Do not let the marketing mode ruined

I had heard the dog track dogs cats have said the Catwalk, pattern as if all companies marketing lifesaver. What model can be up in sales to revive an immediate effect, it needs further research. Sometimes following the model of operation might be able to play a role, but it is not useful for all marketing enterprises. It is copy the dogma, not once and for all modes of marketing methods to keep in simple terms of innovation and change mode.

Do not let destroy the marketing mode

Now we often talk mode is also keen on model, corporate spared no expense to buy the sword on the so-called model spent large sums of money. Now popular word to say very interesting, what the boss concerned, what is the strategy. This argument is also not wrong, which is why we only imitate each other mutual learning and learn from each other. In the past period of time I have come to experience marketing, conference marketing, direct marketing and traditional marketing. My point is that no matter what the sales model, without violation, no discipline, no offense, not contrary to the moral conscience and to sell products to recover monetary framework is a good marketing successful marketing. As for the nonsense shouted slogans mode, ungrounded gas Bluff mode, bragging forced blowing Happening models are pit father, Hanposangzi look better to make the facts speak and use data. A fresh recruit eat day when the pattern had been, by the flicker by brainwashing by pulling the head by playing with the feelings of the model are paper tigers look does not go through. Marketing may have mode, but not superstitious mode. There are ways of marketing success through innovation, unearned established pattern is temporary, like the greenhouse flowers left inside the greenhouse will wither.

Sense something honest man, progress in learning, innovation in progress. Play with blood not long, blacksmith need its own hardware, but also to the soft power of hard effort.

Know how to leveraging force

I have worked in the food industry for 10 years, from the industrial to the end product along the way Bumpy Road experiencing particularly high. During this period and marketing touch more, to me indeed learned a lot of practical knowledge. I used to be responsible for the marketing boss was a very good manager, he belongs to the self-taught in terms of sales can be said to be a master-level characters. Work resolutely treat people very warm, at his side learned I will never good enough. I and my colleagues are particularly respect the brother-like leader, today left his unit for many years. Recalling the scene when the previous work is still vivid in my mind, he is the best leader since I encountered the best and practitioners responsible for leadership. When I taught myself from a small staff to manage personnel, particularly as a company Deputy General Logistics I found myself more and more work style and leadership before the old agreement. Even at the time chaired the meeting related to the work, I often lifted from the old man to work for their superiors teachings. I have been practicing classical past work experience, valuable experience is not outdated I took him again and again to pass on to my subordinates. New opportunities in the new era of the new market, the face of all the factors can not be determined in terms of the marketing management is a big challenge. Whenever bottlenecks and difficulties encountered when I stop and think back nurture, formation, consolidate, develop and expand five-step strategy or as practical. On the basis of the original plus all innovation can be solved, I often reflect on classic things forever, but when. Know how to learn to use the classic classics you're shoo future business structure leveraging only know how to force hard to find a bosom friend, confidant hard to find. Work to encounter good leadership is everyone's career is a great blessing! take care of it!