Millet does it need to step where the customer's footsteps?

The so-called Chinese people's happiness depends to buy a house sooner or later! The future of millet, Lei Jun tangle depends index.

Red rice overwhelming advertising, behind it is a deep sense of insecurity: this year (2016) May mobile phone sales: top five are: Huawei, vivo, oppo, millet and apples. Huawei's market share of 17.3%; oppo double growth of 11%, while millet fell out of the top three. Yu Chengdong, president of Huawei's consumer business boasted: Huawei opponent is OPPO and Vivo, millet has been less concern.

Kingsoft Lei Jun do do do excellent rice talk, to APP from the software to the electricity supplier, and finally cut into the mobile phone, will enjoy import three business resources, more rare to get started, there is a thinking human capital and industrial chain thinking, nine partner each tube a fully authorized, the use of Moore's Law and reservation mechanism, playing low inventories and capital pressures, made the price advantage. Typhoon borrow popularity of smart phones, jumped soar. But way back in the end how to go? Confused!

The first characteristic of strategic thinking is to simplify, back to nature. Lei Jun and millet bane hands up where customers do the same, the problem lies: what is to be a business platform? Or do a brand?

It tangled strategic hovering directly lead to the collapse of the decline of millet competitive advantage and business models. (Debate on the platform and products, Chen Xuan of you can see the old crop 'Where the customer, that a mistake?' 'Pu Tian Jun is a bad product!' 'Hammer and then a beautiful old law nor the power to send!')

Like any customer, as radical reform is a priority, millet first to clarify three issues:

1, millet in the end what is a company?

Policy attention collation of thinking. Can not be classified, how to move forward? Millet is what company? Phone business? Is the electricity supplier companies? Is a software company? Or investment company? --do not know!

Dynamic Counter - 2014 millet heyday is essentially the beginning of the decline. If defined as mobile phone companies, the LEI should adhere to in the end will Triathlon (hardware + software + services); If the definition of electronic business platform, significantly in 2010, domestic electricity business platform type pattern has been set. If you define a software company? Nature can not support the $ 45 billion valuation. Investment company? It can only be considered an amateur hobby.

Although it is not a core intellectual property rights of mobile phone company, by virtue of the typhoon smartphones, with mobile phone companies know better than the electricity supplier, electricity supplier companies know better than with a mobile phone, millet achieve a counter-attack. But with the popularity of smart phones bonus disappears, along with the mobile phone companies to find out the electricity supplier of the routine, with the mobile phone production chain modularity and standardization of (even English teachers have started a mobile phone), as a result of intellectual property rights problems led to the expansion of overseas blocked, Lei Jun typhoon stopped!

Millet, millet at least for now, can only do a cell phone companies. Apply Lei Total Twentysomething tactic 'ultimate reputation focus on fast.' Since it is a millet phone companies, you have to focus on your phone, it will have to achieve the ultimate industrial advantages, you have the product and brand level to achieve true word of mouth, we have to quickly re-establish their own dynamic competitive advantage. But not as short-term speculators, looking for a typhoon, the preparation of the so-called groundless ecosystem.

Business models, millet should learn music as a school!

2, millet in the end what grade to sell products?

29 yuan also a T-shirt free shipping where the customer is now that? Red rice thousand dollars less, you really can go far? Lei Jun is certainly not good at doing the brand, brand value and differentiation necessarily require a high premium. Lei Jun, after all, do the marginal benefit is zero software started, after all, is doing excellent electricity supplier origin, mode of operation of the complete mapping platform at every stage to build product brand.

Electronic business platform is operational test and evaluation of the flow, with the cheap fidelity and faster. As red rice ads tone. I call McDonald's style of play, or play a more direct point Cock wire. You sold 1.1 million units, so I want to buy? It may also be because you sold 110 million units I'm not buying. Otherwise what my personality? To the size of the center, of course, the brand of the road is not even think of. Lei Jun seems science is absolutely not grab 70% of the entire mobile phone industry profits Apple, but Nokia school.

Of course, if the millet is to fight the high cost, is to attack the crowd following three lines, then you only sell a total of thousand dollars, profits have? R & D branding, which does not require a profit to nourish?

Brand building, millet Huawei should learn a science!

3, millet Internet thinking, what do not fly?

Millet give yourself labeled 'Internet thinking', but ruined many white believers. I am 'very toxic very toxic viral marketing' in wrote: 'Internet +' corporate must do, but recovered '+ Internet' business. In 2013, Huawei, Jin, Cool millet began to study Internet thinking. Since so easy to be copied, it seems that the Internet is not thinking moat. Lei Jun, the Internet thinking too seriously.

Mr. Duan Yongping founded OPPO and VIVO (plus there is a mobile phone), both of which add up to more than Huawei's sales, and the number of channels of the two add up to 20 times Huawei. Duan Yongping can never mention what thinking, just to mention product quality. Overly aggressive sales targets, increasingly boring MIUI, offline channels falling apart, there is no taste of marketing, there are always constraints of proprietary technology, and even rival Meizu emotion, too many errors committed in the 2015 millet.

Channel build context, millet should learn a science OPPO!