How to contact Internet era brand with consumers

Due to economic development and the marketing concept, for many years the main operator with a lot of advertising to influence consumers to achieve marketing goals, contact between brands and consumers are not in depth. But with 80, 90 or even 00 after the mainstream consumer, will affect the way consumers a fundamental change, because these people basically do not watch TV, newspapers, magazines, advertising, look at the phone, on social networks ( Dingjia Yong, 2014). They are on social media, and more willing to believe that a large V or their friends reputation and influence of traditional advertising is being rapidly weakened, it is an indisputable fact.

In a general sense, the primary task of brand marketing is to encourage consumers to more easily choose their brand, if consumers can easily obtain user reviews, expert opinions and other information to aid decision-making, the brand value and role will decline. Some people even believe that the brand with the growth of the Internet will become history. Was it? If not, then how to contact consumer brand in the Internet age, how it affects consumers on these issues that we have a clear understanding.

In the Internet era brand impact on consumers does not fail. In fact, in the Internet context is worlds leading digital products, brand influence but more important. You think about it before the arrival of the digital age, customers can compare to the real product, decide which is better, to reach a purchase. And to the digital age, such a comparison becomes difficult. In two laptop, for example, Lenovo and Hewlett-Packard, which is better? The average consumer is immune to draw conclusions. So, we have the Internet to find the answers. What do they find? If online information Lenovo may recommend to most users, the brand probably will dominate the personal computer category. However, it is not. For example, 2014 Lenovo's global market share accounted for 16.9%, HP's global market share accounted for 16.2%. Some consumers prefer the association, some consumers prefer HP. This phenomenon is commonly found in many digital products in the category. Suppose another computer company introduced a better notebook PC, the enterprise should be how to attract consumers to buy? Or it is through interaction with consumers through advertising? Consumers will automatically ignore those who claim that better advertising product. 'All the ads say' - it may be the typical reaction of consumers. Also assume that a Chinese consumers want to buy a luxury car, and that he is likely to choose to buy luxury cars on the Chinese market leading brands - Audi. But Audi is not America's leading brands on the market in the United States, Audi is located in the sixth-largest brand Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Lexus, Cadillac and Acura later. In the two Central American countries on the market, Audi automotive products and there is no difference, the difference exists in the minds of consumers. Audi is the first to establish a strong perception in the minds of consumers in China's auto market the luxury car brand, but in the US market, the first to enter the mind of the luxury car brand Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

In this day and age consumers before deciding which brand to buy and not to assess the category for each brand, they are usually considered the leading brand must be a better brand, after all, most consumers in the purchase of leading brands. From the perspective of brand marketing, a brand is the most important characteristic of leadership. If a brand like Audi have such a strong leadership, then the other brands in the same category to replace the leading brand in this very difficult, remember, this is the strength of the brand.

Create a new brand or play a brand of influence is crucial that consumers in the mind of the first to enter a new category, but the best way to enter the mind of consumers through interaction with the consumer mind occupied instead of advertising in the Internet age. This aspect of social media can play a good role, because the essence of social media is the use of digital technology and consumer interaction. If your brand is not a leader, how do? An effective strategy is to become the leading brand of opposites. For example, in the smartphone category, Samsung than Apple iPhone by launching the much larger screen phones and made not a small market share. 'Big screen' strategy helped Samsung brand into the smart phone category of a strong brand.

If your brand does not become one of the leading category of big brands, so your best strategy is to focus. As in the early development of personal computers, almost every brand at the same time to enter the commercial market and the consumer market, Dell only focused on the commercial market. Moreover, unlike other brands, like Dell to sell its personal computer products in the retail channel, but through direct sales into the commercial market. Focus strategy enables Dell to become the global market leader in personal computers. Unfortunately, Dell is trying to expand its brand into the consumer market, which lost its leading position. Today, Dell is still the world's third-largest personal computer brand.

Today, in the Internet environment, the three cornerstones of marketing (media, channels, users) all changes, brand marketing, how to adapt to these changes? In particular, how the brand strength to play a role as an important marketing issue. Internet era of brand strength is the key to the spread of interaction, interactive communication is stick by brand customers, dissemination of ideas, the driving premise marketing development. When people's lives become increasingly fragmented consumer habits, entertainment, emotional, and shallow roots of reading, which is the birth of modern social media and produced the outbreak foundation. Brand communication only to seize the points of interest of the public, demonstrating the benefits and value of customers can get in order to trigger concern, while taking advantage of microblogging, letters and other instant messaging tools, the impact on the customers they may be exposed to all aspects of the brand concept It can be fully demonstrated. (Dingjia Yong, 2015)

In the Internet, especially the mobile Internet era, to enter the mind, you can use visual (video) on social media influence consumer brand choice. Age of the Internet greatly simplifies the visual output, especially video production. At the same time it is changing the way enterprises to establish the brand in the minds of consumers the way. In the Internet era, generation and dissemination of visual images become more simple and low cost. Internet or mobile Internet era of information does the production and dissemination of a tremendous impact, channel and consumer buying behavior has undergone great changes, but never changing consumer mental models. See information on the Internet today, you frequently use the 'strongest in the history ......' This title is the truth. Remember: 40 years ago, your mind can not remember the world's second highest peak, in the face of the Internet today, you may not remember more.

OF: Nanjing Normal University School of Psychology Institute of the Chinese market Brand Management Professional Committee of experts

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