demand for personalized inevitability.

Artisan spirit of the scene, fast fashion, feelings, details, services, is increasingly becoming the store tag rise. Mobile Internet era, consumer preferences and the pursuit, are reflected in the real deal hits. This year the store's most popular direction of the transformation, is a Japanese craftsman's spirit, or interest or feelings scenes experience to meet the public demand for fast fashion, as well as details and services, these elements are increasingly used to store development system go, has become counter-attack the store label.

4, the new middle age, culture, innovation, experience and feelings and price are equally important.

Price advantage has been the core electricity business counterattack store, but now more and more middle-class families, the global Internet links, once brushed gold China Photos aunt began to travel abroad, and consumers had subtle changes. Two years of commercial real estate is the most popular in the Pacific, Shin Kong, Eslite and Joy series, play is the humanities, innovation, experience and feelings, this is the moment consumers really need.

Third, commercial morphology

1, online and offline shuffle is nearing completion, the rise of the store on the corner.

Global Perspective background see, Japan has had a store recession, but after several years of adjustment, re-stabilize the rise of contemporary China's consumption structure of the same year Japan is somewhat similar, China nearly six years after the store wash brand is nearing its end, the height of the closed shop has expired, after a lot of transition or adjustment or re-emergence of international acquisitions are also many examples, such as the rise of Chinese department stores have been counter-attack, popular in China Parkson gifted passengers Town Square is not a turning point ?

2, shopping explosive growth, the best period of development in the coming of the store. Such as Wanda year opened 26 wherever he goes, but this year jumped to 55, more in-depth four-tier cities.

3, showing the value of the line of shops increasingly valued by local businesses.

Demonstrate the value of the store experience is increasingly valued, the brand has become a powerful weapon to break through the bottleneck. There are businesses out of direct experience store, just to train the next generation of communication and consumer brand emotion, and even business groups under the direct store to create a line under experiential shop fitting experience.

4, commercial real estate of competition makes more malls are willing to 'drainage' for good brand descending Rent

China currently has more than 30 commercial real estate foreign commercial real estate developers and more than 40 domestic commercial real estate developers, suppliers, 2015 annual mall evidence examined nearly 3,500 cubic meters, and now, more and more developers in the choice of brands when the flow of people willing to drive the effect and influence of the brand to change the rent in order to obtain long-term growth potential of the mall and the overall valuation.

5, behind closed shop in large quantities, it is a dozen local brand new strong rise.

As we all know, a few old brand closed over 10,000 stores in 2015. But you know that behind the closed shop, it is more emerging brands are strong rise. For example: fast fashion hot retail industry, UR, etc; catering industry grandmother, Xiao Nan Guo, Jade Garden, Pangu catering, 57 degrees Hunan, sea fishing and other dozen or future have the opportunity to become Parkson like global restaurant group; individual taste representative the party, Sisyphus, Laputa cat, has shown signs of study, Xinhua bookstore, one-way street, between the lines and other local bookstores are experiencing deep feelings large cross-border counter-attack.

6, Taobao, Jingdong, Amazon and other major electricity suppliers are seeking to develop the store, we have developed a complete line after the accumulation of primitive accumulation of reputation and development of large strategic roll entity store experience online.

7, innovative O2O business forms will weaken the competitiveness of pure electricity.

The real economy is not defeated by the electricity supplier, but lost his own. Traditional single brand, online sales, the better, the more ruthless closed shop offline. This price advantage plays a key role in the middle, the online and offline hereinafter price of it? Entity store entrance plus online synchronization, as well as pure electric provider market it?

8, more international brands to enter the Chinese business entities, are they stupid than we think-tank?

A & F, SPAO, Forever21, TOPSHOP, Old Navy, etc., and many global fans bebe, & Other Stories, Urban Outfitters, Victoria's Secrect Pink, Miss Selfridge is planning to or have already entered the domestic store business, and why?

9, a public figure after another enters the store economy, why his team wisdom behind it is not low!

Chongqing facet Meng Fei, Han very glad to meet you restaurant, Ren Quan apart Sichuan fragrant world hot pot, Angelabably open baby cafe coffee shop, Shu Qi open KIKI restaurant, high-round open peach restaurant, Jacky open upper Qian string of incenses, the French Jay northwest wind and other Japanese restaurant, open Edison tide brand JUICE, Mayday open STAYREAL, Jay opened PHANTACI, Luo open STAGE, JJ open SMG, Li Chen and Pan opened NPC, Zhang Zhen yue open WNP. and so on too much.