Seize these three points, it is easy to manage

Turning to business management, this topic seems a bit large, the actual business operations management process, in order to do business management, and indeed not a very easy thing, in many years of practical experience in management, I believe that, as long as do these three points, enterprise management is not difficult.

First, the power to solve the problem of good employees

The essence of management by others to complete the task, therefore, how to get employees to do things from the heart to become the first meaning management. From the human perspective, the only thing that the individual is doing its own doing, the individual initiative to fully liberated, so how employees from the heart rather than the manager of 'high' down to complete work is the starting point of all management. On this point, it is good practice to in-house implementation of the 'partner system' for employees to truly become the masters of enterprises, rather than simple workers only when employees truly become a business owner, they will go 'lives' because it is for his own 'lives'! of course, employees become business partner, not simply a slogan or an empty file management, but to form a complete set of employees 'to see, to do can be obtained, 'the specific incentive compensation programs. In addition to these effective incentive program, companies should also fully consider the interests of employees with career development planning, and contribute to its realization. Especially for junior staff, managers should take the initiative to help employees analyze their true interests to help them build a long-term career planning, and provide as much as possible with their interests matched positions, during operation, the 'pass, to help with 'concerned about the growth of staff is concerned about the growth of enterprises.

Second, the ability to solve the problem of good employees

Solve the power problem employee, the next question to be addressed is the ability of employees, after all, the light has a passion is not enough. Problem solving ability of employees requires companies to develop the perfect combination of internal and external staff training programs. Internal training mainly through 'pass, to help with', passing through the experience of managers to help new employees to grow and internal training requires companies to establish a sound system of rotation, to achieve a comprehensive staff capacity through a rotation system. External training mainly through cooperation with professional training institutions, to provide staff with regular and systematic job skills training. Whether house training or external training, companies should follow the principle of targeted training, taking fully into account the actual level of business development stage and which employees, employee training programs and not let mere formality or blind pursuit of the so-called hot courses .

Third, the formation of enterprises to adapt to the actual situation of the management methodology

Any truly mature management system, whether it is social management, or economic management, it would be against the rules formulated on the basis of the details of the precise grasp on to run. Management is inseparable from the rules and standards, rules and standards is the exquisite perfect performance. Thus, in the practice of business process management, not only have a sense of the system but also to the specific management practices to form a predetermined operation, and the operation of these provisions written institutionalized processes, tools, and eventually formed in line with the actual characteristics of the enterprise knowledge management system. Enterprises should establish the principle of the supremacy of the system, including any person, including the owner can not arbitrarily undermine the authority of the system, the system only really practice-oriented companies are likely to become a hundred years. Of course, any system processes to establish the premise is to improve the operational efficiency of enterprises.

Establishment of a mature management system is not easy, we need to practice managers in the process of continuous optimization, optimization, re-optimization!