Business winning to outsmart Five Strategies

'Art of War' goes: 'the army attack plan, followed by cross-cutting, cutting forces again under siege', mainly about the best tactics to outsmart the war through, does not cost a single soldier, who drive without a fight the soldiers, the highest state of military forces meant that the strategy to defeat the enemy. Competition in the market, just like the military forces of the battlefield, in the past most of the products in the buyer's market era, many companies hard hit recklessly, without resourceful, often can be a good place in the market to win market, but now with a business to personal hero doctrine, by virtue of a single means more and more difficult to succeed in the market, companies have to ponder on the run from the 'victory' market to 'outsmart' the market up. 'Winning' and 'outwit' one word, how to implement this change in a good word, the following five strategy will you have a certain significance.

NO1: Concept outwit

The idea is the soul of business. Some companies believe that philosophy is false concept, do not attach importance to the process of running a business, and are rarely mentioned, this business is like a man without ideals, no direction, no soul, only a physical body, it is difficult to win the development of wonderful; some companies will operate on the concept of naked greed money profit, or stand solipsism, rights, only respect the point of view of self that enterprise development is to create wealth for the owners or shareholders, although such enterprises may encounter short-term opportunities be developed, it is difficult to eternity.

It is the business concept banner forward, not only as a business philosophy to establish a very clear-cut, and up and down, always to practice the concept. The idea of wisdom, a business can become invisible hand vigorously promote the work. Concept wise to abandon the enterprise founder, desires and interests of investors, should be based on the consumer, consider both employees and customers to consider, but also consider social responsibility, and the wisdom to handle well the relationship between enterprises and employees, customers, society , really for the benefit of employees, and customers were successful, to contribute to society, and promote collaborative relationships in symbiosis, become a driving force behind the sustained and coordinated development.

NO2: Cultural outwit

Culture is the root of the business. Each business in development will form their own unique culture, should influence the thinking and behavior of employees. Many domestic enterprises, especially some small family-owned business, one-man, a pen, a pro phenomenon abound, this power culture is generally superior leadership, subordinates but yes, the enterprise culture is not open, businesses and employees just simple common on the surface, it is difficult to achieve a common soul. The wisdom of the corporate culture, enterprises and employees to build common values, a common way of thinking and a common course of action to create a strong corporate solidarity and cohesion, promote enterprise and business development.

Wisdom of the corporate culture to achieve 'six have': There are soft, there are just, there is a carrier, there is read, there is the line, there are cases. On the one hand to the whole culture of firmness and flexibility, both home care, the warmth of home, there are strict and meticulous, curried management rules, while enterprises should pay attention to investment, build a platform, rich corporate culture carrier, such as in the popular TV business , the official micro official website, a variety of recreational activities, so that cultural infiltration to the employee's work, life and heart. On the one hand we want to fully understand the corporate culture is also productive, foreign corporate brand strength, internal employee cohesion. Bearing in mind that the top-down corporate culture must be conscious, practice culture, especially the leaders should take the lead in practice, requiring employees to be their own first to do it. To create a corporate culture in the process, some typical events, typical character of the case, but also carefully packaged to form a benchmark model, the impact of the general staff.

NO3: Products outwit

It is the business of the product. Many Chinese enterprises is not high-tech products, with similar products in the market surplus, low-level, the homogenization of manufactured products, the cost to fight, fight to win the market price of the road is getting narrower. Future market foothold and leader of the products must be of high, refined, the product, either master the core technology with independent intellectual property rights 'people I have' products; either unique technology, after upgrading optimization 'I have superior 'products; either carry forward the spirit of craftsmen, crafted to make features' gifted people I special 'product. In short, a product, a business to gain a firm foothold in the market, to succeed, must not take the simple price competition 'dead end' and the wisdom to seek development, 'Hong Chong Road', Chinese bid farewell to the traditional manufacturing towards China Zhi made and personalized creation. Meanwhile, in the business structure, product mix also outwit, good at grasping the market, insight into the changes in the foreseeable future, food products, profitable products, product development must be planned, the real market, which was in the market, potential market to do research, continue to meet, correspond, create customer or consumer demand. On the adjustment of product structure, combined with the actual business, systematic innovation, listing generation, development of generation, reserve generation, to avoid a single flower show business, the risk of a single branch of the tree.

NO4: Talent outwit

Talent is the management of the group companies. The current market environment, the market is fully competitive industry, in the business of marketing the most critical areas in the past simply pure business and pure relationship between meat and wine interests pull business model has become increasingly difficult to maintain, and the new business environment is no longer a simple trading, but need a good idea, a good strategy + good product output, accompanied by customer growth success, together with the customer symbiotic.

In accordance with this direction, business professionals choose to use more heavy weight intellectual, key personnel in key positions, then we need the 'brain-type' instead of 'hands-type.' Especially in the market, creativity and intelligence strategy to lead to 'study' talent-based, active study changes in consumption demand, industry trends and characteristics of the product, the market category, in order to develop targeted marketing strategies and pragmatic solutions to ensure that enterprises Trader measures ancestors step in the marketing, operation of the market, the policy of one-upmanship, eventually outsmart the market. At the same time, the enterprise must do everything possible to activate the intellectual human resources. More respect and the importance of intellectual talent, the establishment promote innovation, encourage innovative mechanisms, take the platform, burdens, creating opportunities for them in the fast-growing market temper and become experts, combat elite research. Further strengthening intelligence personnel team building, training to build the leading expert + + elite combat reserve echelon personnel and the backbone of the think tanks in all sectors, to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises talent team, to provide a strong intellectual support for the long-term development of talent.

NO5: spread outwit

To create a product brand, to build a corporate brand is inseparable from the spread. The starting point of the spread of the consumer, the end result is the marketing. Generous spread, often high-risk investment, do not do it directly affects the profits of the enterprise, and some even beating. How effective dissemination, Hua Xiaoqian doing big things, or avoid the spread of investment mistakes, so that the spread of landing, selling flowers, brand brilliance? The most important is the extraordinary wisdom, grasp the content of communication, a good combination of channels and ways of transmission.

First of all, the dissemination of the contents of wisdom. From product positioning a trade name, a slogan, a theme activity must be carefully Chi-made, sophisticated planning and research through consumer psychology, to snatch the minds of consumers. But also good at using social hot spots, create information explosion point, to attract public attention. A market, it is necessary planning steps good content and dissemination of the dimension of product features, characteristics or selling solar terms festivals, before a social responsibility activities, step by step from the minds of consumers and product features to quality, and finally to a high degree of recognition emotional, to form their own brand.

Secondly, the distribution channels and methods. The main crowd to precise combinations to be full of wisdom. In today's media pluralism, diversification, fragmentation era, television, Internet, mobile terminals, hard-wide, soft paper, online, and offline media ...... variety of means, only mobile advertising platform to more than ten million, how selection, how to combine, how to serve, need professional analysis, professional judgment and professional choice. Usually companies do not have professional talent, the lack of reliable data, it is difficult professional judgments, we must rely on integrated marketing communications agency specializing in media selection, delivery, evaluation, improvement of the play spread butler, professional policy, promote the rapid growth of the brand success.

Current low economic growth in China, to stock a variety of products, intense competition in all walks of life, business, product sales is no longer a simple cost and price of the contest, involved in this fight will be more passive. What we should do is to start from the top five, with the idea of wisdom, culture, products, people and communication together, pinpoint their location at the customer, consumer, social and ecological chain, do your best to create unique value, and to seek the entire ecological chain, symbiosis, eventually outwit the market, invincible!