Entrepreneurs and owners need to know 13 words

1. Talent: rule the world in the only employer! Business 'enterprise' above the word 'people', here is the 'stop', that is up to the people means. Talent means 'the' people 'arrived, things' only 'be able to start doing.' No one, things do not start. To invest, 50% depends CEO, what people do, that's all.

2, on the strategy: 'some, but also to do certain things.' The hardest thing in the world that do not do anything! The essence of the strategy is to 'give up'! So be sure to hold their own circle of competence and moat, no detours is a shortcut.

3, on industry: focus on a single brand, but history has proven the only way is to create profits, remember one thing: good companies are bland. My little experience: choose chicken industry, and take the focus strategy.

4, on investment: the nature of future free cash flow discounting, the company is not required to be a really good investment. Munger old man said: biggest mistake is that investors do not do that to buy did not buy. So, as an investor must return to the essence of business, long-term holding, movement as possible!

5, on the rhythm: grandiose is the bane of the Chinese people; to do business not the pursuit of speed, but to the pursuit of safety. With only the development of safety. To slowly fast! Do not be too concerned about the sales. Do the right thing, sales and profits follow.

6, on careful: only you are doing from the business, you can only understand the investment, only their own live trading hold of. I'm moving out grandson teacher: 'The first to win, but to be the enemy can win; not win in himself, can win the enemy.' The Art of War, and I was on the phrase in verse (visible before no less disadvantage)

7, on competition: There is an investment friend asked: How do you see ***, I said, 'Go in these words, you hit, he hit him, no time nor interest the allies.' Do the things you like, down to earth to do.

8, on the corporate culture: no control system where culture tube; good companies are built on a strong corporate culture based on. For example, I mentioned in last week's article backgammon, OPPO, VIVO and a plus, Duan Yongping teacher is a subsidiary of Sun Company (although now independent of each other, but not old segment, how can they?). The lack of a long-term vision and the vision of sustainable development, there is no corporate culture of 'Strength' learn well, the problem is a matter of time. Essence of corporate culture is to do the right thing is to know is the wrong thing to do never know a mistake is about to change. Smart is to do things right, and the wisdom to do the right thing.

9, on errors: If you are already in the pit, do not continue digging it! To correct a mistake, which is a price to pay. But no matter how much it costs, the cost will be minimal. The more you are late, the greater the price paid.

10, on the crisis: Duan Yongping teacher or use it as saying: 'The car has run 200 miles in front of a wall, how do you no way to die saying you only made a little run so fast, why?!.?'

11, with respect to earnings: Buffett is not looking at earnings, is ready to look at earnings. Duan Yongping uncle summed up: the earnings you pay attention to these indicators: debt, net of cash, cash flow, cost reasonable degree, the real profit, before goodwill net assets. And to do business, you do not have to do the reverse? You have to pay attention to debt ratio, to ensure cash flow, to slam the cost, to keep in mind the real profits, razor to follow the law, to prevent the fixed assets deadly drag on profits.

12 tips on: How can what skills, practical, logical, facts and common sense, the rational to do it. Whether in business operations, investment, management, no exceptions. Of course, for entrepreneurs they are critical perception. Gordon can only rely on their own!

13, about patience: it has a natural and logical patience. By Duan Yongping uncle, then do it at the end: 'The road is not equal to the destination, know the right things to get things off against possibly very long time good news is that as long as the road, hurry slowly really does not matter. Sooner or later you will go to Rome, if you really believe that! '

Chen Xuan: senior brand marketing experts, a number of authoritative media marketing / special expert, specializing in brand positioning / precise field of communication / sales promotion and so on. 10 years of professional experience in marketing and management, more than 100 new listing FMCG experience; Yan small incumbent Marks, co-founder & General Manager. MBA Masters, Bachelor of Economics, fluent in English and French, 10 years of professional marketing and management experience, has served JDB, E man E, Yunnan Baiyao, AMD, Power Dekor, China Mobile, China Minsheng Bank and other brands. Author of 'very toxic very toxic viral marketing,' 'Do not struggle, I die.'