The key is to change the channel lost counter homeopathic! Nongfushangquan prepared to engage in large customers will go back again!

As a benchmark for Chinese food and beverage industry, FMCG, Nongfushangquan every move has been concern. Recently, a significant reduction on its number of dealers in favor of the implementation of large customers made the news in the widely circulated around this discussion also numerous.

It seems to me this moment, the farmer Springs implementation of large customer system move is temporary, it will certainly go back.

Nongfushangquan large customers to implement the system time is really ripe yet

Everyone is stressed in the passage precision farming, regional roots, when Nongfushangquan implementing large customers made the news that many people stunned. However, the system of large customers really do intensive market and its contrary it?

This is clearly a misleading impression of bias flow.

In fact, the system itself is also large customers have a lot of benefits, such as by reducing the number of low-quality dealers, it helps to reduce the difficulty of management and point of distribution costs; help stabilize the market price order to control these goods; helps to reduce help sales difficulty swap personnel and other resources and to enhance efficiency and output unit person; favor by supporting stronger quality dealers improve channel quality.

However, when the long-term implementation of a long-term As before multi-channel distribution-intensive businesses, abandoned channel strategy in favor of the implementation of the system, when large customers, but also need to meet some corresponding conditions.

First, even if a significant reduce the number of dealers, can be done with a standard terminal controllable channels.

One can imagine that in Nongfushangquan this channel change, those blacklist dealers will inevitably accepts two choices: either to accept the merger, by the dealer into a distribution supported by another Suppliers distributor; the second is to quit. The former is better, said before the operation of modern trade, traditional channels, A, B, C, D shop did, but interest in the position and the corresponding channel hierarchy is reduced; the latter, out of control and the loss of existing terminals the possibility of relatively high.

To do less loss, depending on the focus of so few points:

First, in Nongfushangquan distribution system, we established a relatively complete and timely updates of the terminal database, documented.

Second, Nongfushangquan help sales personnel in the distribution area, distribution, exhibition, promotion and so did many things, the status of the regional market dealers and other capital providers only assume, warehousing and distribution providers and clearing functions, in fact, things dry Nongfushangquan live is their own people, if that is the case, in the end actually Nongfushangquan own hands, do not worry about the loss.

Third, the large customers by enabling the ability and willingness to cooperate with the farmer spring to expand storage capacity, lack of new delivery vehicles, business people and increase the number of promoters claim.

Because the number of dealer cuts Correspondingly, a large amount of customer tasks that will increase the support of financial capacity, warehousing and distribution capabilities, access routes and car sales marketing and other daily tasks will also increase. In the past, under the next model, the farmer can not just by virtue of their spring sales staff will be able to visit, safeguard all terminals in Nongfushangquan itself does not increase staff input case, you need to join the dealers.

In the case of the farmer spring not to make commitments in return and interest transfer, to get dealers to join, plus cars, plus storage, plus money is a very difficult thing, perhaps this is Nongfushangquan commitment bare factory price and at the same time responsible for the causes of all operating costs.

However, some very stressed relationship through special channels, there is still a high risk of loss.

Second, do the relief market turmoil preparation.

A basic fact is that when we put a dealer of a regional market into two or into four pieces emphasize small areas of deep plowing, we basically see sales decline, but in exchange for sales growth; however If more than one dealer in turn will become a region of a time, there is a much greater risk of shrinking market.

Outstanding relief this risk, we need to do is usually prepared as follows:

First, the first is to do the next 3-6 psychologically monthly shipments may decline preparation. Large customers in the implementation of the system when there will be a transition period and the transfer market, on the one hand is facing out as a dealer may not, on the other hand is not ready to take over the dealers in terms of resources and capacity, there is inevitably a shock cycle.

Second, the prevention of 'hell,' the dealer the possibility of retaliation. The dealers do not face out as actually a not bad situation, the more anxious people get angry it is that this part of the dealers malevolence in the low-priced dumped goods like. To this end, we carry out a similar Mopai before dealer inventory change channels, freeze shipments, as well as to make risk assessment and its dealers have plans for their necessity.

Third, for large customers to do business planning and support of safeguards implementation. Before a dealer Task 2.5 million now 5 million, or before 5 million now 10 million, to support the task of large customers increased significantly by the need to find a way to vent. Among these way to expand the number and type of channels and the possible increase in the market area of course it is very important to implement, but requires manufacturers to help dealers make a more detailed business plan capable of landing.

For example, the dealer will be the first area is divided into several small areas, each small area increment number is reasonable and reachable; how many of each type of single-store network output, the old area, the old network resources through investment and so much can be incremental to be developed, or how many new outlets and how much capacity can reach; to develop and make these outlets and the number of personnel required inputs and distribution vehicle ...... these business plan is to complete a predetermined sales target plan, the more solid the more execution floor, are more complete protection.

In this process, we need to note that there is much too dependent on business accounting problems wholesale distribution channels, otherwise, the system for the implementation of the early big heart of one of the clients' order and to stabilize the market price system 'on difficult to achieve at the same time is constant 'control terminal' in the pursuit will not.

Nongfu Spring also eat 'look back'

The world is divided for a long time or not, together for a long minute. The manufacturers, but also the region's total dealer, the dealer market cut into a plurality of operation, the market mess, after prices hit back to wear large customer remodeling cycle, the ebb and flow.

Lee appears on the regime, the farmer spring after the implementation of a large system customers, market segmentation head back to the region to regain a small regional distributors intensive farming is inevitable. One reason is mainly the following points.

First, the market will maintain in a small number of large customers who, with respect to the market to do more dealers, the higher the risk of being kidnapped.

Diandaqike, business big bully factory! When a business is a dealer market share in this market reached 40%, 60%, 80%, the sales staff to treat the dealers need to take just the right attitude, because indeed affect the whole body, regional market reached sales targets too much influence; holding pet and arrogant, these dealers themselves will also appear on a change of mind and with the degree of execution.

When a market by a number of dealers into operation only when a dealer, the dealer's own resources and capabilities, and the market will be sold each cover and intensive farming area and marketability channels generate constraints.

Second, too much to bear and regional sales channel types, can really control the terminal and do high-end precision farming dealers are not many.

If a dealer guy to eat is to do the channel, but they are also often a short board in the channel operation of regional markets. This question leads to frequent many factors:

First, although now come to a new, old dealer or alternately 'successor' upper stage, but there are still a large number started in the 1980s and 1990s dealer, and their sense of market operations mode setting, very difficult to change. Lee regime had helped FMCG companies as a benchmark in the field of some of Hengan International Group, to promote sales management change, often found in these processes whether it is new or old dealer, the dealer actually exists in a large number of 'content with' groups, they do not have any great pursuit, the market is almost done, life is still moist on it. The presence of these dealer groups, hampering control of the terminal, a very significant factor in precision farming terminal. Conversely, farmer spring in this channel change, the presence or absence of clear criteria system, in the end choose to keep and what kind of support the auto type is very important.

Second, the input and output is expected to be made as to whether the dealer with deep plowing and implementation of regional, important criterion terminal and intensive farming inputs, if the manufacturer does not reach the expected support, if the market price of the order is not restored to their 'security line' If added, increasing the car's lack of confidence in investment on output, dealers will lack motivation and willingness to go deep market. For example, for C, D store development, township-depth coverage of the market and so on.

If now the big customers made in the national market, if implemented, farmers have had three spring, a regional market now operating four auto dealers only one responsible for this dealer just put on the front of the output is expected talk about the situation, then Nongfushangquan large customer system will be a big problem in the realization of intensive regional markets.

Third, the dealers themselves have the resources and capacity of the radius. They are involved in a small area and the market range, the good and the type of channel and channel resources owned, their investment criteria, they will often determine the limitations of operating in a 'box' in the market.

Dealer insufficient, Nongfushangquan to fill? Policy changes Nongfushangquan bare factory price and bear all operating costs, as well as its frontline sales staff to configure their mode of operation, is in favor of breaking the limits of resources and the ability to auto radius, but this will be the same dealers and awareness Effort Moreover Nongfushangquan own resources are limited.

Third, the small number of dealers, and does not represent a market order to be good.

The quality and quantity of dealers between the market price of the order amount, although a direct relationship, but not necessarily. Under realistic circumstances, a reasonable level of sales tasks, auto sales target path dependence, and put their heart and return algorithm inside the 'small thinking', hit the high price of changing commodity sectors - wholesale distribution channels dependence ...... have a significant impact on the market price of the order is good or bad.

Since the start of the implementation of large customer system now, do deep plowing and intensive farming region of the terminal, it can not cure the market disorder, but also the risk of being kidnapped dealers, this moment, Nongfushangquan Why should we have a large client system on one way to do?

In fact, a dealer Nongfushangquan following distributors, as well as in the implementation of this large client system process that turned the original dealer support Distributors Dealers under, but also the abolition of large customers Nongfushangquan future system turned develop a good little intensive farming area type auto reserve and FLAC.

Channels repeatedly, focusing on reverse loss of homeopathy

Any reversal of the plot has its inevitability. The farmer spring or, other companies worth mentioning, whether regional multi-dealer system or large system customers, no matter how repetitive cycle, to have a good result, all focusing on the loss against homeopathy.

The so-called reverse losses, is to succeed is contrary to the basic laws of the market, is making us lose reasonable growth and profits, healthy and sustainable development of the market order, and controllable terminal regain compliance and other things to the normal track, the so-called homeopathic is to comply with the basic trends can be observed while the. Both are we to carry out the channel change, the basic point of the channel repeatedly occur.

Homeopathic said, I think the following points in particular to attract our attention.

A redesigned channel transaction value chain and potential adjustment to the inevitable.

Dealer link channel is a transaction chain links of decomposition, such as warehousing, distribution, distribution, distribution, exhibition, co-marketing, promotion, price management, settlement of payment, etc., we are more reasonable approach is the dealer in this channel the transaction chain made a number of aspects of the thing, is doing well, then I'll give you a corresponding number of returns.

But in the past, a long time is that some dealers even in most sectors are involved in every aspect, but some dealers only the warehousing, distribution business, but we took the same in return; or Some manufacturers in terms of the strength of their business ,, staff do a lot of other manufacturers in the opinion should be to get things in relation to the dealer, and the dealer's return, but he is not reduced, it is unreasonable.

Under the growing emphasis on fine management background and links gains reset channel transaction value chain increasingly its necessity. This is actually reshape the vendor relationship is very important link.

Second, the dealer groups will be more types of differentiation, we will also need more types of dealers, rather than the last set of fixed criteria.

Each company in the auto selection and evaluation has a fixed set of criteria, but in my opinion, the set of standards become more and more obsolete.

The main reason is that in which: under the new situation of business and consumer behavior big change, more and more new distributors or format is able to participate in the transaction and to shoulder our channel one or a few aspects of the business forces continue to emerge, while the dealer group itself is also differentiation, transformation and change. For example, appears directly to our product distribution to consumer users and sent them to the hands of dealers, to help us be responsible for display, promotion and other services to perform dealer, O2O types of dealers, Internet-based platform for direct distribution, distribution to the terminal stores dealer. After such a differentiation, dealer things done more with their ability to focus on the appropriate link more and more professional.

That is, the possibility of future such a situation: several dealers as regional market is now not only compete with each other or are you like you do, and I do mine, but more functionally cooperate with a complementary .

Third, the role thrust on desalination channels, but the terminal intensive farming is still the main theme of the FMCG industry.

Like Lee regime 'from the trend to Recon: Future Business + Transformational Decade of Change and the new eco-businesses,' a book of the same judgment, the smart mobile Internet and beyond the era of things, along with the related art, and commercial platform supporting forces emerge and mature, scattered at various points and produced a range of consumer goods manufacturers and brands have become close and possibilities and conditions, which will result in the chain of marketing channels middle forces - dealers, Erpi groups such as the collapse of the situation to some extent. At the same time that, because of the beginning, and finally ends can take place more direct communication and trade relations, as well as online and offline channels to consume more of the emergence of the importance of the consumer end user consumer marketing behavior reaches from the manufacturer improving, and keep the importance of this group of dealers began to reduce thrust.

Nevertheless, similar farmer spring so low, random, impulsive FMCG, we still need to follow that is to appear to stimulate demand, namely the demand to think, think of that is to see, to see the basic law that is available. That is, the end of the regional market intensive farming is still the main theme of the market we operate.

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There was a company taking into account their own channels too many links, each link of the channel members are spread lack of competitiveness; auto area is too large, difficult to form the focus put on the market and in every gap in the market is difficult to form precision farming, etc. question, the defendant before the big total distribution mode, devoting himself to a small area of the total distribution model.

But then the fact that it now expected a far cry from the enterprise: a small area designated dealers greatly increased, mouth to mention the policy difficulties businesses more; another complaint Cuanhuo problems more; dealers are also and not have their own products in that third of an acre on land intensive, but waiting for advertising, promotion, help sales support ...... old problems have not been resolved, and their logistics costs, help sales costs, maintenance costs, market in the surge.

This allows the company's head quite a few annoyed. Bitter experience a reflection, before the discovery of the large total distribution model is more suitable for them, so plan to return channel mode. But how should we return it?

According to the previous channel model like? But the previous channel mode of the existence of the problem remains unresolved. This is how should we solve it? Looking concept acceptance, sales team, distribution tools have the ability to do direct disk access to the dealer terminal is more appropriate. Thus, part of the dealer distribution system available to reduce its interest to obtain some protection.

Investment dealers weak capacity gaps in the market how to do? We can engage in these markets to help sales, M & E together with distributors to expand, after the completion of a certain shelves Distribution Index, and then to the dealer; or by setting some 'gaps in the market development award', 'weak market Enhancement Award 'like the award to conduct sales contests, incentives and dealer reclamation blank weak market.

All existing dealers cut separately retort election? No, existing distributors there are some doing well, we should keep quality dealers, with high-quality low-quality auto dealers mergers site; they can even consider others better business into a disk access Dealer Distributor system where the members.

If we set off repeated sports channels are feasible? No, this thing was a rainy day ready to do first: a first find out the dealer's inventory, in order to prevent rejection of the goods retaliation; Second, we must find the total distribution of disk access, in order to avoid market lean; three give existing dealers who do set class distinction, with good discrimination.

If you are planning repeated channels are bound to experience some similar problems. However, the case of the above features with the case, is not necessarily suitable for all channels to carry out repetitive motion companies. Here, we need to summarize some basic rules.

First, anyone who thinks that the channel repeatedly immutable copy previous channel model, is wrong.

Because there exist two basic facts: First, the reason why the previous channel mode will experience change, because it is in itself problematic; second is to return to the old way channel, and now the channel environment there may be something different conventional factors.

For example, the rise or decline of major competitors, their products or brand enhancement weakening force, the strength of market support policy changes, etc., are in happen.

In other words, our channel repeated movement, should be subject to change, but to adapt to the situation repeated.

Second, again, the problem is not repeated, but repeated in solving problems.

The channel model to return to in situ the problems, we have to do a good job to resolve them repeatedly before preparation; this channel repeatedly and will move to the interests of some people, to prevent their obstruction and retaliation, reduce market abnormal turbulence, it is necessary to find out their low, preventive and counseling work.

Third, whether before repeatedly, or after determining repeated, we are involved to 'stick.'

Although the 'plan does not change quickly,' but quickly change the channel, but it is taboo for all enterprises, and should be firmly circumvented. This caution is in us, in spite of the time we make the channel change decision might be hesitant, but after made a decision, they should adhere to.

And to adhere to the best comment is: investment and action, rather than just try holding the attitude, the action fear fear feet, when investment and investment and resolve not resolved.

Of course, the risk of dealing with this issue and during the best way, is a small-scale pilot.

Fourth, repeated to achieve corporate strategic objectives, rather than to deal with the problem in the short term.

Lack of city letter, corporate strategic planning and resource deficit, should not become the main theme behind the channel repeatedly. About real channels repeatedly, it should be the strategic objectives.

For example, we should strengthen the control over the market, strengthen product market penetration and market share, import channels, personal help sell, integrate internal and external resources and depth of distribution channels, etc., may once again become the object of our repeated.

Obviously, the above described primarily for some of the more common situation of repeated channel set. Finally, I wish you all the best channels in the road repeatedly.

Reproduced indicate: This article Source public number of business trends (ID: lizhengquan02), author Lee regime, the exchange of micro letter: lizhengquan01.