Sales two decades but it was a ball!

Sales also did twenty years!

Playing basketball the last twenty years!

Made two decades of sales, but also the last twenty years of the ball, only to find out, the original two decades of sales is a ball!

Here the 'ball' is to narrow the meaning of basketball, not some local words were 'de-ball', 'ball'!

I do not know how many of you like to play basketball?

Like me, 'basketball fans' in school when he likes to play basketball in college and often went to the same road at the faculty of Zhejiang Sports School, and the institute where professional basketball squad broke, depressed often lose but it continued unabated.

Incidentally, 'basketball fans' that was the first basketball coach class call me, in order to professional basketball and indoor venues with students in training, I gave the two coaches who smoke.

After work, although reasons of timing, venue and other reasons, can not be like at school chunks of time to exercise, but still kept playing habits. Sometimes you can not find a suitable partner to play basketball on their own five locations designated cast pointers practice. But most of the time with different people, sometimes strangers to play with the team is highly arbitrary.

Playing basketball and sales slowly came to realize that the work after many similarities.

First, you can not choose teammates, just as you can not choose colleagues and clients.

Usually play are generally temporary team, we never met, generally half-court ball, lobbied for six people or eight people on the opening play. Even often playing together, sometimes name not yell.

Among these there used to play, but also occasionally ran make up the numbers.

Among these levels high and low, good and bad physical age, some small, to understand basketball is not the same;

There are like only attack not defense, but there are obviously not shoot the ball the same as carrying explosives on hand cast out;

There are like a little hit and called a foul, there is silence rushed inside the bulkhead;

Sales as well.

The work will encounter a wide range of colleagues and clients, you can not say the same for each character, purpose of the work is also different, we are from all over the world, not for the same purpose and come together!

'God is not afraid of the same opponent, afraid of pigs as teammates,' the phrase used in the basketball court and marketing are applicable!

Second, raise the level of the ball will not complain

When I do not have their own shooting hand type, shooting hit rate fluctuated, of course, this is also normal, but not normal is too different. To feel the hit rate high, time and did not feel ridiculously low.

The critical stage of its special ball, basketball fit, feel that they can hit the ball; the old basketball, or other reasons to take the other hand inside to feel uncomfortable certainly vote of no progress.

But then I mastered their own shooting methods, they find uncomfortable even before the basketball, can also cast a stable hit rate, only to wake up: the ball is not a problem, the problem is my own level.

Sales, too!

When his sales did not reach a certain quality, always feel do not make sales, there are many objective reasons: the company's reasons, the reasons for the product, because company policy, with the headquarters of the reason, and so, in fact, their own s reason.

'Force is not less money', it does not achieve the desired sales performance, certainly myself, where is the problem, not go blaming other reasons, like not throw the ball as basketball blame.

Third, 'believe everything the book as no book', to find their own method of shooting

Open all basketball textbooks, including almost all of the basketball coaches will tell you that a standard shooting hand type, you may like to play basketball friends know. I'm sure there is a 'shooting hand index and middle fingers to separate.'

But this article is not for me.

Basketball shooting standard textbook posture is certainly not suitable for the original Chinese men's basketball national champion Zhang Yongjun, nicknamed 'crooked handle machine gun.'

I once myself to practice 'five three shots' hit rate is very high, only to find the original shooting method for my own muscle groups are: the index finger and middle finger close together, so cast out of hand type to fixed. That period of time after the exercise period is not among my own point-thirds vote at a ball hit rate is the highest: 100 cast-pointers, in a 75. Later, because of course, can not be sustained practice, dropped a lot, but basically maintained at about 50%.

Sales is also one of the working personalized, because sales is actually dealing with people. Different personalities, of course, treat people the way is different.

There can only find their way most suitable to start work can be handy, others can not learn!

Fourth, the 'do not complain, whole-heartedly,' is more likely to win

When playing a team we are all improvised, everyone's level of difference is relatively large, this time I found out: If I own no matter what the level of the others, but their desperate moves, break to help his teammates to do the cover, yourself the team's probability of winning big; if I was evaluated where the ball should not be such a fight, and so that the ball should not be cast when not awake to taste, our team lost!

When many people play, was the other into the first five goals to lose!

Sales, too, do their own thing, to distinguish what is 'they can influence things,' which is 'their concept note thing,' do not complain, whole-heartedly, will it be possible to get things done!

Five, play to each person's strengths, in order to beat

I remember just graduated physical good, usually their own alone. Pass? Absolutely does not pass! Still remember once Guangdong Institute of Education and those students in the play, he is a man playing four people, the other three with the team just looked dry.

Gradually, some physical decline, it becomes a commander in the field. Then put the ball on their own as the first choice, followed by the score changed. Which with the team feel good, pass the ball to him. Other shooting low, they told them to defend, then the idea is to win more than lose less.

Sales, especially when the team working together, but also to play to each one's strengths. For example, I remember when in charge of a particular market, the character easier to deal with people responsible for arranging large KA stores, for more diligent, not afraid of hardship arrangements for follow-up B, C class shops and pharmacy systems, people make the best use of its divisions post.

Sixth, good technique is better to have a good physical

'My heart has come to stand opposite the ball, but my body is still this side of the ball rack!' This is a friend of mine said when playing a joke.

Usually play also found an interesting phenomenon, that is often not the most points is the older, experienced, and good people, and often those who willy-nilly took the ball inside the red!

Sales, too, something to do with the sales staff for many years, but not as good performance in sales of just newcomers, the reason is to think too much, too little practical action.

And sales, the best achievements is the word: Action!

Immediately picked up the phone and called the customer; the customer immediately went to the negotiations; now write programs; execute immediately; think about a problem solution!

Seven, shooting will not lie

Really this world 'underappreciated' person?

I used to think so, since I was shooting stabilized at a level I do not think so.

Usually when I shot myself, it is five positions to vote three-pointers, be regarded as a set of 100 balls, while the investment side is written hits such as '1, 1', '2 in 1', '2 of 3' and the like and cast enough 100 shots in exactly how many percent hit rate.

Sometimes I hit the top 10 outrageous rate, the highest one I remember is '10 9', I think this time I hit rate should be high percentage of it, but in the end hit rate is not 60%.

Sometimes because no open activity, only the first 10 balls hit a 3, but in the end 100 balls hit rate is also 50%.

Or horizontal issues, the hit rate will not lie.

Achieved sales performance is the same in the long run, a person, including myself, if not achieved results, or their level of problem, nobody is to blame.

Eight, confident

Bryant said: even if you misses 30 balls, 31 balls still to be bold shot, or is not confident!

To that effect!

Sales, too, must be confident.

Confident that he is the best, their products are best suited to the market, confident there must be suitable for the customer to cooperate.

Only self-confidence, will it be possible to do sales.