How to break the small nuts market?

Nuts, snack food as an important category which, by virtue of their health, nutrition, excellent taste loved by many people. In recent years, with the improvement of living standards, health, health awareness, make nutty sales maintained a momentum of rapid development, especially the development of electronic business in full swing, the more the nut industry has injected new vitality. Nut snack food industry in the proportion rises year by year.

Beijing radius, as the country's oldest, focusing agricultural industries, agricultural professional services, to create incremental marketing famous brand marketing planning agencies, with many years of actual combat experience that, despite the current momentum of rapid development of the industry nuts, but overall, market is far from mature, regardless of brand, product or channel maturity, compared with foreign nut industry has lagged far behind, took nuts per capita consumption, the United States, China is only 1/6. Today, China is the only nut industry, the rise of Long March just a first step, a long way off, in order to become bigger and stronger in the future there is still a long way to go!

Nuts industry strong momentum conceal his faltering

Over the years, the entire nut snack food industry is growing momentum, so a lot of the industry laments, 'nuts industry in the spring has come.' Beijing Fangyuan Liming Li pointed out that, indeed, our country has entered the spring in the nut industry, but along the way, bathed in the spring breeze of many companies face Man Road is faltering. Why is there such a situation?

First, the downturn continued growth, the integration of foreign resources inadequate. Admittedly, the nut is small, but the market potential should not be underestimated. From 2005-2014, thanks to the rise of health spending, China's nuts market has maintained double-digit growth, according to the National Bureau of Statistics of the above-scale enterprises, 2015 China sales reached 120 billion nuts. In the current economic downturn, most food companies slowdown situation, highlighting the nuts industry 'lipstick effect', contrarian growth, its potential is evident. Nuts high degree of prosperity of the companies to attract the attention of foreign industry, some technology, real estate capital tried to enter the field, but as a category contains multiple industries, although the overall development of the nuts industry well, but a lot of it in the category industrialization, large-scale aspect is not enough, the lack of attractive enough in the integration of the use of foreign capital. Weak integration of external resources, to some extent, affected the entire nut consumption in the industry.

Second, the rise required category leading brand promotion, brand building has lagged far behind. Today, competition in the market, has become a brand as the core competition of comprehensive strength. As another important brand value in addition to the value of the product itself, not only can improve product visibility, credibility, increase the market competitiveness of products, but also to improve product margins. But in the past few decades, China's nut industry is more bulk form, small, scattered, chaotic, and the brand has lagged far behind the rise of a category often require leadership to promote the brand. Take roasted, it is precisely because the present age, and other well-known brands Qiaqia impetus, which led to the rise and prosperity of the whole category. In nut industry really able to lead and promote the rise of well-known brand category leading brands few. To promote the category rise, industry will need to continue to build prosperity and more nuts-known brand, the leading brand, the only way to better promote the industry healthy and rapid development.

Third, the nuts industry consumption upgrade, innovation is clearly insufficient. With the upgrade of consumption, people demand more and more products. Can continue to innovate and promote the upgrading of products is to determine whether the industry sustained rapid and healthy development of the key. In the current fierce competition in the market, lack of innovation, better products will be gradually submerged. As far as my nuts industry, although in recent years maintained a good momentum of development, but compared with other countries, innovation is obviously inadequate, many still in the initial processing of products, roughing stage, leading to similar products on the market homogenization serious , lack of competitiveness, far can not meet the growing consumer demand to upgrade, which is why some foreign nut products in the domestic popular reason. Lack of innovation, not only suppressed premium products, but also easily lead to vicious competition among peers, reduced ability to withstand market risks, which to some extent hindered the nut industry steady and rapid pace of development.

Fourth, diversification of consumer demand, the demand for subdivision is not in place. In the current mass consumption patterns hypermarkets, supermarkets, Monopoly and other nuts, people often keen now cook and sell, the pursuit of taste and freshness. With the market trend further rational consumption, consumer demand will also render personalized, multi-level, multi-functional, the trend of diversification. Thus, according to consumer demand in the market nuts market segmentation, targeted to develop high-quality, taste change, personalized high value-added products will be vying for market share, the only way to seize the initiative.

Fifth, accelerate product upgrades, service upgrades lag. Nut industry as a traditional industry, now with 85 after 90 after the rise of mainstream consumer groups, in order to meet their individual needs, product upgrades of the entire industry is gradually accelerating from the past is to bulk bags of high-grade , personalized conversion, but the service still lags behind the upgrade, the Internet era is the era of a sovereign consciousness, if you can not make sense of sovereignty consumers be fully met and respected, can not get their full pleasure, cool to the extreme, it is very fastidious their loyalty to brands and businesses, which is an important factor in the current lot of nuts rapid development of enterprises affected.

How clever breakthrough Nutlets break market

The above analysis is not difficult to find, my nuts market is indeed one way or another, there are still problems. But long way from scratch, it has been facing the industry spring courageous first step. So, along the way, how to become bigger and stronger little nuts, really break a vast world of it? Beijing radius Liming Li believes that you can try to start from the following aspects:

First, the brand highlights the brand competitiveness

Nut industry bigger and stronger, we must first pay attention to brand, promote product brand promotion.

In recent years, with changes in consumer attitudes, consumer brands increasingly high degree of attention, no brand or product brand is weak, even if no matter how good the quality of products, lack of competitiveness in the market will be more difficult from the heart impress consumers, greatly enhancing the resistance consumption. Thus, the nut industry must change in order to strengthen the largest cut-throat competition of price war among similar products in the past, and actively establish a brand strategy and culture, to create several large, energy-known in the country out of well-known brands. By build brands, not only can quickly boost its profile and reputation, but also to promote the rise of a category, a change in the past that similar products vicious competition ultimate lose-lose situation, to promote the industrialization of scale, thus greatly improving the product in the market on competitiveness and achieve the brand to be effective.

Second, product innovation and improve product premium

The current lack of innovation nut industry, many products - mostly in primary processing, roughing, product packaging rough, simple, single taste, etc., resulting in low value-added products. In the current market environment in the past that 'puerile' pull effect has been greatly reduced, so nuts to make a big market, we must strengthen product innovation.

First, to increase the processing, finishing strength of the product. Positive changes in the past the kind of hand-workshop-style production, increase product of deep processing, finishing, enhance product value of the depth of excavation and development, consumer demand, the development of high value-added products, so as to continuously improve its product competitiveness and improve efficiency. Second, to strengthen packaging, taste upgrade. In the taste, a variety of new flavors to constantly try and improve in order to meet the increasingly diverse consumer 'tongue' needs; on the packaging, to constantly upgrade and innovation, to change the past nuts traditional packaging gives the 'soil 'not on the sense of quality and packaging of homogeneity, drawing on the success or well-known brands on the basis of innovation, both to meet the aesthetic taste and consumer demand, but also can be a good selling point to highlight the core product. Continuously improve its product base by force, the real nuts upgrade the file, continue to push to breathe new life, to develop a broader market space.

Third, identify the market segments demand 'leveraging point'

Nuts, although the ages of snack foods, but with the ever-changing consumer demand and consumption upgrade, in order to better grasp the consumer, we must continue to market segmentation, according to different needs of different groups to identify the market 'leveraging point.'

Beijing radius of the view that marketing is simply to meet different needs. Nut industry become bigger and stronger, demand segments, identify the market is 'leveraging point' a shortcut. Different people have different needs, which requires companies in the operation of the market segmentation process to continue according to the needs, such as for the couple, family, travel, sports, parties, and the different needs of the office, etc., to develop a different, distinctive high-value-added products.

These products, not only from the quality of the packaging, to meet the needs of different consumer culture, but also in taste, the product can also forms the depth of excavation, to break the routine. As for the family, many elderly people do not eat them because the teeth mouth inconvenient for their needs, can grind the nuts, the development of different nut flour; tourism, sport for people who need to replenish their energy nuts can be carried too more inconvenient, so, there is a company that put a lot of nuts, dried fruit clever, offer a variety of flavors strip 'super benevolence stick' product, one can enjoy a variety of nuts. These products may have changed nutty flavor prototype colors, but to meet the people's consumption demand, who said it was not nuts, 'leveraging' a new way to market?

Fourth, dare to seek new breakthroughs in cross-border point

With the rise of the Internet thinking, cross-border become a trend. Straddling so many seemingly irrelevant industry full of new life. Nuts as a product with a strong Internet properties, the current consumption in the 'air', and in order to break a world, we must dare to cross-border, to find a new breakthrough.

Beijing radius of view, we must first cross-nuts to change the old traditional nuts is nuts view, the use of the Internet thinking, actively pursuing cross-border and other product or industry. In fact, about the nuts cross-border already appears in some companies, such as Mengniu launched several years ago walnut milk. Walnuts and milk could have been unrelated types of products, but through good achieve cross-border integration, to find a new market breakthrough, although this is the first cross-border dairy products, but also to point out, nuts products as long as the operating properly, identify the relevant points is entirely achievable cross-border.

Thus, nut products to achieve industrial upgrading, bigger and stronger, it is necessary in the traditional process and quality heritage, continuing to explore new model through cross-border, innovative, the product to achieve the ultimate, to find a new breakthrough force point, for example, nuts and dried fruit how to achieve cross-border? Nuts and chocolate can be achieved cross-border? Can ice cream with nuts cross-border integration? Can transboundary nuts and fashion, etc., these are worth thinking about the industry nuts!

Fifth, improve service to create a perfect service system

Over the years, the rapid development of the industry nuts, emphasis has been placed on 'sell', while the associated services to create side has been its short board. Beijing radius of the view that in order to truly break nuts industry a vast world, in addition to products, build brand upgrade, the more important thing is to establish a sound, and the development of the industry to match the service system!

First, we must establish a set of nuts industry safety supervision service system. The current status quo is not optimistic about the safety of our food, pesticides, fertilizer use disorder, excessive additives, fraud, heavy metal pollution and so on emerging food safety issues, safety supervision system service not only to establish a strict inspection criteria, but also to force the strict implementation of the multi-joint, protect public health, food safety service nuts industry overall situation, so as to promote the healthy and rapid and sustainable development;

Secondly, we must establish a sound service system, with the Internet era, the era of consumer sovereignty come true, especially electricity supplier sales, consumers tend to buy not only products, but also a service and experience, to build perfect service system, so that consumers get the full sense of sovereignty and respect for the show, so that they truly feel joy, feel very cool from the heart, always feel value for money, in order to truly cultivate their loyalty to a product, brand, reliability, increase consumer stickiness, thus contributing to the faster development of nut industry. 'Three squirrels' can be described as typical in this regard industry from a unique 'host' culture, into mice Meng Meng customer communication services, to after-sales product with gift box, a towel wipes, but humble convenient and practical slag bags, etc., can be described in the service to create a nuanced, which is also an important factor in its success.

At present, although China nut industry compared with foreign countries there is still a gap, although the conquest of Man Road, the road is also faltering, but as long as open ideas, innovation, bathed in the spring toward the goal of courage to break pace will increasingly the more stable, the road will be wider and wider, small nuts will break a genuine, their own big market!