Medicine Electronic Commerce Way in the New Situation

Health care reform a hot topic, pharmaceutical surging electricity supplier, the reason not only by the State Council executive meeting made it clear Internet +, Peoples National policies to encourage innovation and other guidelines affect, the key initiatives related to health care reform involves the vital interests of every citizen. The pharmaceutical industry is referred to as the last piece of virgin land traditional Internet industry, it is to be regarded as a hot blue ocean capital side.

2011 pharmaceutical retail electricity supplier began to sprout start, when 400 million turnover in 2015 exceeded 15 billion transactions, but that only accounted for about 4% of the entire pharmaceutical consumer market. The huge line of drugs used in hospitals drug sales is the main force, but as became clear national health reform policy clearly requires hospitals reduced the proportion of drug, online pharmaceutical health care around the corner and so the electricity supplier has a great good!

First, the problems of medical e-commerce

Currently, e-commerce in our stage of rapid development, there are still many problems to be solved. Such as security issues, payment issues, distribution issues. These problems are also common in China's pharmaceutical e-commerce. Combined with the characteristics of the medical and health industry, the main problem of medical e-commerce as follows:

1, limit policy

Medical e-commerce of high barriers to entry, access to online sale of drugs must have qualifications

Three conditions: First, there must be a certain size and influence of the chain; the second is the lack of medicine electricity supplier personnel; third is Banqi three cards - MIIT network license issued by the Commission, Food and Drug Administration issued the 'Internet drug information service qualification certificate 'and' Internet and drug transaction services credentials. '

Unlike American medical separation and electronic prescription system, the domestic pharmaceutical retail conditions due to the control and supervision system of medicine, has been no major breakthrough in the development of the electricity supplier medicine subject to relevant policies, online sale of drugs and medical insurance can not By docking, manufacturers and hospital pharmacies are completely changed the main line sales channels and policies to support thinking, policies, regulatory loopholes lead to illegal Internet pharmacies asymmetrical competition issues seriously restricting the development of online pharmacies.

2, lack of profitability

The cost of increasing that price online pharmacies in the state, self-built website traffic is small, third-party platform is intense price, high-volume cost and other factors many companies into e-commerce for many years, under the premise with strong cost control ability, also only achieved a slight profit. Other online pharmacies are basically at a loss, the industry analysis, the real money online pharmacies do not have a few, mainly because online pharmacies SKU many categories, under the pharmaceutical supply chain and procure electricity lines can not fully distinguish supply chain support is not in place, general business too small to pharmacy services is still exploratory stage. And has not cut into the hospital medicine 'bonanza' zone;

3, the logistics dilemma

Unlike other drugs commonly used products, such pharmaceutical drugs particularity logistics is also required. Delivery orders for individual drugs more, a single purchase order amount is smaller, more dispersed distribution of customers, which requires logistics distribution center must be able to support a minimum packaging drugs demolition zero efficiency, sorting, reviewing, a library, distribution, etc. , the whole package demolition zero, sorting capacity will determine the level of accuracy and efficiency of logistics and distribution. The pharmaceutical GSP regulatory requirements, storage and transportation of drugs requiring temperature controlled at 20 degrees, the status quo can not meet the regulatory requirements, whether there will be the future of medicine dedicated box for easy identification given green storage and transportation channel, to ensure full compliance electricity sold drugs.

4, competition in the industry varies greatly

Pharmaceutical major electricity supplier at this stage is divided into three forces, the first unit is a pure Internet model of medicine electricity supplier, subdivided into hospital doctors as the main electricity supplier, such as micro-medicine doctors, mainly to sales of drugs such as search drug diversion , traditional medicine B2C Internet Gangster and 020 pharmaceutical sector such as Lynx medicine museum, Baidu medicine directly, Jingdong home, etc;

Second strand traditional medicine pharmacy in transition such as the electricity supplier Yixintang Yunnan, Shaanxi, by means of the line for many years experience in the pharmaceutical supply chain and the PRC, medicine and other advantages involved in medicine electricity supplier;

The third shares of companies involved in the pharmaceutical industry, such as the electricity supplier Medicine Health America Pharmaceutical, Tong Ren Tang;

Three evil dragons mixed medicine electricity supplier, mutual restraint mutual needs, intense competition in the pharmaceutical market liberalization customer, a client with incomplete cost competition has reached 200 yuan. The final winner, the key depends on the starting point for the electricity supplier medicine pain points solving skills, the ability to ground the supply chain of electronic business support capabilities, medical services, participate in the financial and competitive workforce;

Located in the ancient capital of thirteen Xi'an PRC, pharmaceutical chain, as China's top ten retail pharmaceutical chain, currently has 680 stores in Shaanxi, specialty pharmaceutical wholesale distribution companies a number, 11 Pu Tai of Chinese Medicine, Chinese Herbal Medicine Plant, pregnant the case of baby chains, convenience store chains and other formats, the chairman of Ho Yu, Wang Tong, general manager of the leadership is how to transition to the Internet in medicine, as the Northwest pharmaceutical commercial enterprises, human resources, the environment does not have the advantage, is how rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry is worth learning to re-examine, and perhaps many of the Yi medicine pharmaceutical electricity supplier electricity suppliers revelation will ever inspired!

Yee as a traditional medicine pharmaceutical retail enterprises to adapt to the tide, relying on the decision-making management level Yee 20 years of operating experience in medicine, a careful analysis of the competitive environment, the electricity supplier medicine combine their pharmaceutical supply chain advantage from the beginning of the layout of Medicine electricity supplier on the opposite, customer premise medication safety, from the customer needs to buy? Convenient to buy? Needs of professional pharmacy services as a starting point to cut medicine electricity supplier.

Pain from the pharmaceutical industry, the electricity supplier point of departure can not be ground service, to spend heavily to build three-dimensional Yee pharmaceutical business platform - free online doctor, quickly consumers in the PRC, the drug delivery home APP; health knowledge Daquan, emergency medication, new special medicine, nutritious home Yee focused micro-channel public number, based on 680 customers fast, interactive micro-channel development, and 10 community stores several professional diseases of micro-channel professional community, the manufacturers, hospitals, doctors, customers gathered in professional diseases WeChat community; active and work closely with various third-party medical platform, currently co-Lynx medicine museum, medical network, 360 good medicine, Jingdong Mall, Jingdong home, Baidu takeaway so steadily actively promoting for Yi Kang home own platform trial and error to learn advanced experience, also rich in its own stores sales channels.

With the current pharmaceutical B2C business platform for third-party medical trial to deal directly stop the outflow of hospital prescription drugs, drug distribution floor two-vote system, all kinds of medicine to accelerate the electricity supplier industry segments and ground services, but there is a flawed impassable, electric medicine Suppliers generally not at the cost of large profitable situation, which way to go, the PRC pharmaceutical medicine as a channel electricity supplier is so deal with it!

1, the first of its own blacksmith hard - under the new situation of health care reform, the overall domestic pharmaceutical development of e-commerce is still in its infancy. Inadequate laws and regulations, underdeveloped supporting logistics system, the lack of both information technology and pharmaceutical knowledge of compound talents and subject to policy reasons, medical e-commerce market immaturity and other factors. Yee pharmaceutical careful analysis of its core competitive edge, 400 million yuan invested heavily in a new 50,000 square meters of modern large-scale logistics warehousing base, the newly completed 38 acres of Chinese Herbal Medicine in September formally put into production, the existing information system the overall transformation of the 680 stores by location and store size segmentation characteristics of traditional medicines plus new category of professional pharmacy ---- hospital prescription drug efflux docking specialty stores; new drugs, nutritious specialty stores, community services and chronic disease management features shops; direct and rapid inquiry, medical specialty stores; cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, baby specialty stores, so that customer demand for more accurate and efficient.

Chairman Ho Yu believes that the key determinant of all things human. So inception of the PRC, with particular emphasis on personnel ladder culture. Training of personnel to take to go out, please come in waves professional training, professional pharmacists from each store must be equipped, weekly assessment pharmacy services, customer interaction Asking System, the network self-learning based training at any time libraries and effectively to protect the interests of customers as the starting point to do professional, meticulous and patient full intimate service training; chairman Yu Ho requirements after three years of development, the PRC pharmaceutical stores have spread from drug sales to pharmacy services, value-added services complete transformation in existing stores to sell drugs after three years based on the double sales, which means not considered on the basis of competition with pharmacy services, health large value-added services must reach 50% of store sales, a clear assessment of the direction, all efforts to improve the comprehensive full service experience, earnestly implement the interests of customers first, customers will use the RMB to the PRC pharmaceutical cast more votes. Based on this part of the original high-rise stores worried by rising concerns about the impact of the Internet costs decline in performance, specifically in the PRC medicine every year under the new shop grand strategy 150 4.0 pharmacy has been completely changed in the past worried about the burden now become Yee medicine the overall layout of a fortress.

2, starting from solving customer pain points, pay close attention to internal management, strengthen basic skills do 'have featured regionalization electricity supplier'

2.1, general manager Wang Tong requirements, each molecule group of companies must be based on customer service as the core connection, starting from the details emphasize synergy, cost-efficient to build the landing area with the core competitiveness of the chain system.

Yee is currently a regional brand chain in the Shaanxi region, using their own in

Brand reputation and influence in the region, through continuous learning and exploration, with new thinking and new technologies, to provide consumers to buy, buy Megumi, to buy quick, sell cool customer as the starting point of service quality experience ; Wang Tong, general manager of the electricity supplier that the medicine does not exist online and offline pure sense, not simply grafted resources, but needs to find customers pain points Xinyikang use all channels to provide customers with different medicine in different scenarios professional services, encompassing the hospital to make an appointment, regularly speaking tour specialist clinic, assisted three clinics, micro-channel interactive community needs, PRC, home APP online inquiry, PRC, home micro-channel public service number fast light, professional consultants call center 4.0 internet pharmacy stores remote interrogation, chronic disease care area, every day people health section, medical professional category preferential fixed platform, the mobile terminal and China mobile intelligent terminal and health, and television terminal Wei Planning Commission, the regional radio and television networks in Shaanxi traffic rapid Drug delivery ground service, a number of third-party professional service system platform 020 lines, PRC, medicine is a new attitude to build a three-dimensional network marketing to meet customer needs in different scenarios, the remodeling of the internet era and the brand image service system.

Yee 2.2 Pharmaceutical development Pharmaceutical electricity supplier is not blind, careful analysis of the competitive landscape and its advantages, starting from the industry pain points, short board itself and the industry's most competitive suppliers such as micro compensate doctors; many years of cooperation between manufacturers use a a breakthrough in the establishment of vendor integration of virtual operations center effective engagement rather than passive participation in marketing activities to promote the manufacturers policy; depending on the platform sales focus, competitive strategy effectively create different classes in different platforms sketch first industry sales; really go out peddler, although drugs are not let-out, but the community must be united to promote its educational experience uninterrupted interactive marketing, store each grid contractor surrounding communities regularly interact with community outreach activities, and so on measures to guarantee the rapid development of the PRC, medicine;

2,3, the pharmaceutical industry and the inevitable transformation of most of the traditional industries, there is a certain perception of the Internet problem, most companies simply believe that I made the Lynx, Jingdong, made himself APP, the micro-channel is the Internet! But ignoring the differences and the traditional sales model of Internet marketing for the enterprise supply chain has a very big challenge request, to solve the customer what the real pain points? Most corporate customers around the pseudo-point demand itch to invest, thinking person can completely change to keep up with the rhythm? Competition from a radius of one kilometer into the borderless space without restricting adaptation? Information technology solutions and the ability to break if there is time to meet the business needs? Internal integration and coordination capabilities are together? Whether they have the core competitiveness of enterprises continued competitiveness and so on more factors determine the success of the Internet! Yee medicine regularly organized full continuous learning, please come take go mode, industry experts, manufacturers, peer learning exchanges continue to strengthen internal competitiveness, not to follow the form of micro-off correction to ensure the correctness of strategic and tactical direction!

2.4 clear strategy in place to perform the best strategy is not strong executive floor can not be 100%

Wang Tong, general manager with a leading management decision-making careful analysis Fully pharmaceutical development of electronic business difficult at this stage floor, unable to meet customer demand for fast purchase of medicines security pain points, summed up the first to solve the customer to buy, buy fast, buy Megumi, Buy cool of basic needs;

For to buy pain points, PRC, a careful analysis of prior data store sales, according to the surrounding formats, timely adjustment of store operations where the center of gravity, to break the traditional chain of product homogeneity spell. For the past, the region surrounding storefront sales data analysis to customer demand, the product segments, the General category + category + regional needs regional culture that is focused on core product categories shop + electricity providers covering the whole category combined with category mode, the accuracy guarantee store product supply demand. PRC, while relying on the store many advantages, micro-grid difference with products supplied to facilitate coordinated support to meet within five minutes, 15 minutes combined logistics center warehouse mode supply security area, with the PRC, the appliance business APP, public micro-channel number, power sales customer service phone 4007 to ensure full three-dimensional information flow, goods flow, timely logistics of fast. Push into the community departments, units will buy medicine to the PRC, quality assured, My best idea of multi-directional high frequency transfer to customers, allow customers to buy medicine of choice for the PRC, crashed about completely resolved without medicine run, establish the PRC of medicines of good quality, the whole concept of occupation category customers mind;

Demand for quick buy, buy to first solve the problem, it will not because no cargo delays in customer valuable time. According to customers according to their needs, in the PRC, home APP, micro-letters, telephone customer service 4007, WeChat community TV client, store fast delivery orders or select from mentioning the PRC, medicine will be the first time the Internet under the single SMS notification customer delivery time or location and comes from mentioning store telephone to facilitate customer demand for timely connection. The fastest 5 minutes to customer needs rapid delivery, and comes with professional guidance recommends medication; prescription drugs for sale, is also actively exploring the PRC medicine, combined with micro doctors and doctors of their own stores, online doctors, good customer service requirements, customers without multiple trips to hospital for the purchase of medicines according to prescriptions;

For buy the 'bounty' in demand, manufacturers of direct cooperation and adhere to the PRC, to talk about separate recovery mode by the system to meet the needs of the wholesale and retail. Shorten product turnover, by signing some products consumption structure in advance payment to reduce product prices by manufacturers virtual operations center policy support to meet the precise needs of the customer base by lowering the cost of a fixed time, and so on through data analysis of drug prices generally cheaper than their peers , part of more than 50% cheaper drugs to stimulate customers to choose Yikang Xin Lai Yikang!

For the 'cool' needs to buy, PRC, adhere to customer interests above everything else, higher than the national standards to control the quality of products, to take vote veto, multiple regulators to ensure product safety. For medicines not simply supply customers, but from a professional point of view to provide professional, dedicated consultants angle, angle of family members of the PRC, timely, distinguished personalized service needs, relying on word of mouth and the Internet to promote the combination allows customers to choose once Yee They will not easily run away.

2.5 diversified value-added services reflect the value of the PRC members to meet customer demand than expected

Yee home APP designed from the start to the PRC customer Why choose home APP medicines starting point for page interaction design, online, free medical services from different populations within 10 seconds to find their desired products, such people distinguish the entrance, entrance to distinguish disease, common entrance season, according to quickly name drugs, more generic search name, pharmaceutical companies, the symptoms of rapid purchase of medicines, were the focus of product marketing module fixed for different customer groups, absolutely fast and timely delivery, stored gifts, lower product prices and other incentives to attract customers in multiple PRC, home to consume;

For chronic disease of customers, stores and headquarters were a combination of service marketing approach to care. Daily professional knowledge of pathology reports, daily life precautions, medication professional guidance, some stores timely detection of disease, VIP customers and inconvenient for customers home inspection, professional medical clinic will exchange, free home drug delivery, membership contract to provide a number of special price Customer value-added services;

For pregnant baby crowd, Yee medicine from the beginning of pregnancy customers joint cooperation hospital confinement center, filing the relevant manufacturers to give care to talk about points for the PRC pharmaceutical system and related agencies to discuss cooperation in services, the selection of reliable partners provide professional services group purchase price. Combined Yee Lok Po professional pregnant baby infant chain, giving infants and pregnant populations than expected from a full range of value-added pharmaceutical care products, medical services, privacy and honor, quality and price, service organizations experience exchanges. In the maternal crowd 'bonanza' zone to expand cross-industry alliance marketing activities;

Yee medicine believe pharmaceutical channel electricity supplier is never simply the product onto the line, to the price, but to a customer point of view to solve customer pain points through a multi-level multi-faceted services to quickly meet the customer's true needs. Lay the basic skills, the PRC, the home will be major efforts to the full range of publicity, so that more customers to benefit from the PRC, brought home safe and efficient and convenient services. Yee medicine in the process of construction of the electricity supplier has done a lot, there are difficulties, by the multi-reason can not be itemized updating.

Step has been a long journey to travel again, PRC, specializing in medicine rely on 20 years of pharmaceutical supply chain system to break the traditional medicine of self-trading business mindset, closely rely on the Internet to be closely connected to hospitals, doctors, manufacturers, customers through a multi-faceted, multi-platform, to meet customer demand for personalized in a number of different scenarios. Seek high standing height, the PRC, the home of all employees to keep on learning, focusing on solving customer pain points, at different levels will be phased category breakthrough, industry segment leaders, and cooperation has maintained high-speed ahead, forge ahead with new forms temper Group By truly implement customer interests as the starting point medicine continuously explore new electricity supplier mode.


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