Communication, in the end is what?

Communication, in the end is what?

Guiguzi says: weed are also open, also made the male also; the whole family were also closed, silent also, yin. Bai He Road, yin and yang as the, in and out of view, to the hole of the Bai He, in order to say it can be said, and said home, said the country, saying the world. You can say what people are talking, there are dumb speak method. We will communicate what is it? With the 'Book of Changes' to explain the concept of time and space conversion, is in the right place, the right time for the right people, the right words to say. However, to truly achieve this effect and the state, in fact, very simple. This is the art of the art of speaking, that is the expression of the same meaning, different means of expression, it will have different results, which is communication skills.

So, communication, in the end is what?

1. Written language to convey information, audio language to convey feelings, body language to convey attitude. Remember ... never, do not do the atmosphere and mood of the polluter.

2, the communication, the most taboo is look lifeless! Make yourself happy, it is a virtue; to make people happy, is a good thing. With the flow to exchanges of views in order to pledge allegiance, pledge allegiance to the transaction.

3, high-quality communication, to focus on results, not on emotions.

4, the identity of others, more easily assert themselves. Praise is the lubricant of interpersonal communication.

5, the quality of communication will affect the quality of life, thus affecting the quality of life.

6, who must have loved and gas; the gas Must Have Discovery color; there who must have Shirley Discovery color.

7, the joy of the heart from the right view, right speech, mindfulness, positive thinking, positive sophisticated.

The world's greatest power is the power to change! The power of collaboration! The power of communication! As long as we unify our thinking, we have improved, and wishes to change his mind; as long as we find the benchmark, the benchmark all-round control shortcomings, to face their own inadequacies; so long metamorphosis (change their negative attitude and inertia), good positive feed ( positive thinking, positive, right and proper, right speech, right effort), a result (ie concern the fact that any work should be results-oriented form a closed loop), it will gradually improve their ability and prestige, we will be able to significantly enhance the execution , will be able to gradually increase completion rates of various programs. As long as everyone's thoughts, ideas, methods are unified to right effort, the team will work together as a substantial collection of fission upgrade, the team will bring up, as the basketball superstar Michael Jordan said, 'There is no perfect person, only perfect team '! Competitive modern enterprise relies on the elite team rather than human sea tactics!

It is: Communication

Communication can not do anything taboo color, phase from the heart to be polite.

Mood shifted most important information that must be passed.

Feeling by interactive atmosphere, the mood is more open speculation.

First to be sure, as the rear frame, see empathy skills.

There are those who have loved Shirley, is opening the door of the essence.

Tenacity was removed by five, five times removed to see the Prime Minister.

Broad-minded as a foundation, and change can only become a performance.

Active behavior quick, diverse objects to remember.

Interactive process for the win, said listening to ask is divided into three levels.

Bai He intraoperative inadequate theory, Yu Tao Yang surgery righteousness.

Su refused to co-ordinate XiQin, Zhang Yi Lien princes interest.

Qin Yan Zi make the dog hole, the group identified Confucianism was humiliated wonderful machine.

Phase so as not disgrace Qin Zhao, Zhao complete bi go into legend.

Chairman of the Chinese dumping laughing, Patio Spring Snow Double Ten stand.

Nine miles Kunpeng wings, blue sky carrying a good atmosphere.

Throughout the ages successful, the pattern of social commitment.