Magical law of large numbers - the basics of sales and marketing manager must understand

Whether you're selling do more good or more bad if you did not know before there is a 'law of large numbers,' Today you will know. If able to understand and adhere to the application, your performance will goes a big step in the previous basis.

First, I do not handle all customers

Has been with the sales team, regular training and coaching, including a lot of companies do subsequently to the annual marketing and management consultant.

Thus, such a dialogue often occur:

Mr. Jiong: Hu teacher, you teach us so many methods, but I have a big customer, has not been to get him, you can come with me to put him to win it?

Nonsense N said: Well, of course, perhaps, or ...... as I talk with you first, what is the 'law of large numbers'?

Because specific to any one customer, I can boldly tell you: 'You can not handle this client, I can do it!'

But I can guarantee that if the 100 target customers, you can get two, I can certainly get five, eight of ......

Second, what is the 'law of large numbers'?

Each individual occurrence of an act of inevitability is often uncertain, relatively difficult to predict and control.

But as long as this is similar to the number of individuals is large enough, then there must be a certain percentage of the number of individuals will occur this behavior, follow a law of large numbers.

Law of large numbers: refers - similar to a large group of individuals consisting of the average behavior is easy to foresee, and their results follow certain statistical laws that probability.

In the sales process, the proportion of large numbers of existing industry, but also the proportion of large numbers of enterprises, because of differences in business management, brand, quality, staff capacity.

And in the same enterprise, but also because of the different abilities of each employee, there is a proportion of large numbers of everyone - the operational capacity of the stronger, the higher the ratio.

Third, the law of large numbers Applications:

Driving instructor, how to complete the week of the annual sales tasks?

One day many years ago, I went to driving school falcon driving ranges.

Intermission, I want to take a look before I teach venue coach, talk to him one day, a cigarette.

Then the coach asked me: Mr. Hu, you have no friends around to test a driver's license? He can recommend to me?

I asked why?

He said we have two coaches each month enrollment tasks. This month we have just a promotion, the original price of 3300, and now as long as 2800, if you have friends to learn to drive, then recommended it to me!

I was like, no one around to it, but, for marketing the 'old driver' instinct, less than 30 seconds, I immediately found a solution for him because:

There is one and only these two preconditions -

First, I know his hands every once students learn with him like me your phone number.

Secondly, I know that 'law of large numbers' is very suitable here.

I said, Coach Chen, you now have the number of students number?

He said a lot of it before, ten thousand years twenty-three have, but did not pay attention to before, basically thrown away.

Then I asked him, you now have about how many months?

He said there should be four or five thousand please!

So, I immediately to him out of an idea:

I said, you, compiled a text message, and then mass to you that thousands of older students. SMS to write:

Hello, I am a falcon driving school coach Chen Pingan, this month we have a promotion, the original price of 3300, enrollment this month, as long as 2800, if you are surrounded by friends need a driver's license, please recommend to me, be grateful .

After returning home, so the next day I received a text message, I think he must follow me, I said the mass.

After a week I went to driving school Lianju, then in the vicinity of the driving school hall that met him, he was pleased to say to me: Mr. Hu, the idea that you are really good, my days to one year, enrollment task We have been completed, to hire more than 20 students.

Talking, the phone rang again, he saw the phone, immediately after answering said to me: Do you want to see again a registration.

I do not know, he did not share the secret to his colleague? Or reporting to his leadership across the company?

Fourth, the law of large numbers Case Analysis

In one specific moment of a specific person around is not necessarily just a colleague, a friend to learn car driving test.

However, within in a year's time, it is likely to have a per capita friend ready to learn to drive. Well, 5000 is likely to total around veteran students have 5000 potential objects.

The average 12 months, 5000 old students around 400 people every month, there may be.

According to law of large numbers, there may be five percent of the people would like to recommend this driving school to learn a friend -


1, there is sufficient concessions.

2, the driving school a good reputation, a high likelihood of success of a friend's referral.

Nonsense N said: the so-called 'big data', not only because the concept of the Internet, but with the Internet, big data easier to obtain, are classified, is the statistical analysis, and its value is more easily achieved.

Fifth, other applications of the law of large numbers

- Majority Rule and sales plan

Direct sales abroad (in a broad sense here directly to the product or service sold to the user) sectors, including direct marketing and insurance sales, law of large numbers is also known as the 'law of averages' for decades and has been widely fully applied.

But at home, I found that many direct sales companies may founder they know it, however, to the following 5, 10 later, or operating room managers at all levels below where the insurance company, whether it is basically a sales manager or business person more than 90% of people have almost no 'law of large numbers' of the concept.

General sales-oriented enterprises is rarely known 'law of large numbers' and its importance for sales planning and management.

Only emphasis on 'results management' of the enterprise, is absolutely incompetent plan.

No process management, and certainly there is a certain result.

But neglected process management, will not have a more satisfactory results.

The real effective process management, it must follow a principle: Begin with the End

Truly effective sales planning and sales process management, are inseparable based on reasonable goals to plan, then the process continues to guarantee the implementation of the plan.

(While setting reasonable goals, the first is based on the 'law of large numbers.' About 'Begin with the End', as well as how to formulate a reasonable marketing plan, in addition to posting about)

For example, an industry target customer conversion rate of 5%, the average customer worth $ 20,000, in order to achieve sales of one million annual sales target, it is necessary to turnover of about 50 customers.

In order to protect the number of year-end 50 customer transactions, according to the law of large numbers, he must discover and effective management and follow-up 1000 target customers during the year.

Then, based on the degree of follow-up of each customer classification, form a 'sales funnel' and then, according to the 'sales funnel' in customer classification management.

At different levels in the process of customers continue to follow up on the methods, techniques and tools, there will be some differences.

If you are not good treated separately, and the cage of the follow-up system, which will greatly reduce the efficiency of the transaction.

Six Case: Why is not hard to achieve satisfactory results?

I once met a very passionate health products direct sales, its diligence above the general sales staff.

He has a studio on the line, hire the street facade. The clerk every day is very hard work, in the street all kinds of contact with strangers, invited into the store experience, and can be sold certain products, but lower product sales alone brought performance returns.

Of course, he also persuaded some people to go to the venue to listen to preaching class ......

So did more than a year, did not realize he had been attracted to the direct selling industry's wishes. So, I told him this kind of conversation:

Nonsense N said: You know, what is the essence of direct marketing to get rich?

Dream into reality: passion, hard work ah!

Nonsense N said: the essence, the development of more downline distributors is to allow more people to help you sell, to bring you in return.

Dream into reality: I development of offline ah, but only a year only developed a ......

Nonsense N said: that you invite a total of how many people enter the venue it?

Dream into reality: There should be more than 30, right?

Sure enough, over ......

Seven case analysis law of large numbers

How about 'performance doubling', we have a 'rat pull' principle (described in detail next time).

A high level of direct sales although not very hard to find on their own after the customer pulled in-store experience, the consumer, it is difficult to develop a number of lower-level dealers.

Thus, the direct marketing industry in order to influence and change the depth of a consumer to become a distributor, you must master the aid of more influential and persuasive, transformed through the conference marketing.

Generally speaking, direct sales in China more than twenty years, the venue has long been the conversion rate of less than 5%.

According to law of large numbers, he invited some 30 people into the stadium, of course, only one person transformed his subordinates become a dealer.

If he needs to develop off the assembly line 10 within a year, a plan must be developed:

How to persuade 300 people to enter the venue.

Thus, the objectives are different, usually working direction, content and communication skills, and so the focus of daily work will necessarily change accordingly.

Inamori said: The results of the life and work of passion x x = thinking ability

Nonsense N said:

Different objectives, tasks different.

Different tasks, competencies needed is different.

Why rely on passion often to no avail?

Because the way of thinking and the corresponding ability to get much worse.