Consumer Psychology from the age of the Internet innovation marketing rules

Internet, especially mobile Internet marketing, the key is to learn to recognize consumer dispersed nodes and contacts on the network. The so-called nodes and contacts dispersion means big market collapse or a mass-market micro-minority. Mobile Internet marketing is mainly public or fine precision marketing model, the reason is the mobile Internet era, consumers do not pursue 'mass convergence', but 'a small minority of self,' Everyone has their own little world in the mobile Internet era, with the most it is the simplest and most intuitive phone APP application everyone has differences. So, from the perspective of consumer psychology Internet marketing rule what innovation it.

First, the product innovation rules

'Product' is the word in the past is the key point of all business planning, as well as the end result of marketing activities. So with USP, with the image of the product first, with the positioning and STP and other tools and methods. In traditional marketing activities, marketing strategy around the product itself, its essence is a kind of logical thinking from the inside out, this way of thinking is the manufacturer or even business owners are planning the company's views or ideas imposed on potential future consumption who, regardless of consumers like it or not, accept it or not, in short, followed by a variety of overwhelming bombing. Marketing in the Internet age, the biggest change 'product' is the word happens is my own creation products to consumers design their own product transition, in order to achieve product positioning from the inside outward and previously by subsequent re-creation process from outside to inside . To achieve this transformation, we need to follow the following two principles:

1. Product ultimate principle

This method, although somewhat difficult, but no harm. Consumers are rational from the emotional purchase to purchase the transition, which were foreshadowed important point is that consumer products are no longer satisfied with simple needs purely physical properties, steering and gradually increased emotional needs, emotional needs this reflected in consumer what you see through the eyes, nose, skin, taste, touch, hearing and other five senses came to the initial product awareness, this knowledge gradually aggregated to form a judgment and a logical combination in the consumer brain, eventually form their own so-called 'perceived quality' of judgment. Therefore, the perspective of marketing by the manufacturers feel good quality products to consumers feel good product quality is an important part of the marketing value to the value of point shaped.

Need to define the point is that the ultimate product of extraordinary significance not talking about the products made unparalleled. But at all points of contact with the user of the product to be molded into an important point spread value of the product, can not be reduced only plus points that make consumers feel every critical point is of extreme performance. Eventually come together to form a comprehensive judgment and analysis, this analysis is not to judge others and to tell him, not promoters guide, not a hard shout out advertising, but by consumers themselves rational observation, analysis, use and ultimately the formation of A method for judging and analysis, conclusion rests in the minds of consumers.

'Can not learn sea fishing' This book has been hot moment, a lot of people are thinking: in the end want to learn why the submarine fishing what the rumors say that sea fishing can not learn when I, as an eater to eat sea fishing,?? I see, when I get in the queue when the shoeshine service, Ms get is nail service, which makes the original anxiety becomes a pleasure, indirect consumer dissatisfaction became satisfied ; I've heard is to remind the waiter when ordering, 'it is enough, do not continue to the point, so as not to eat, not enough can add ......', which is simply and their loved ones to help themselves hold wallet.

When we started all the way from the Apple phone 2S 6S immediate concern now, when consumers buy up outside which one is not? This is the ultimate product of the charm. From the perspective of a few, he is having a viable product, it is no longer a dead machine or service voids content, but allow consumers to feel what kind of soul, the soul is the essence of the brand's core . The ultimate product for consumers, it is a spiritual fatal temptation, like opium, once after Yuxianyusi experience, let them go, which gave birth to the brand loyalty.

2. The principle of iterative product

There is no perfect thing in this world, because everyone's views and opinions are inconsistent. So, good things by comparing get out. The logic behind this tells us, do not expect the product once finalized, the sale of a lifetime, which is called in the past, 'a move rarely eat days' strategy. But today's consumers, too many of their ideas and needs, personalized greater differences, in order to meet their marketing is a huge project. How to meet the needs of individual consumers and large-scale production of the contradiction between the manufacturing of all enterprises now became anxious points.

To solve this problem is through consumer awareness of product iteration is complete. The logic behind this is that consumers are not afraid of your product problem, a problem can solve their is a good product. This hypothesis may sound awkward, and also seems to be contrary to the first point. When we used the large-scale production mode of thinking, they go to explore this small run, stage leading 'iterative thinking' really somewhat difficult to understand, but whether we understand or not, consumers can accept and love is the most good strategy and methods.

In the 1970s, Japan has a company called Casio company, beginning no way to compete with other giant calculator, there is no advantage. Later, the use of small-volume, fast market, the constant changes in strategy to re-adjust their operations management system, continue to make sales share in segments, the final completion of the industry subversion. Interestingly, the beginning of this century, China's local enterprises TCL also use such tactics, the same challenge Changhong.

Consumers choose a product may the simple reason that there is nothing inevitable logic and assumptions. Consumer demand and feedback to constantly adjust product features based on, so that consumers can feel the product highlights, and ultimately the formation of emotional resonance with each other.

Second, the rules of emotional experience innovation

Age of the Internet marketing, product also given a life of emotion and sentiment, making it a manifestation of values, and this is the principle of empathy, product such as people, to let it speak for themselves.

The product itself is cold, there is no emotion, but when an item attributes and human values resonate products, this product will have a 'human' feature, which is called the 'halo effect.' A typical case is the earliest Nongfushangquan a marketing plan - 'donate a penny a bottle of water to the green organization' activity. This activity persevered long after, many consumers are very impressed with this, imagine in the price of the same situation, I purchased a bottle of water, the equivalent of the 'green cause' contributed a penny, will greatly meet social responsibility and moral superiority of consumers. This time, a penny is not important, green mountain spring water is not important, it is important for consumers to feel the water in the process of the social value of the brand, and proud of it.

Experiential marketing in the past tend to be inflicted factory is a live show, objectively speaking is a variant of promotional activities. The final result may be manufacturers spend a lot of money for this, but the effect is poor, the so-called lost wife of another soldier that is to do so.

Later, Professor Schmidt proposes a full range of experiential marketing strategy, trying to reconstruct the logic of corporate marketing, he will be one of sensory stimulation and motivation and ultimately ideological behavioral characteristics into existing sales process, each nodes are trying to get the final consumers to see, hear, touch, feel, to goods. From a psychological category, it is the use of conditioned reflex theory, a consumer at the heart and soul will experience the environment through continuous external sensory stimulation, so that consumers in their mental model of the formation of the contact product ' + emotional reason 'all-round awareness.

To sum up the past marketing model, it is nothing more than words - 'Big Horn.' Corporate advertising, posters, promotional handbook, promoters recommended, and both are the world's only ground unparalleled masterpiece to share. This 'Whether consumers accept it or not, anyway, I say' behavior and attitude are now marketing the norm. What effect? I will not speak whether consumers believe our own employees, especially those who have their own line of promoters believe it? Even convince themselves, why let the future potential consumers trust?

Experience is the best means and methods to solve the trust. So, experience has three aspects to note: First, the pre-sale link. Pre not hard sell, but before the product sales effective roadshow or experience for users to use personal experience as a consumer product feedback adjustment of the original population. Second part of the sale, in the sales process, consumers face the scene to give detailed answers and experience, in particular, should be noted that all companies and employees are no longer advertising sales consultant promoters but is the consumer angle to provide consumers with valuable adviser, rather than every day trying to figure out how money from the pockets of consumers sales consultant. Third, the sale of part of the experience, after the end of the completion of the transaction are not we said earlier sales, but rather the beginning of the next sale.

Internet Marketing emotional experience what inspired the rules of innovation? It is no longer a commercial value and public aesthetic taste, but the impact on small communities and subcultures. Allow consumers to everyone consumer values released to help consumers find themselves difference (value) in the process of re-polymerization became the new communities, find themselves through consumption exists, which is the cornerstone of Internet marketing and consumer culture. For example, 90 groups were very popular in the second element of culture is typical, the second element of culture not only affects the animation industry, game industry, but also affect the fashion industry, such as the recent Dior makeup in Japan engaged in a conference, the release of new products , the successful use of the Japanese anime style were designed, which is aimed at the core of the second element of consumers.

Known US brand management expert Kevin Royces Keller that 'brand from the consumer to reflect the significance of the difference, if no difference occurred, the nature of the product with the brand name of the product is still a general sense, but to reflect the the difference is the result of consumer understanding of the brand. 'the brand is the consumer perception of the product and the emotional relationships of the integrated product, which means that the value of the brand is formed not only depends on the characteristics of the product itself, but also depends on customer requirements for product characteristics understanding and emotional and subjective factors which in turn is related to consumers, and as hobbies, personality, lifestyle and so on, this consumer behavior in the mobile Internet consumer culture more obvious manifestations.

In the form of the Internet economy, we want to focus on more personalized economy, focusing on more refined sub-culture of mining, as well as a more refined cultural segment, to find new business growth opportunities. Mobile Internet to the center of everything, and even eliminate the dilute intergenerational, class, gender differences in consciousness, a new identity, a new culture of polymerization, the new ethnic consumer culture is the era of mobile Internet business is worth attention, relying on subcultural community marketing will be of great value. Operator you know!

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