Technology transfer, so you happy to let you worry

Have commercial value technology, intangible assets, but also the core competitiveness! To reflect the value of technology, it must be transformed into line with market rules, with a market competitive products!

Technology into competitive products, the need for consumer trends, the target customer demand, industry development trend, competitors and other accurate analysis and judgment, in order to capture market opportunities, eventually technology into products in line with market opportunities.

Water can carry a boat, can also overturn it!

Years of consulting experience, seen many companies due to the success of blockbuster technology transfer, but also due to a technical failure of the conversion in trouble, in general, business-to-market perception more clear, the higher the success rate of technology transfer, on the contrary, market awareness fuzzy, technology transfer failure rate higher!

Win totem marketing agency Zhuo believes that technology transfer should be market-oriented, based on objective judgment based on the market, in order to target customer needs first, imperfect, scientific market research analysis to make a judgment:

1, a first demand

Better than the first!

The first requirement is the use of consumer products the most urgent expectations, can not solve the first demand, no matter how good the product features is difficult to impress consumers.

A drink, before drinking this drink is most looking forward to a comfortable taste, followed by the function value of the beverage, no one is willing to endure hard to swallow drinks, therefore, it is the first taste of the beverage needs of consumers, but also subjective the primary criterion for judging whether a favorite beverage. For pharmaceuticals, consumer expectations are the most urgent efficacy of drugs, as long as the fast recovery, taste problems can be overcome, so that the efficacy of the drug is the first demand of consumers, but also consumers judge the quality of the primary drugs of this standard.

Worked for a food company to provide marketing consulting services, this company mastered Pueraria liquid extraction technology, developed a drink Kudzu, for product and market confidence rally, initial listing in the regional market and put in a lot of advertising push synchronization, after the sharp rise in product sales continued to fall rapidly, repeatedly adjust the marketing strategy, sales lackluster!

After research diagnostic products bitter taste is the root cause of sales nosedive, this enterprise product efficacy as a selling point, in order to ensure efficacy, retaining the high concentration of Pueraria liquid in the beverage, resulting in a bitter taste, ignoring the consumer the first taste of the beverage needs, and ultimately lead to failure.

2, imperfect

Consumers always just buy the right product!

In the absence of precise target population and demand analysis, based on a product with technical superiority, seemingly perfect, but not perfect. In the new phase of the project, to follow the principle of non-perfect, as long as the target consumer groups satisfaction is a perfect product, rather than make everyone satisfied.

Three years ago, as a function of early education with smart toys products provide marketing consulting services, this product in similar products in the domestic first to introduce 'HCI' advanced technology, the toy is provided with a display screen, children can display within the 3D cartoon voice communication, and interactive learning games together, this product from concept and technology, have similar products do not have the advantage, seemingly perfect.

However, the research team win totem marketing agency through multi-age, multi-scene, more people, more competitive products field research, it was found that this product For younger children tedious operation, excessive size and weight is not easy to carry, and older children are more like children's tablet, apparently, this product for the target population is not accurate! In addition, the use of 'human-computer interaction,' the high cost of technology, resulting in higher product prices than similar products by 70%. In contrast to competing products, according to the needs of the target population to develop products, will be a function to achieve the ultimate, though advanced technology, products are not perfect, but the market performance is very good.

Fuzzy target population, the lack of sufficient competitive advantage, our final recommendations to the enterprises to adjust product before sale to avoid wrong detours, waste of corporate resources.

3, market research first

Knowing your enemy friend, know yourself!

A successful product, the product project phase bound to do scientific and effective market research, consumer trends through market research to grasp, to capture market opportunities, assess market risk, develop effective guidelines for the marketing orientation and competitive strategy. Scientific research to do more scenes and multi target population, more than competing products, in various forms, and strive to accuracy and authenticity of the survey data, research groups should be representative, covering all kinds of target groups, do not generalize!

A food company in charge, plagued by years of laryngitis, since that such disorders wide range of people, so the mobilization of technical personnel, have developed a nourishing beverage throat effect, dismal sales after the market! After the failure of the investigation informed that due to the throat diseases have a greater impact on daily life, patients prefer drugs to cure quickly, will not choose not to have treatment of functional drinks, but not for the crowd throat diseases raise consumer awareness lack throat beverage and habits. The lack of scientific market research, on behalf of the target population in the case of product failure is inevitable!