Lateral thinking, unique in the world of innovation nirvana

Beginning in 2004, I officially mentioned lateral thinking and breaking marketing concept has been 12 years, and I've been at this for 12 years of innovation, especially in marketing innovations continue to explore, so why do we realize the lack of innovation in China spirit and innovative capacity, which is our traditional logical thinking of the decision, and we are talking about innovation, are all linked with the Internet, and some even think the mention of the Internet is innovation.

We should know that the Internet is not created by China, but the Americans; or + Internet + Internet is a simple tool to use, it is not a true innovation Alibaba Ma electric business model is not created, but from Amazon! ; QQ direct copying ICQ, Baidu from Google; bit mode abroad have already been made. In China, all Internet companies are directly copied from abroad, no one is truly on their own original.

We have a strong desire for innovation, but just do not know how to achieve real innovation. Which country is also no mechanism to provide a complete, like the Internet can be free to use all of the innovative methods and tools for innovation still remain in our slogan, I no exaggeration to say that, today, all to 'innovation' concept promoted for experts and lecturers, all flicker! Because, truly innovative approaches and innovative tools only lateral thinking.

I diligently spread Shen Kun lateral thinking ten years, there have been friends asked me, what is lateral thinking? It is logical thinking and what is the difference between the two? Innovation is how to accomplish? As well as some questions related to this. Although my 'lateral thinking' (skhxsw) - China has released an exclusive innovation to explore a platform to explain a lot of lateral thinking about the innovative question, but I think in detail about lateral thinking again explain differences of lateral thinking and logical thinking place, and how to use lateral thinking to innovate, innovation exactly what kinds of species, and so on.

I would like to say something about logical thinking we humans are currently widely used. As we all know, logical thinking is an efficient mode of thinking, the so-called mode refers to a mechanism along a predetermined track run repeatedly, such as canals, roads, high-speed rail, pipeline routes and production equipment! In thinking, logic pattern defining a low, black and white, good or bad, the length of the poles of right and wrong, as two high-speed rail track, so that our thinking can be defined along the rail route, efficiently handle daily affairs.

Fast judge things, in order to make the right decisions, is a major feature of logical thinking. For example, when a person does something bad, we soon found that he was bad, so we will be vigilant intercourse with him, even with his contacts will remind people pay attention. In everyday affairs, we often use the judgments and decisions, but judgment is often based on the experience of the mind and store information. For example, when we see a new kind of fruit, or a new way of eating, since the brain lack the experience and information, we can hardly make a judgment, we can not confirm whether it is what kind of fruit or is not a fruit.

Since logical thinking is a mode of thinking, there is a readily through education and learning to master features, in fact, even if the children did not attend school, because parents accepted the logic of education and the environment around the beginning of the formation of mind logical thinking, for example, 'a cry someone will pay attention to me, it will come to hold me,' 'I'm happy, my parents will be more happy,' 'can not talk to strangers' or 'can not eat food from strangers.' etc., which is the logic of education. And go to school, they will accept the logic of a more rigorous education.

So the question is, when everyone through education and the formation of the same logical pattern thinking, innovation has become the accidental and luxury! Because logical thinking itself congenital lack of innovation, this model is not as innovative as such, just to deal with daily affairs and design. In addition, since we are receiving the same kind of logical thinking education, so you can think of something, other people can think.

Logical thinking in itself is a luxury to talk about innovation, because innovation in the logic model, is the need to trigger too much chance, even we have to wait for inspiration to come, which is why there are too many unknowns of innovation too difficult, we need to costly investment of time, energy and the economy, which is why, in our business in China, and is full of reasons to imitate the cottage.

The lateral thinking is entirely different, first of all, it is not a model, because it is impossible to define, and even deliberately not limited to the boundaries of our thinking, this is like a pool of water on the table, the four spread constantly, we who I do not know where it will flow? So, there are good and bad in logical thinking, right or wrong poles in lateral thinking it would be 'Anything is possible.' Lateral thinking because thinking tentacles can extend into every corner, so it can produce more and better new ideas and new things, new ideas, some new things even completely beyond our logical categories, such as 100 years ago, if we are with people Talking about the Internet, it is almost time to let people Kuangyun endless!

Lateral thinking is not limited to, uncontrollable, no pattern, so that our thinking can go into an infinite space, can give birth to new ideas endless, new things and new ideas, we have to do is to use logical thinking to judge these new things, new opinions and ideas of the value and use of barriers when and how to play their proper value. Lateral thinking is an innovation, but also a creative problem solving methods and tools.

What is creative problem solving? For example, automotive oil plug, we have the tendency to clogging debris clean even solve the problem, but it will extend lateral thinking think: how do I do, I never blocked passage? You do not even need this carburetor it? With such thinking, then as long as the use of lateral thinking and innovative tools, you can give birth to a new carburetor does not need a car. So, in fact, it is a kind of lateral thinking creative thinking!

It is easy to manage logical thinking through education you can, because it has a model to follow; and lateral thinking is very difficult to control, because the water is uncertain shape, and we need to think along its four Consideration collision, and the spread of good thinking find valuable creative point! As I often tell my disciples say, to learn to use methods and tools is not difficult, the difficulty is a person's level of thinking, the level is not high enough, you can not accurately determine the value of new things in the birth of lateral thinking, it can not determine the value of it is possible to miss and the loss of opportunities for innovation.

Next, I would like to briefly talk about several models of innovation, the first one is the continued increase innovation, is an enterprise or institution on the basis of the original product or equipment on continuous technological improvement, so as to continuously enhance the original product or equipment An innovative type of technical performance and efficacy of the product, which is so far been widely used in the field of a variety of the more common types of innovation. For example, fashion designers, according to the characteristics of the Qing Dynasty women everyday clothing, which was modified into a female dress with a modern style of dress, which is a typical characteristic of dress according to the original, be modified or re-layout style on the formation of a new style of clothing, but the basic clothing styles did not change.

In the field of home appliances, the first generation of products can only be used for cooking rice cooker, and later on the basis of business constantly increasing number of other functions such as congee cooking outside, soup and so on through basic innovations that will simply cooker, through continued increase innovation practices, improved integrated into a versatile home cooking. Chinese people shouting innovation, almost 99% of the logic mode Continued increase innovation, little change in the form of innovation can be born because of variations in the form of innovation must resort to lateral thinking, logic or limitations scientists bounce back!

Variable forms of innovation, that is, we often say subversive innovation refers not change or reverse the process of historic change are things, such innovations, almost subverts the original concept, it can be said, has been the result of innovation not the original thing, and such cars out of the carriage, a digital camera out of a film camera, you can even create a vacuum in the sky flying manned aircraft, and is currently being used worldwide Internet technology. Need to purchase tickets before they can enter the restaurant Duke of Vienna in 2015 I created - elegant art restaurant, and in 2016 created Hero wine, it is to subvert the traditional dining and traditional liquor marketing mode of operation.

And our understanding of Chinese lateral thinking is very superficial, even ridiculous to retain this explanation on Baidu Encyclopedia: Lateral thinking means that a person has the characteristic sideways thinking to think ...... while you can control and proficiency in the use lateral thinking to innovate practice people are more rare, although many people mention lateral thinking, creative people mentioned more, but they really understand lateral thinking it? They really understand innovation or innovation will do? If you really like this, we Chinese will not be called a country cottage!

I was the first Chinese to explore the role of lateral thinking lateral thinking and innovation in marketing real people, from 1998 to today's 18 years, I have almost every year a number of new discoveries, and constantly creating and perfecting a transverse thinking as the core of innovative methods and tools, complete theoretical system of innovation and lateral thinking, and innovative marketing plan through my practice, to promote the development of lateral thinking. I will divine mission, to explore and promote lateral thinking, encourage more people to use lateral thinking to achieve more subversive innovation!

The most successful is, I personally think laterally proficient consummate innovative tools, in particular, can artificially create more fortuitous event to trigger the source of our ideas, led me to the marketing planning process, always able to find more subversive ideas, submitted to the customer are three or more innovative marketing planning programs, so that customers truly screaming point!

Lateral thinking is really a problem with a strong ability to innovate solutions tool, once skillfully control lateral thinking, you've just have ordinary people do not have a strong ability to crack the problem, you can enter any positions in any company, even pay to be filled asking price, because they have such a god, you're the baby business, real talent, who will jump at you!

Learning lateral thinking does not require qualifications, even lower education learn faster because educated people generally have rigorous logic, lateral thinking it does not make sense to accept the difficulties, from the point of view of the effectiveness of lateral thinking is true in today's world the canon, we must first learn to think laterally Palace since before their logical thinking, will certainly be possessed by the Devil.

Marketing people mastered lateral thinking, equal to a martial arts person opened the Renduermai, you will have a super strong marketing insights and innovative ability, make your business always become the focus of the industry; skill mastered lateral thinking, you immediately become a scientist with a strong inventions; adman learn lateral thinking, your brain has become equal to a creative machine, anywhere can have a strong creative batch.

Finally, I want to warn those who take the 'thinking' Bluff pseudo-experts masters, lateral thinking can easily trafficking is not a mode of thinking, not a way of thinking, but a creative way of thinking and logical thinking coexist, is a methods and tools for innovation pure species, is a thinking skills can crack any puzzle, it is a way to harness inspiration super artifact! More lateral thinking innovation mysteries, chaired by me welcome attention to take care of the Chinese exclusive Creative Discovery Platform: lateral thinking.