Forget the early heart side was always - milk, so sell

Inscription: forget the beginning of the heart, was always square

Why write Milk Marketing? Face covered this topic is too narrow, small groups of readers may not market, which is a group of friends for advice.

After listening to your suggestions, my mind immediately reflected in the sentence, not forgetting the beginning of the heart, was always square.

My heart is the beginning of what?

Why should I code a focused marketing milk readers? Marketing is the same, why do I say focus on a single milk marketing. Ask your own heart, all these years I have been selling milk powder, milk powder have feelings, in addition to milk some knowledge of marketing, there is no one currently on the market have focused on milk marketing readers.

Enter the bookstore, you will see the FMCG marketing books have a lot of respect, but it can take over for the milk marketing yet, I wrote this book can be considered a blank fill both feedback milk marketing, but also give an account of himself I put my experience to the marketing of milk in some of the considerations, by the form of case presented to you, so that practitioners for reference and reflection, so that new entrants to milk marketing have a comprehensive understanding of the system and avoid detours, the wrong way, I think this is the beginning of my heart now, 'instead of themselves, self-interest'!

In addition, I think, no matter, because I only had milk this category, and the time to do a long time, whenever the job done, very well done! So remember the words, 'Only good milk powder,' very familiar, yes, because this is the slogan of a brand of milk powder, CCTV playing for a long time, many people have heard, but this sentence is my real milk marketing portrayal. I have been restless, experienced practitioners can be seen, I replaced the different milk large enterprises, but not changed in the basic industries. I work in Milk enterprise time will be longer, I personally interested in sales of milk powder, now think about it, perhaps this is a kind of fate would have it somewhere? I put a lot of effort into the marketing of milk, in fact, only in order to 'good milk' it! I do sell a few years ago has been positioning itself as a marketing expert, that this category is too small congregation of milk, not air, and later with the accumulation of time, I found my so-called marketing research for more than 98% of all milk category marketing carried out, which you can look at my opened micro-channel public number, is called 'focus milk marketing'; I wrote some preliminary ideas article, basically thanks to the marketing of milk, so this book I have named 'Daniel said powder thing', but in the end eventually named 'milk, so sell' simple, easy to understand.

I am what I have always believed, not forgetting the beginning of the heart, party may always!

I am me, selling milk from a calf to sell a milk cow, nothing more.