Support for KA store (on)

No single supplier have been in cooperation with the association of supermarkets hurt brains, let you happy makes you worry, hypermarkets that have this magic. How to get support supermarkets, so that more cooperation and more joy less worry, many suppliers are very concerned about the issue, because it supported supermarkets means more and better sales opportunities, which means there are more the money to be made. Here let us work together to analyze and share ideas and experiences to solve this problem. Support for KA point of interest before trying to do one thing, we must put the interests of points make it clear how much interest the decision of how much we pay. Support for hypermarkets exactly which can bring benefits to the suppliers it? A point of interest: You can fight for more and better sales opportunities, increase sales and profits. Is a mutually beneficial business relationship nature of the relationship between suppliers and supermarkets on its core is the pursuit of interest. Cooperation was good and bad, which is a direct manifestation becomes more or less sales and profits. A supplier boss told me that he finally recognize the fact that in the face of a brutal truth: good communication and supermarkets is very important! Good communication can have 10 million yuan performance, only 100 million poor communication performance, and why? Communication is good smooth, vendors and resources to support what supermarkets are complex; communication is bad, nothing to what the supplier, the business simply can not do. Visibility, good communication and hypermarkets suppliers can sell for more and better opportunities for themselves, improve performance and profits. So, to find a way and hypermarkets good communication and cooperation to find ways to get resources and support. Two points of interest: the store's resources are limited, to fight for their opponents would not thereby suppress competition. Peer is the enemy, as a rival business, you have done I did not have to do, hello me miserable. Brutal facts reveals fierce competition: the strong survive and the weak perish. Hypermarkets have limited resources, it is impossible to give an unlimited suppliers. Faced with a number of suppliers, it can give only a small portion, so that the inclination of resources have a choice. That is, the resources to store the A supplier, that supplier B might not, especially in the same category of product groups, the store will definitely support a supplier, as the resources finally gets it depends on supplier performance and the strength. Interest point three: Protect your money, reduce the pressure back section. In order to seize market share, compete for position resources, hypermarkets frantically expanded stores, suppliers of business is also growing in width. Supply discuss bigger problem has cropped up, as long as the shop had a working capital 100,000 yuan, now 10 stores will 100 million, 50 stores will 5 million yuan! Moreover, hypermarkets billing cycle is generally two to three months, this will inevitably prolong suppliers fund settlement cycle; Moreover, many supermarkets secretly with suppliers to payment turnover, investment, shop, and then all sorts of high-sounding the reason receivable owed suppliers, which undoubtedly increases the financial pressure on suppliers. 2004 Emerging stores closed shop evaporated absconding incident created panic, supplier financial risks encountered unprecedented challenges. In view of this 'changing' market situation?!


? Reduce the risk of payment, must maintain good communication and cooperation relationship with supermarkets, so that it can give priority to the right to payment settlement - supermarkets often key customers to ensure the normal settlement, will be settled pressures and risks passed on to other suppliers who. Supplier Important: In cooperation with the supermarkets, the first requirement is to ensure the safety of funds, are not out, back to real money is true!