Assumptions underlying management - why the professor you letter to Garcia, the people are liars management

We know that behind any one discipline has its basic assumptions, concepts and categories, and management is based on three fundamental assumptions above.

First, management assumed that any organization employees are just some of the ordinary people, rather than Homo habilis or expert; secondly, assume management staff within the organization is non-noble motives, that they are not dedicated, disloyal and live responsibility; Finally, management is assumed that employees are self-responsibility, that is, they work for you may not work, he is not responsible, but they work for themselves, for example, they set up their own businesses, and is dedicated Responsible. If a person's own work is still slovenly, such a person is unable to manage, or that the management of such a person does not work.

Management needs to be addressed is that under the above assumptions background, how organizations can improve their performance and achieve their goals, but also efficiently and achieve performance goals.

For the first hypothesis, management to solve the problem through the division of labor, processes and standardization. Taylor shovel sand from research actions, • to Henry Ford's assembly line, to the McDonald's standard operating procedures, are a concrete manifestation of this idea. Even for a lot of knowledge work, this idea is also very handy. In an example of Microsoft's product development model, this model will separate product manager and program manager, the product manager responsible for market definition, program manager responsible for the technical definition. During development, program manager task into several fragments, by the different development engineer responsible for the development. And program managers need to develop and test engineers convened daily to develop the contents of system integration. We can see that this model does not differ essentially with • Henry Ford's assembly line, it's just the process of division of labor based Ford rose to the division of labor based on knowledge process only.

For the second assumption, management to solve the problem by contacting third hypothesis manner. Since man is self-responsibility, then, when a person feels at the time to meet their interests and needs work, he will naturally dedication, loyalty and responsibility.

This organization first need to give employees the necessary external stimulus, such as a minimum wage of $ 5 • Henry Ford implemented in 1914, 1918 and Sloan are specific cases an external stimulus in the implementation of General Motors' Bonus Plan. ' • Henry Ford's minimum wage of $ 5 for example, the system after the implementation of Ford's absenteeism rate fell to 0.5% 10%, employee turnover 1913 31.9% per month, down to 1.4 per month in 1915 % apply for people who work in front of the Ford lined up to see the end of a long queue, workers began to work at Ford proud, even on rest days are also willing to do the company's badge on the body, just to to tell people he is a Ford man. • Henry Ford said, well, he said, high-wage workers is efficiency rather than charity workers need not grateful, because this is a fair tree, so melon sown in the world, 'to pay higher wages, workers will get better, productivity will be improved. '

However, it is clear that any organization resources are limited, it is impossible to give employees unlimited external stimulus, even if you can, also make the effect of diminishing marginal external stimulus effect gradually weakened. Moreover, the interests and needs of not only reflected in the material level, but also in the spiritual level. Maslow would think, when people of low-level physical level basic needs are met, will produce self-esteem and self-realization higher level of demand. Covey in his 'Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,' also pointed out that after the material life with no fear, will give birth to another human desire, that is satisfying to the spirit - understood, to be sure, to be appreciated.

In fact, more systematic research on this issue, as early as the 1960s appeared. In 1968, Herzberg in the 'Harvard Business Review' published what became one of the classics of management literature 'More on how to motivate employees,' the text, Herzberg will include remuneration, working conditions from the working environment the impact of employee willingness stimulus called 'hygiene factors' and will include another type of achievement, appreciation, responsibility, advancement and other incentives from the work itself is called 'motivators.' In Herzberg opinion, if an organization's 'health factors' defective or do not have, people will inevitably cause dissatisfaction, on the contrary, it will prevent the generation of discontent. However, the improvement of these factors, only neutralization and elimination of grievances, but did not lead to a more positive attitude, and 'incentives' from the work itself, because deep down, people to meet the growth and achievements desire and more conducive to the full, effective and lasting inspire employees to pursue the best performance of willingness to work.

Due to space limitations, this article can not be discussed in detail how to make voluntary employee into the work, the author has been the subject of 'From the perspective of management to see the' Chinese Dream 'realization - How to improve knowledge worker productivity,' a text, the text list 12 types allows employee engagement to bear responsibility for the management, interested readers can go to web search. Here, we just need to understand, first of all, in the opinion of management, employee disloyalty, not work, do not want to assume responsibility is a normal phenomenon, rather than its own staff there is any problem, otherwise, management will no longer necessary up (after all, one of the fundamental assumptions of management is that employees are able to establish the non-noble motives); secondly, a final decision on whether the employee loyalty, dedication, the most important variable to bear responsibility for the management of its subject. In sum, management believes that employees are loyal, dedicated, bear responsibility does not depend on their own attitudes and character, but on management's management. That is, if your employee disloyalty, not work, do not want to take responsibility, then, is not their own existence problem, but if you can not let them loyalty, dedication, bear responsibility, but it must be your management of a problem.

In particular, in recent years, a banner management banner geek suddenly Business circles popular. This freak with 'the letter sent to Garcia' as the representative, include 'spontaneous', 'no excuse', and various variants such as 'Who do you work', 'responsibility than ability,' etc. . The reason that they are freaks because, although they are managed under the banner of the name, but its core concept but does not reflect the underlying assumptions of management, and even the basic assumption is that the management of conflicts and complete opposites.

For example, a common feature of these freaks, they will employees are loyal, dedicated, and bear responsibility for the problem solely as individual employee attitudes and character issues, rather than the management of the organization and management issues (this is in line with management's appetite, which is to be the freak in the popular Business circles of the important reasons. like Taleb said in its 'black Swan' as in, he said, have all thought that we must be contagious ready to believe, or even natural to believe it. to get an idea spread, it must be consistent with our nature), and trying to preach, brainwashing, irrigation chicken soup, play with blood, as well as establish a moral way to manipulate the benchmark staff enthusiasm, while completely ignoring the basic assumptions of management is precisely the view that the staff does not have noble motives are the norm, rather than the employees themselves what problems exist, and they are responsible for themselves, so they are difficult to manipulate, at least not long-term be manipulated, only when they feel at the time working for their own interests and needs, they will really threw himself into the work.

Even with the greatest kindness to look at them, then, 'the letter sent to Garcia', 'spontaneous' The reason can be widely disseminated, in large part precisely because they are the cases are isolated cases, they represent some encouragement, some admirable, but ordinary people can not match the height. The management has to face is precisely the ordinary people, the general public, is a face in the crowd. This also doomed the so-called management of the organization will not have any practical significance and role.

Therefore, they are not management, they are just dressed in coat flicker management science, brainwashing school. They exist only low or even poison the overall management level of Chinese enterprises, hindering the overall development process of Chinese enterprises. Therefore, this paper argues that all those who teach you 'letter to Garcia,' 'spontaneous', 'responsibility than ability,' the people are Yiluhuose - specifically, they are liars management.