Breaking Marketing Management

When the high-speed rail era fast approaching, all of watch and wait seemed so pale and weak. From Hypothesis to achieve from imagination to implementation, every step of the startling step by step every step full of thorns. People accustomed to the status quo has inertia, most people are happy to present the idea to quit and change or no practice. Sometimes a point may be able to cause a chain reaction of explosive matter good or bad, such as inspirational success guru passionate speech to provoke the audience hearts of countless people. A successful school teaching may be some turning point to success, we call him positive energy. Presented in our minds faces depicting beautiful picture, why can not others can succeed, others can do their own through the efforts can do. This view is held by most people, you said drift herd Ye Hao worth mentioning. Another example is seen in a TV news boss jumped insolvency choose suicide, we have some commotion heart deeply stung. Helpless or pessimistic, deep inside each person can always Dangqi some waves. Fortunately, it did not start, but fortunately he did not and change or else he would not be so? Scientists said: 'Man is the only animal able to accept the hint.' Positive hints on the human emotions and physiological states produced a good influence and inspire people's inner potential, play to people's extraordinary level of enterprising people, urging them Endeavour. Our things are any illusions and with the public mind, when news reports said a man was hit by a car but the rescue was a student accused in court. Ever since we have different friends sectarianism each person holds views and opinions, it was for the students to save something for the injured man condemned, some people criticize the student is Shamao save only themselves to blame. But no matter how one-sided media to fan the flames, misleading a large number of kind people. Good people from doing things that would like to experience similar tube also not dare want to do good but also afraid of stained unlucky, until one day they come across something like this instead of cursing the injustice of social change. True and false, good and bad, and want to do, but the need is not wise wisdom.

Marketing management trend is king

Some people on the Internet have been a piece of ridicule: 'A man dry, but a team, a team dry, but a system, a system dry, but a trend, the trend team + + system can equal the success of a person walking fast, a group of people can. . If you have the ability to go further, you can integrate others; if you are valuable, others can be integrated; if you can not afford, and no value has been integrated, it is still a long way to your success. ' The classic exposition of everyone is an inspiration and encouragement, success is no secret method only. Do marketing management we are talking about the most is the model, such as direct marketing, such as conference marketing, experiential marketing, such as, for example, community marketing and so on. We study these ultimate aim is to put the product into a commodity, to maximize their own products to create value, as the year of the white black cat theory 'Whether black or white, can mouse is a good cat.' What this means is: whether the planned economy or market economy, is just a means of allocation of resources, regardless of the political system. Capitalism may have planned, that socialism can also have a market. As long as the development of productive forces, it can be used in practice. 21st century consumer who is a summary: the mouth of a child, a woman's face, the old man's life, it is easy to understand for most children per family with children and most regarded as little emperor little princess. Most children mouth open for food, clothing to hand to the moon to the stars dare. We do not go from moral considerations, it is not on the market and child related products favored. Woman's face is female beauty skin care products, the heart of beauty in everyone willing to spend money in female cosmetics consumption. Life is elderly and health-related industries such as; pension institutions, health, health, the elderly, health care products and so on, is the marketing concept of three consumption trend, the trend is king. In the micro-channel circle of friends had sent someone feel a bit mean these words: 'Yesterday, after listening to a story of a brother out of prison, he had been arrested because of a crime of smuggling, in which refusing to disclose the final shipment where to hide, the result was sentenced to 20 years. after her brother out of prison without a word then let me drive to the suburbs, carefully identify long time to find the place where the goods had buried dig dug for a long time a large number of big box. brother watching the big box whole body shaking, clutching my hand and said:! shipment a shot we have money, did not suffer the past few years by the white, later we were able to have a good day flowing happy tears open the box, full to all new Motorola BP machine ..... 'story laughter and tears, the pain in music Enlightenment:! you stay in the first year is not terrible, terrible is that you do not know what the current trends and mainstream! Anyone who prefers not to give out of their original circle of people! Afraid do not understand, do not understand! Are they afraid that you do not know the times are changing, you changed?

Brainstorming innovation and change

Fragmented era of knowledge needs to be updated more brain needs to be charged, someone laugh playing micro letter is the Wanwusangzhi move. I do not think so, no Internet age learning mode. The traditional reading of the traditional benefits of reading, learning micro-channel micro-channel advantage of learning. Both overall consideration, I have plenty of time to think when INTENSIVE traditional classic, car travel in dapper piece to be selected. Fast food is food, fast food can eat. Question key points and see how you can dominate choice than to. As a master piece summarized as: 'a lighter appear, matches gone; calculator appeared, the abacus disappeared; CD appeared, the tape is gone; phone appeared, BP machine disappeared; digital cameras appeared, no film the market; smartphone 4G comes out, do not go home on the computer; micro letter appeared, the message sent is not nobody who's who took the business, but people know better how to accept new things to remember: the world has been changed!! you do not take the initiative to change, eventually eliminated by the world! no one would have been in place waiting for you! a new concept! streets paved with gold! 'someone always took hold laoHuangLi always feel that they are right. In particular, in private business owners always like to engage in one-man self-worship. Take as an example the case met the author in the consultation have encountered a lot, I worked in a building materials business as executive vice president post. Their conclusion is a decoration, to be honest meeting is meeting some problems always indecisive, must not do everything the boss have the final say. My vice president and other managers like air, does not match the height of responsibility and rights, let alone what is the right to speak. In marketing management I recommend that business owners learn the Han emperor Liu said; 'husband devised strategies, winning thousands of miles away, I better ovary; town country, ask the people to give the feed rates, not absolute grain Road, I as Xiao ; even millions of people, always win, will take the attack, I as Han all three-outstanding personality, I can use it, so I take this world who have 'l Appreciating Liu Bang's success is that there are good, good. know how to integrate resources. Plainly sales do no fixed pattern, we are now experts always Restricting setting mode. Like frogs, as I felt a move rarely eat days. Director of marketing, enterprise managers who have to learn the Han emperor use of personnel, we work together to do more than listen to advice brainstorming, learning by doing, learning dry. Study and work, work-based learning. Learning endless, no limit innovation, enrichment, cohesion, Cohesion, to a thought with an effort to unite as one united

'Silly letter, silly dry, silly earn millions! Shrewd operator, smart look, and finally became a pauper!' Transformation process is very painful, but every transformation will have to grow surprise.

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