Influence, in the end is what?

Influence, in the end is what?

With college acceptance letter after another, recently classmates, friends, children admitted to the university's invitation to drink wine Jinbangtiming also crashing to the period I was asked: What is the most important skills in children during their college years should get that? My answer is: writing and speech. The reason is that writing and speeches will continue to enhance the influence!

So, the impact, in the end is what?

First, the 21st century is the era of the rise of personal influence. It was predicted that our generation

You will see the rise and decline of the power of personal influence and money. Point of view of power, money and influence at different stages of the three main characters constantly shifts position from history. The first stage you have to have money, power and influence; the second stage you have to have the right money and influence; the third stage is the present and the future you will be able to have influence with power plus money. In fact, this evolution is well understood: What are the elements to efficiently organize a large-scale human collaboration, this element is the cornerstone of this era. Power to the emperor's power era of the Great Wall; the era of capitalist money money to build factories; in the future as long as your influence can convince strangers to initiate cooperation, and consequently you have!

Second, it is the most effective writing and speaking are two ways to make the most efficient and lowest cost influence, can make an effort to spend the same influence more people. Anyway, influence really so important? If you do not understand think prices will clear understanding of why the north of Guangzhou-Shenzhen housing prices so high Biao also a long way, not the north of Guangzhou-Shenzhen good house, but their influence so that more and more people want to squeeze these cities, and occupies a dominant position in the crowd ...... around more people, the more valuable your advantage. Now create a personal influence on the future of the virtual equivalent of speculation in the real estate space, surrounded by people around you, the more you occupy a dominant position in this crowd, of course, the more valuable you are.

Third, writing on behalf of your thinking ability, speech on behalf of your logic expression. Once you pass the writing and speaking through a topic to talk about, experts in the field is you. When people come across a similar topic is about but you. When both write is to say when you consolidate a field, similar news academic hot recurring, are likely to cite your view, this is your brand value and influence. As long as you continue to export your thoughts, your ideas, your interests, your preferences ...... writing and speaking will help you find like-minded people. They read because you want to express the views looking up, or generate a strong resonance and looking up. And the best way to get someone's attention is to take the initiative to help. Writing articles to share out, speech output to go out, take the initiative to help themselves in the process. Through continuous writing, speaking good business opportunities will take the initiative to come to use the money to buy the most expensive; use of time in exchange for influence is the most valuable.

Fourth, under the authority of the creeping influence, not because people want to make cheap, but because of the authority's decision to really master your fortune resources. Such as 'filial piety.' In the traditional agricultural society, the elderly control over all the resources. Filial natural standing. In contemporary China under the rural elderly live in poverty, filial piety bankrupt. The fundamental reason is the ability to create wealth for the elderly have weaker offspring. Influence is the ability to control the resources of external manifestations. The so-called 'power', but is a means to make such a low-cost operation of the resource structure. Fear of authority, not shameful. However, when the authority is no longer able to determine your fortune, the continued fear of authority, it is mentally handicapped. So the impact is a stage.

Focus, extreme, brand, sharing the four cornerstones of influence. Focus on the ultimate achievement, the ultimate brand success, achievement brand value, sustained shared values is influence. Fuji influence the Heart, the craftsman of the heart, the heart of altruism, in the final of the heart.

Effect forever outside influence.