Leadership rule: the influence of the law

Influence the meaning measure true measure of leadership is influence. Some may think that leadership is the command of others, forcing others to obey the threat, in fact, this is a misunderstanding of leadership. To lead others, not by the terms of reference, not by position, not by command, not by knowledge, not by background, but by influence. Influence including personal influence and organizational influence. If there is no influence, you never have to lead others.

Because of the ability to understand the difference, cognitive ability, we have some people in leadership misunderstanding. First, some people think that the manager is the leader. In fact, managers and leaders, there are some differences, leadership means to influence others, let others follow their own. Leaders may be managers, it may not be the manager. Management is to maintain the established systems and processes, is to plan, organize, direct, control these functions. The manager is the person to perform the planning, organization, leadership, control of these functions. Therefore, managers may be the leader, there may not be a leader. Second, some people think entrepreneurs are leaders. If the entrepreneur can influence others will be able to lead others, if you can not affect the others will not be able to lead others. Therefore, some entrepreneurs are leaders, some entrepreneurs are not leaders. Third, some people think that people are knowledgeable leader. University professors are so many, so many doctoral degree graduate students, and several people is the leader? Fourth, some people who think that trend is the leader. Leading a wave of people, if no one is willing to follow him, willing to obey his command, he would not be a leader. Fifth, some people think that is a leader in high position. Some people do not have titles and positions, but is still a leader, because people are willing to follow him, and obey his command. Some people have a lot of titles and positions, but no one wants to follow him, unwilling to obey his command, he is not a leader. Liu Bei then flat Yellow Turban army rebellion, when a magistrate Xian Wei levels of deputy department level, due to the superior appraisal inspectors oppression, Guayin resign away, then he is not official, and no official title, but Guan Yu, Zhang fly and some people are willing to follow him, listen to his command, he is a true leader. Not jobs created leader, but a leader in creating jobs.

Human influence comes from the influence of these people came from:? A character. Who are you? Do not quite sure who he is? Supercilious and arrogant people who are not quite sure who he is? Want to be a qualified leader, must we have a thorough and clear understanding. Otherwise, the 'Art of War' How could there be 'Know thyself, know yourself,' the thought of military strategy? Second, the relationship. Who do you know? This is about personal relationships circles in this world in the end how many people you know, in the end how many people know you. Do you know many people, prove your social networks large, background. The more people know you, to prove you are a personal matter, is a successful or a celebrity. Third, knowledge. You know what? Industry specializing in surgery. Life-long learning. Linking Ph.D., take three or four years, also studying for more than thirty books, you think about how many books you read in the end, how much knowledge? You know what? If you say you read a lot book, read it all fiction, your statement will provoke others ridiculed. You can say that many of them do not understand, many of which are little understood. Fourth, intuition. You feel what? Intuition is to build talent, knowledge, experience, experience, experience, independent thinking, based on the forecast. Some intuitive judgment is very accurate, some are not allowed. V. experience. Where you been? Experience into direct experience and indirect experience, direct experience is itself experienced, seen, heard, action had knowledge and information. Monasteries had indirect experience is something, for example, listen to what others say or knowledge and information acquired through reading. Six, the past achievements. What have you done? Past success was the performance and results of your work. For example, the authors' achievements is a few best-selling books and monographs, and has written many articles; trainer achievement is how many people have been to the training course; achievement of scientists is the development of a number of scientific and technological achievements; experts achievement is read How many books, created a number of new theories, wrote a number of professional papers, solved many social problems; general achievement is how many games to win the war; the achievements of the police is to protect the property and lives of many people punishing the number of criminals; the doctor's achievement is the number of patients cured; lawyer achievement that won many lawsuits; the teacher's achievement is nurtured many outstanding students; actor achievement was playing How many spectators rejoiced at the news of the Lok Road movie; entrepreneurial achievements, is to create what kind of business to solve the employment of many people, and paid much tax, and create many economic and social benefits; achievement of government officials is How many people solve problems, development and prosperity of the local economy, the implementation of a number of central policies, the number of construction of public facilities Limin. Different industries, different occupations, their past achievements are different. Seven ability. What can you do? Ability is the condition of a person to complete the job. There are many kinds of ability, such as learning ability, reading ability, skills, comprehension, cognitive ability, interpersonal skills, conceptual ability, thinking skills, the ability to forecast, judgment, management skills, leadership skills, organizational skills, imagination innovation ability. Want to become a true leader must personalities, relationships, knowledge, intuition, experience, past achievements, the ability of these factors utilization and proper context selection, be applied in order to let others willing to follow you, willing to listen to your command you can practice the individual's leadership out.