Wang Yangming management thinking learn two

Teaching record II:

Love asked: '.. 'Zhizhi then set', Zhu Xi thought 'Shishiwuwu Jie Theorem' and the like, said Mr. phase of brutal'

Mr. said: 'Seeking perfection on Shishiwuwu, but it is also righteous perfection is outside the body of the heart, just 'put the family' to 'to the fine to a' place is also seeking natural taste of things from it... The note called 'do without every cent of heaven husband very human desire' to those who have it. '

Management Reference: Here talked about 'Zhizhi then set' refers to have clear goals in order to achieve a firm ambition. 'Shishiwuwu Jie theorem' means everything has to determine the truth. 'There is reasonable, with the' Jie Shishiwuwu theorem 'has a similar meaning. Here can be extended, for management needs management by objectives, business goals, the employees have goals, employees goals, the profit target. No goal management, managers do not know what to do, the staff did not know what to do, we only know the 'day when the clock hit one monk,' dawdle too. dawdle in the enterprise, how long can mix? such companies do not collapse when pigs fly ! enterprise should have the vision, goals, planned, executed, there are results. plethora of various management theories, there is reasonable, if you know how to use all the theory Jie useful if you know how to use, all theories nothing. perfection, can be understood as perfect and proximity degree of perfection. so, how to achieve perfection, how to achieve the perfect, Mr. Wang Yangming raised from 'Mingming' to 'to fine to a'. 'Mingming' the idea was to request management to those who understand the laws of nature, to understand the essence of management, know as know, I do not know as I do not know, do not pretend to understand, do not understand the point of fur posing as experts, it is not 'Mingming' performance, and to be able to 'put the family 'managers should devote themselves to study, concentrate on studying, independent thinking, to master' Mingming 'laws of nature and society are talking about common sense.' to fine to a 'fine idea was extreme, extreme focus.' fine 'stands for to promote the spirit of enterprise craftsman, to achieve excellence, well, even better, to make the product perfect, to achieve the ultimate; 'a' represents the company should not blindly diversification, not greedy corrupt the whole, focusing on the professional road, to a product or product family to achieve the ultimate, to be perfect, do not go beyond the global enterprise and replace, replace, then reached 'to fine to a' realm, it will make the world a rival product, making it the industry leader who come out on top.

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