Difficult to do business mainly boss incompetent (on)

Distressed boss more and more, put it up is: 'not to do business.' In fact, the boss said, as criminals, said: 'The recent wind is very tight', as has become the habit of thinking.

Not to do business how to do?

In other industries?

Taobao or buy a time machine, before trying to cross to do when business is good?

Or worship a great God, a move effective to give a spell, every minute to get all the customers?

In fact, the objective, this business is fundamentally not a good time to do, now is not difficult, but always difficult, or that more and more difficult, which is why the boss is always the root cause of the minority resides. If business is good, it would achieve a people business, national boss.

Another point of view, the business itself is a highly intelligent person exclusive, insisting that business is bad, is not a comprehensive assessment of your own intelligence? Do not force, not the IQ level, but have to play the game IQ, their teeth very hard to accept.

Of course, a major feature is the Chinese people are determined not to admit, not to find the cause, a problem always likes to emphasize objective reasons, this is not good business to do, when it comes to the root, the overwhelming majority owners own reasons, but life and death is not willing to admit, and refused to improve, therefore, come to be the current business assessment, can not do it do not do, every day, complained to Ganhao too boring.

First, the total consumption is still not in?

Regardless of the industry, as long as the total consumption is still, still have to do business, there is space for survival and development.

Second, money or stealing money

There are total consumption, but more counterparts, we naturally want to grab business, this money is not earned, but rather to grab, then the boss take the initiative to have this money-consciousness and behavior? Who are stealing money? First, you have to grab your nearest peers! How to grab? Enhance their overall combat capability, for peer weaknesses, take the initiative to snatch! If not take the initiative to start looting, but also expect others to stay out of the business opportunity you? Further, the intensity is set, it can not simply grab points over the business, but to within the legal category, the peer to close the whole bankruptcy as the goal, not the efforts and decisions, a few superficial harassment, but also nothing role. Therefore, commercial competition is cut-throat, the club does not fall, do not send home the West.

Third, we studied the market it?

Competitors Ye Hao, Ye Hao downstream customers, consumer trends or, these factors constitute a market environment, and these factors can not boss around, only to study, to do in-depth understanding. So that business is bad bosses, these studies do have work to understand it?

Competitors' operation, operating characteristics, weak points where the direction of development and so the situation, you have the survey know? If there is not enough to understand, even to attack competitors, you can find the exact point of attack?

Downstream customers have visited it? How visited density? What are the main contents of the visit? After the visits have analyzed it? There are corresponding measures introduced it? If downstream customers do not understand, even if the boss wants to put some support, I am afraid can not find effective investment spot. For example, in the past two years winery sink terminal, to establish a direct relationship between smoking hotel, driven by the lack of research, it is still the conventional mode of thinking, to support smoking hotel investment still concentrated in purchase incentives, display incentives, banquets and other traditional tourism level, and we all thought, leading to the homogenization of marketing strategy, put into effect offset.